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Bitty Quiz Season 7 Announcement

by Jack Bannon

It’s all fun and games at mBitcasino, but what would that be like if you also had a community near you, so you could share your fun times? Flex your big wins and wildest game finds? Spin some gaming tales with other fellow players? mBitcasino’s Discord Community is just that – and it has become what it is with the help of the Bitty Quiz.

Now, we’re ready to kickstart our 7th Bitty Quiz Season – Embark on the Next Frontier and we’ve never been more excited. New activities, fun times and opportunities for a great community! Are you ready to dive into the new Bitty Quiz? Here we go:

What is the Bitty Quiz?

The Bitty Quiz is a weekly Trivia Quiz consisting of various questions which tests our community’s knowledge. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 AM UTC, Discord users will get their chance to showcase their trivia skills on the mBitcasino’s Discord channel.

The first 12 players in the leaderboard will split a prize pool of 790 Free Spins among them, sponsored by BetSoft Gaming.


Fun activities you can enjoy in the new Bitty Quiz Season

We already told you the new Bitty Quiz Season is filled to the brim with new and interesting stuff to do. Here is a map showcasing all of those:

1. Weekly Trivia Quiz – the Bitty Quiz

The Bitty Quiz is at the center of it all – the Main Deck of Mr. Bitty’s spaceship! Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 AM UTC, come on Discord and participate in the Bitty Quiz – winning up to 130 Free Spins in the process!

All eligible Free Spins are provided by Betsoft. They are available to play for 24 hours on the following slot machines: Hot Lucky 7’s, Book of Darkness, Captain’s Quest: Treasure Island, Jungle Stripes, Lost Mystery Chests, Stacked.

Each win will count towards the Bitty Quiz Season 7 Tiers, which are covered later in the blog!

2. Guess the Pic – Image Quiz

If the Bitty Quiz is not enough for you and you need even more games and opportunities to showcase your wits, we got you with Guess the Pic!

Players will need to correctly guess 12 hand-drawn pictures, with 90 seconds allocated for each of the pics. If one or more players guess correctly before the 90 seconds are done, the quiz will continue with the next picture.

The top 6 players will be rewarded with up to 30 Free Spins – new opportunity for some Free Spins, right?

This Image Quiz will happen randomly, at any time of the week – so stay tuned on our Discord Channel. Each win will count towards the Bitty Quiz Season 7 Tiers – but what are those? Let’s see right now!

3. Discord Upgrades for Winners

Every Bitty Quiz has specific Discord badges for the recurrent winners. This year, you’ll get in Mr. Bitty’s spaceship and Embark on the Next Frontier with the following Discord Upgrades:

Tier 1 – Cadet (3 wins required)

  • 5x extra entries in Discord giveaways
  • 5% faster progress in Loyalty
  • 50 Bitty Coins

Tier 2 – Architect (Cadet + 4 wins required = 7 wins required)

  • 2x extra entries in Discord giveaways
  • + 10 Free Spins for every Bitty Quiz win until the end of the season
  • 10% faster progress in Loyalty
  • 100 Bitty Coins

Tier 3 – Commander (Architect + 6 wins required = 13 wins required)

  • 3x extra entries in the Discord giveaways
  • + 30 Free Spins for every Bitty Quiz win until the end of the season
  • 20% faster progress in Loyalty
  • 300 Bitty Coins

This season, we’ve added two special activities: Guess the Song – Music Quiz and Weekly Mini-Games. Let’s see what they are about!

4. Guess the Song – Music Quiz

This new quiz will take place every Monday and Wednesday and will consist of 15 song previews, with 30 seconds per song. In this time, players have to choose the right artist or song name – one per question, which will be indicated for each question, from the four possible multiple choice answers.

To participate, players need to join the #-listen-music-quiz voice channel (to ensure you will hear the songs, make sure to undeafen yourself), and choose the answer in the #-music-quiz channel.

The top 6 players will be rewarded according to the following leaderboard:

  • 1st place – 30  FS
  • 2nd place – 25 FS
  • 3rd place – 20 FS
  • 4th place – 15 FS
  • 5th place – 10 FS
  • 6th place – 10 FS

We can’t wait to see all of you music connoisseurs out there!

5.  Weekly Mini-Games

Last but not least (There are certain activities ‘Coming Soon’ so make sure you stick around all season to find out) – We’re introducing the Weekly Mini-Games!

A mini-game will be posted on Discord every Monday in the #mini-games channel. These can include word puzzles, anagrams, mazes, etc.

All the instructions for each game (including the timeline and rewards) will be posted in the #mini-games channel.

Are you excited about seeing what these activities are?

Benefits of being a part of the Bitty Quiz Season 7

Lastly, let’s see what are the benefits of being a part of the Bitty Quiz Season 7!

1. mBitcasino’s Discord Community is awesome!

On mBitcasino’s Discord you can meet like-minded people who want to have fun with slots and live games – and share those fun moments with friends!

Join the community – it literally takes a second and then, you can have the experience of a lifetime!

2. Free Spins for your trivia skills

Be it classical trivia, music or image quizzes – this season we’ve got something for everyone. For your skills, you’ll get Free Spins in return – up to 390 Free Spins on a weekly basis. Sounds good, right?

3. Extra entries in the Discord Giveaways

We hold regular Discord Giveaways – with cash or Free Spins prizes. Everybody can join – but if you make it to any of the Bitty Quiz Season 7 Tiers , your chances of winning the giveaway are even bigger!

4. Bitty Coins for you

You’ll get Bitty Coins at every Tier progression – so you can exchange those into real, playable money! 300 Bitty Coins as a Commander? Count me in!

5. Faster Loyalty Progress

Last but not least, Discord members who are part of the Games Crew will also have a faster loyalty progress – ranging from 5% up to 20% faster! If you love mBitcasino’s Loyalty Program, become a Discord member and start accumulating faster progression!

Embark on the Next Frontier, space adventurers!

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