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Poker Strategies to Outsmart your Opponents


Poker is one of few casino games that relies on skill rather than luck. Sure, luck still plays a part regarding the cards that are dealt to you and your opponents. However, the best players utilise their skills to such an extent they rarely need luck to win.

How is that we hear you ask? Well, as you’re up against other players and not the casino, there is no house edge. It is your wits against your opponents and even with the worst hand, you can still come out on top if played right.

So, ready to learn 5 crypto poker strategies you can use to outsmart your opponent? Then let’s get started.

Play Aggressively

While playing aggressively might seem scary and risky for many of you, professional players know that aggression is key to winning. You rarely win if you do not bet, so the idea is to play aggressively as part of a poker strategy and bet… a lot!

It is natural for novice players to act cautiously at a poker table. They will wait for a good hand and think that playing it passively will lead to more money in the pot. They will check, hoping to show faux weakness. They hope that somebody will shove on them, at which point they call with their strong hand.

There are many problems with this. For starters, an aggressive player could bully you off your strong hand. Playing cautiously tells you nothing about your opponents’ hands. Betting does, as those calling you are more likely to have a strong hand themselves (not always!).

Secondly, playing passively just allows players with weak hands to catch the cards they want. Is there anything worse than slow-playing hands like pocket aces only to lose to a guy who began the hand with 2-4 off suit and hit a straight on the river?

Instead, play aggressively. Bet to gain information and to push weaker hands out of the hand. In fact, you may even push stronger hands out!

Play Patiently

But, what? You just told us to play aggressively? Sure, but you also have to show patience on occasion. If you play aggressively every single hand, good players pick up on this as there is no way you have a good hand each time. They will set traps by calling your aggressive bets and then re-raising you on the river with a monster hand.

If you have a reputation for playing aggressively, others will know it. The trick is to play aggressively but also smartly. Fold most of your hands while watching how the others play. You will establish who has an aggressive style and who plays passively, and those that play somewhere in the middle.

Then, when a situation arises where you think you can use your aggression to come in and grab the pot, do it.

Poker Strategy Tip 3: Never be the First to Limp Pre-Flop

If there is one move that poker professionals rarely pull, it is limping pre-flop. This is the act of calling the big blind. Why? Well, there are several main reasons:

  • It is impossible to win the hand at this stage if you limp in. If you raise instead, there is a chance everybody else folds.
  • It makes you look weak. If you do not raise in early position pre-flop, it tells the other players you may have a weak hand. They may bet to test the strength of your hand. If you did not want to bet, you’re unlikely to want to call.
  • It gives good pot odds for players behind. By limping, you increase the pot odds for everyone else. They could limp in with a weak starting hand simply because the pot odds make that a solid play.

When you’re the first to act pre-flop, either fold or bet. The only time it might pay to limp in is when others have limped in before you.

Defend Your Big Blinds

How you play when in the big blind position is very important. This is the position that requires the biggest forced investment. The player in this position has no choice but to place the bet – even if they wouldn’t play the hand normally. Because of this, players will attempt to steal the big blinds. The key is to understand what other players are trying to do. You have to defend your blind as much as possible.

If you think about it, playing this position also has benefits. You are the last person to act, so get lots of information on the players acting before you. Furthermore, as you’re already invested, you have better odds than anyone else when calling. That latter means you can call with more hands than you would in any other position.

Just play smart, watch other players, and make a defence of your big blind when the right situations come along.

5 Bonus Poker Tips to Help Beat Your Opponents

If you thought that was all we had for you, you were wrong. As there are so many poker strategy tips that players can take advantage of, we have provided a bonus 5 for you to consider.

  • Bluffing: Bluffing is a key element of poker that involves pretending to have a stronger hand than you actually do. By betting or raising as if you have a winning hand, you can often force other players to fold, even if you have a weak hand.
  • Position: Your position at the table should have a big impact on the decisions you make. Players who act later in the betting round have more information about the other players’ hands and can make more informed decisions.
  • Pot Odds: Pot odds refer to the relationship between the size of the current pot and the cost of a contemplated call. Understanding pot odds can help you make more informed decisions about when to call, bet, or fold.
  • Reading Opponents: Paying attention to your opponents’ betting patterns, body language, and tendencies can give you insight into the strength of their hands. By learning to read your opponents, you can gain an advantage over them.
  • Bankroll Management: It’s important to manage your bankroll effectively in order to avoid going broke. This means setting limits for yourself and only playing with money you can afford to lose. By avoiding tilt and managing your bankroll effectively, you can maximize your chances of winning over the long run.

Put these strategies into action at your next crypto poker table and you will instantly notice you win more than you used to!

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