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mBitcasino Player hits a $250K Jackpot in 5 Minutes!

by Faye Walker

If you’ve never experienced a winning streak worth a quarter of a million $, then you haven’t played at mBitcasino.

Our lucky mBitcasino player Justin made our jaws drop when he scored win after win on Apocalypse Quest (GameArt). Here are his personal screenshots:

But the winning spree didn’t stop there. Justin continued to play and enjoyed additional jackpots along the way. If you want to see the highlights of his playtime, then here’s a sneak peek of his biggest wins:

  • 25,735 mBTC on 25 mBTC bet (1029x win multiplier) at 05:16 AM UTC;
  • 11,698 mBTC on 10 mBTC bet (1169x win multiplier) at 05:12 AM UTC;
  • 9,045 mBTC win on 50 mBTC bet (180x multiplier) at 06:37 UTC
  • 10,075 mBTC win on 50 mBTC bet (201x multiplier) at 08.03 UTC
  • 16,340 mBTC win on 50 mBTC bet (326x win multiplier) at 13:55 UTC

That’s not all, we also took a small interview with Justin, and he was more than excited to provide us with all the tea!

Interview with Our Lucky Winner

How do you feel about the win? Are you excited?

I can’t believe it. This is one of the most unbelievable things that has ever happened to me. Honestly, I still can’t even believe it is real. Excited doesn’t even start to explain it; I still think I’m in a state of shock. Is this real life?

How would you describe the experience?

Unreal. I have been playing with you guys for quite some time now and have always had good luck but never like this. I instantly called my family and told them the news. Not only was this a large win, but this will also help my family in so many ways we never thought possible. Thank you for this experience, mBitcasino. This experience will change our lives.

How long have you been with mBitcasino?

I began playing mBitcasino several years ago but had taken a break. Recently, within the last 9 months, I slowly began to partake in some online gaming and found that I only seem to win and truly find myself enjoying my time while playing at mBitcasino.

Will you continue playing at mBit?

No doubt, I will continue playing at mBitcasino. I love all the games, and the customer service team are the best. Honestly, I’ll probably be back tomorrow.

What do you intend to spend the winnings on?

I will pay off all my debt, student loans, and will begin to travel the world more often. I plan to invest money as well and will always help out family and friends whenever possible.

What games have helped you win more?

Apocalypse Quest is the primary game I was able to win a majority of the funds I’ve obtained. However, I also enjoy all of the Nolimit City produced games as well. They are the most enjoyable and entertaining games I play.

Go with your gut. If the game feels right, play it. If you start to not have fun try a different game. If you’re not having fun, take a break, but if you’re enjoying yourself, increase your bet.

To The Moon!

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You can also check out other mBitcasino players’ take on their favorite games here.

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