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Player’s Take on The Hottest BGaming Slots

by Faye Walker

Let’s dive in and discover the hottest BGaming slots according to our players. mBitcasino provides over 1,000 bitcoin casino slots for players all over the world to choose from. That’s why we’ve created Player’s Take. With the help of our mBitcasino community, you can learn from the best gamers what are the hottest slots at the moment. One particular player even hit a huge jackpot? Check it out:

Scroll of Adventure

Scroll of Adventure slot review at mBitcasino

It’s not the newest or most exciting game out there, but Scroll of Adventure by BGaming delivers solid gameplay with generous payouts. This is a low limit game with high volatility, which means a long string of losses isn’t terribly uncommon.. but don’t despair. If luck is on your side, the minimum bet of 0.00005 BTC can easily yield wins as large as 0.001 BTC. I’ve yet to hit the max payout, but I suspect it’s orders of magnitude higher.

I’ve been brought back from the busted brink, by virtue of one clutch bonus round, which come more often than you would think. The game features 10 free spins, with the ability to re-trigger 10 additional free spins, as well as a randomly selected expanding symbol. This game requires a little patience, but it can be well worth your time.

BGaming may not be the flashiest or most innovative platform, but they routinely deliver a quality experience.

Try Scroll of Adventure now!


Platinum Lightning Deluxe

Play Platinum Lightning Deluxe at mBitcasino now!

Yes, I happen to have a favorite slot, which is Platinum Lightning Deluxe. What attracted me to this particular game is the captivating graphics of the game coupled with the simplicity of obtaining or getting rewarded with the bonus game. Upon entering, players are greeted with the Double Bonus Ox Holding An Axe (see pictorial representation below).

Platinum Lightning Big Win at mBitcasino


Platinum Lightning Deluxe big win at mBItcasino!

The bonus game is awarded when the player obtains one of each Bonus Oxes on the left as well as the right. 10 Bonus games are rewarded. This game also has scatters, where obtaining 3 scatters onwards, the player’s are rewarded. (See pictorial below)

Platinum Lightning Deluxe big win at mBItcasino!

Last and the most important factor are the payouts of the game, which attract me. During the bonus game, if we get all 5 Wilds and are playing 0.25mBTC per spin we get rewarded a hefty 300 mBTC, which is a huge win.

Try Platinum Lightning Deluxe now!

~ brunobitcoin

To the moon!

There are so many opportunities to win at mBitcasino; from 3-hour long adrenaline-packed races, to daily promotions, and so much more.

Use all of these perks to level up your gameplay and enjoy your favorite slots!

Not a mBitcasino player yet? Sign up now, it’s free, easy and incredibly rewarding.

P.S. If you have a great mBitcasino win story or just want to share your favorite slot review, give our friendly support a message. They can’t want to hear from you!

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