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MultiHand Blackjack – Why You Should Start Playing Today


Blackjack is a thrilling casino game that is loved by millions around the world. It has one of the highest RTPs of all casino games at 0.5% meaning you have more chance of winning when compared to slots and other games.

However, if there is a common complaint about this traditional casino card game, it is that it can be slow – especially if other players on the table are taking a long time to make their decisions. You could have decided what you were going to do long before the timer was up, but other players could leave it right to the last second or simply time out altogether.

While this might not be a problem for most who play bitcoin blackjack, some players prefer to enjoy as many hands per hour as possible. This is to maximise the time they have and the potential winnings they could make. Fortunately, there is a blackjack variation that offers a solution to this – MultiHand Blackjack.

Today, we guide you on how to play MultiHand Blackjack, how it differs from regular blackjack, the different Blackjack MultiHand games featured here at mBitcasino, and more.

What is Blackjack MultiHand?

MultiHand Blackjack is one of the most popular variants of online blackjack. While regular blackjack allows you to play a single hand each round, this variation lets you play up to five hands each time. Each of these hands is independent of the other, so you get as many as five chances to win at the same time it would take you to play a single hand on regular tables.

For players who want to play more hands per hour, Blackjack MultiHand is a dream come true. They can enjoy up to five times the action, whether that is winning or losing. Rather than waiting in line for players to act, you have full control of how quickly each hand plays out.

Now, it is important to note that the number of hands you can play at a time will vary depending on the particular MultiHand Blackjack game you’re playing. Most online titles, such as MultiHand Blackjack by BGaming, will let you play a maximum of three hands at a time. However, it is possible to find games that let you play as many as five.

You can usually determine how many hands you play as soon as you load up any online MultiHand Blackjack game. If you see three seats and their corresponding betting sections on the felt, it is a 3-hand variant of the game. Five positions tell you the game you’re playing will allow you to play up to five hands.

Furthermore, you can read the rules of the particular game you’re playing to determine how many positions you can play simultaneously. We always advise players to read the rules anyway, as this will tell you whether there are any additional side bets or rules that are different from other variations.

What are the Rules of MultiHand Blackjack?

We know the score. When there is a different variant of a casino game, one of the first thoughts is how the rules might differ. Well, the good news is that the main rules and principles of BlackJack MultiHand are the same as the classic rules. You’re just playing multiple hands at the same time.

Think of it like this. When you take your seat at a regular blackjack table, other players will come and go from the other seating positions. Everybody plays their hands against the dealer. In Multi-Hand Blackjack, you simply occupy three to five of those seats. Each hand is independent, so you’re playing as if you are three different players participating in the same hand.

As you will know from any beginner blackjack tips guide on how to play blackjack, the idea is to create a hand with a value higher than the dealers and as close to 21 without busting. You get multiple chances to achieve that. Some may lose and others may win.

You play each hand one after the other and once finished, the dealer will play his/her hand before settling any winning or losing bets.

The Pros and Cons of MultiHand Blackjack

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Blackjack MultiHand online? Well, we have to say the pros certainly outweigh the cons:

Pros of Blackjack MultiHand

The obvious advantage is something we have mentioned previously. You can play at least three times more hands per hour when compared to regular blackjack games. This is an important factor for the more serious and experienced players who use more Advanced blackjack strategy tips and strategies.

Another advantage is you’re no longer under pressure when deciding your next move. No other players are in play, which means you can take your time. Adding to that, playing with multiple hands lets you mix and match your strategies. You can hedge your overall bets by using some of the best progressive betting blackjack tips in one position, negative progression strategies in another, and another strategy in the third seat.

The final advantage is that you can take advantage of the flexibility of MultiHand Blackjack. You’re not obliged to play with the full number of hands. You can opt to play one hand if you like, or perhaps just a few. After a loss utilising the full number of hands, you might decide to reduce your number of bets to cover a couple until you recoup some of your losses.

Cons of MultiHand Blackjack

As for the cons, MultiHand Blackjack is not as beginner-friendly as regular Blackjack. Players could get confused by managing multiple hands at once. For that reason, we suggest that newer players stick to standard variations of blackjack, or at the very least, read some MultiHand blackjack tips before playing.

Additionally, you could flip one of the advantages of Blackjack Multihand and turn it into a disadvantage. Playing multiple hands at once gives you the chance to win more bets per hour. On the flip side, if luck goes against you, you could lose more per hour than you normally would.

Where to Play MultiHand Blackjack

The answer to this question is identical when asking where to play blackjack. You will find this variant of blackjack at many land-based casinos around the world. Furthermore, you can also play Blackjack MultiHand at online casinos, including here at mBitcasino. In fact, we have numerous variations of MultiHand Blackjack.

Below, you will find a list of just a few of the most popular Blackjack MultiHand crypto games here at mBitcasino:

The great thing about playing this variant of blackjack with us is that you can place your bets using many of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The Multi-Hand tables will support cryptos, including BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), LTC (Litecoin), ETH (Ethereum), DOGE (Dogecoin), USDT (Tether USD), and XRP (Ripple).

Plus, if you want to try out the above titles without risking your money, you can play the free MultiHand Blackjack demos of each game. This will let you get to grips with playing multiple hands at the same time without suffering any hits to your bankroll. Once you feel comfortable, you can then decide if you want to switch to the full crypto/money versions.

Play MultiHand Blackjack Today!

If MultiHand Blackjack is a variant of classic blackjack, you think you will enjoy, take your seat at one of the many titles we have here at mBitcasino. Just remember to check out our crypto casino welcome bonuses before making your first deposit. For example, in return for your first deposit, you can receive up to 1 BTC in bonus cash and 100 free spins!

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