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Strategies on How to Win at Bitty Quiz

by Faye Walker

Bitty Quiz Season 1 is in full swing! Every Monday and Thursday, mBit players have been gathering on our Discord server, testing their trivia skills and winning fantastic rewards.

One of the exciting parts of Bitty Quiz is that you can unlock three badges with additional perks – Explorer, Trailblazer, ConQUIZtador.

Fellow player WeddingsAreNice has recently been the first participant of Season 1 to unlock the Trailblazer badge, reaching over 10 wins, so we asked him to share his experience with Bitty Quiz. To help you step up your trivia game, he also shared some of his tried-and-tested strategies and tips.

Curious to find out more? Check out the full interview below!

1. What do you like the most about Bitty Quiz?

I’ve always loved trivia, and I’ve always loved slots so the opportunity to have fun answering trivia questions and competing for spins is a great fit for me.

2. How was the journey to becoming the first Trailblazer of Bitty Quiz Season 1? 

I was on a crazy streak at the beginning of the season and got my “Explorer” badge really fast. Took a little while longer and some losses before I became “Trailblazer.” Every week we have more players joining and they seem to keep getting faster and faster.

3. What are your favorite types of questions? Which are those that you find most challenging? 

I love history and movie questions. Whenever we have a geography question, I usually find myself having to guess.

4. How do you prepare before a Bitty Quiz session? 

I don’t do any studying or anything like that. Usually, I spend time on the server chatting with the other players. It helps put me in a playing mood.

5. What strategies do you use during the Bitty Quiz to secure a winning place? 

I never leave any question unanswered and try to make my best guess. Speed is important but I look for the questions that I feel a lot of people would miss. Missing a question can knock you down, so you’ve got to answer questions that the majority of players might not know or might not know right away. 

6. Do you have any tips for players looking to score their first win? 

Yes! Don’t get discouraged. Questions you’re good at are bound to come up. Sometimes you may lose for a few weeks but you can always come back and get in the game again. Also, finding the clues hidden on the server can give you a leg up. 

7. Do new players have any reason to feel at a disadvantage compared to the more experienced participants? 

No. A lot of the quick answers you see are people guessing. All you’ve got to do is keep on playing. I once lost four quizzes in a row. Just keep coming back and competing!

Over to you

Armed with all these insights, you’re now ready to improve your strategy and conquer your next Bitty Quiz. 

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See you on our Discord server for the next trivia session!

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