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Can You Beat the Banker with a Good Deal or No Deal Strategy?

by Jack Bannon

In this article, you get the chance to see how you can improve your odds and even beat the banker with a great Deal or No Deal strategy.

If you like playing live gameshows that are totally unique, Evolution is the best provider to follow. Aside from providing professionally hosted standard live table games, including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and a multitude of poker-based games, the supplier is renowned for its excellent live gameshows. Deal or No Deal is yet another that is full of innovation, and one that is themed on the hugely popular television gameshow of the same name.

If you have seen that show, you will know the basic premise. There are suitcases full of cash, and by a process of elimination, those cases and their values disappear. As this occurs, you’re asked if you want to ‘Deal’ with the Banker or decide to ‘No Deal’ in the search for a better offer or a suitcase that holds a larger value.

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As ever, the production values are fantastic from the wonderfully designed studio, the camera angles, and the eccentric live hosts. However, is there a way to consistently beat the banker? Keep reading to find out!

How to Play Deal or No Deal?

It is important to remember that, unlike most live casino games, the results on BTC Deal or No Deal are determined solely by RNG software. This is fine, however, as it would be incredibly difficult to operate this game with physical values inside the cases each round. As for how the game plays out, there are three stages:

1. The Qualification Process (2 Minutes Long)

Before you can take part in the main game, you first have to qualify. You do this by spinning a three-reel bank vault wheel until you manage to align the top three gold segments. Each spin costs a wager, but you can choose Easy Mode (fills one segment) for a cost of 3x your wager or Very Easy (fills two segments) for 9x. Or you can just stick to Normal Mode at your current wager. Each spin you make will increase your overall stake and thus, the values you can win inside the suitcases.

2. The Top-Up Wheel (2 Minutes Long)

Once you qualify, you can now increase the values of the suitcases by staking more money at the spin of a wheel. Each spin will increase your stake by between 5x and 50x before adding it to your chosen box. Just keep track of how much you have staked during the betting round and this top-up round. The amount you spent in this round and the previous round is now your total stake for the game.

3. The Main Round

Now, if you have seen the popular Deal or No Deal television show, you will know that this is where the fun begins. The 16 suitcases and their values are slowly whittled down, and the Banker makes you an offer depending on the values left in those suitcases each time. The higher the values left, the higher the offer will be.

Three cases get removed before the first offer that you can either ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’ This is repeated for the next two sets of 4 suitcases. After each set is removed, you’re given a new offer.

If you stay in the game until the end, there are just 2 more suitcases. At this point, the Bank makes one final offer. If you select ‘No Deal’, you can either take the unknown value of your suitcase or switch them so that you receive the unknown value in the other. The game then ends.

Is there a Deal or No Deal strategy you can use?

As you can see, Deal or No Deal is not the most straightforward game to play, but its key selling point is the anticipation, intrigue, and the decision making that you endure. How well you do depends on the decisions that you make. For that reason, there is no way to improve your odds when playing. That means we do not have a strategy that we can guarantee will improve your chances when playing Deal or No Deal.

We do, however, have some tips that will ensure you enjoy a longer session and perhaps even make consistent profits:

  1. Bet using good bankroll management. You will have more fun spreading your bankroll so that you can enjoy multiple games rather than risking it all on one.
  2. Use the ‘Easy’ mode during qualification. While it costs 3x your desired stake, you will qualify much quicker. In ‘Normal’ mode, it is not unknown to go 20+ spins before you qualify.
  3. When topping up the values in the boxes, do not just top up the biggest box. If that box is removed, you’re left with lots of smaller boxes. Instead, top-up that box but also top up at least two other boxes to a similar size. You then have three horses in the race instead of one.
  4. As soon as you receive a banker offer that is at least double your stake, accept it. Do this consistently and you could come away from your session a winner.

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