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Slot Machines with Bonus Features

by Faye Walker

Free slots with features are easy to find these days. All you have to do is visit an online crypto casino and pick a video slot. What’s difficult is choosing a crypto slot machine based on features. Why? Because there are so many of them!

Whether you’re a new or seasoned gambler, you should know what kinds of slot features are there and how you can better take advantage of them.

In this mBitcasino guide, we’ll give you a guide on each of the features you might encounter in a slot machine and how they can upgrade your winning odds:

Free Spins

The most common and simple slot feature is the free spins round. Just like the name suggests, you will receive a number of free spins once you activate this feature. The way in which you can trigger these free spins can differ from one slot to another. For example, they can show up after you land a specific number of symbols on the reels or land a particular symbol combination. It always depends on the slot you play.

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Who doesn’t love a good giveaway?

Slots that retrigger Free Spins are a favorite among gamblers. Whether offered at random or after a particular rule, they are always a treat for players.


Slot machines offer payouts for matching symbol combinations. But when it comes to scatters, they can land anywhere on the reels and still reward players with a bonus game. It doesn’t matter if the scatter symbols aren’t on a winning payline as long as they are at least 2 or 3 of them on the reels at the same time. They can offer multipliers, free spins, or any other type of bonus game, depending on the slot. So make sure you watch out for them!

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is pretty common in video slots. Usually, the wild substitutes all symbols (except for the scatter or bonus symbol) to create a winning combination. The wild symbol can also take different forms and have additional features:

  • Sticky wild
  • Stacked wild
  • Shifting wild
  • Random wild
  • Expanding wild
  • Cascading wild
  • Transferring wild

Sticky Wild

Not only does it substitute other symbols to create winning combinations and increase your bankroll, but they also stick to the reels once they appear! This gives you an incredible advantage as the sticky wild remains on the reels and gives you more symbol matching opportunities. The number of spins it remains sticky depends on the slot you play.

Stacked Wild

Also known as stackable wild, this feature is a great addition to your gameplay. It can even triple your earning potential as it gives you the opportunity to land a wild on multiple reels at a time, basically stacking on top of each other and forming multiple winning combinations!

Shifting Wild

Think of this type of wild as the opposite of sticky wilds. While a sticky wild appears on the reels and stays in plays, the shifting one shifts in a random direction on the reels until it falls off of the reels. This one can provide you with additional wins as it can improve your luck each time it changes positions on the reels.

Random Wild

All of us have found ourselves in the position where we’d wish a wild to land on the reels and complete a winning payline. Playing a slot machine that offers the random wild feature can be a blessing, especially when it gives you that luck boost you’ve been desiring.

The difference between a normal wild and random wild is that it appears on the reels after the symbols have landed in their spot – surprising you with a random win!

Expanding Wild

Slots that offer expanding wilds to players are truly great to witness. Just like with any other wild, the expanding wilds substitute all other symbols except for scatter and bonus symbols to offer you a matching win. But unlike the other kinds of wilds, it expands over the reels. In some video slots, the expanding wild can be an entire animation with the same theme as the slot, making it a slot machine that’s truly interactive and fun to play.

Cascading Wild

This feature is similar to the popular game Tetris. Once symbols disappear from the reels, a cascade effect begins, and new symbols fill the empty spaces. If they make a match on a winning payline, you could receive a payout, multiplier, or another feature depending on the slot.

Transferring Wild

You can find this feature in slots with more than one reel set. The transferring wilds act as normal wilds with an added bonus – they can transfer at random (or depending on a specific rule demanded by the slot) and potentially trigger more winning combinations.

As a punter, this wild is becoming more and more enticing.

‘Ways Win’ Slots

When you see slots that contain a big numbers and the word ‘ways’ before the actual name – you know you’re dealing with a ‘Ways to Win’ slot machine. This feature can help you score big because it doesn’t limit you to 20 or 50 paylines and the symbols don’t have to be in a particular order on the reels. For example, you could have a symbol on the top left side of the reel, another on the 3rd reel in the middle, and the last matching symbol on the 5th reel on the left and you could still get a payout!

Nudge and Hold

Video slots with this feature give you the chance to nudge or move a reel of your choice up or down a position. You can also hold the reel of your choice in place during a round. Usually, the nudge and hold feature is given at random or you can buy it. Nevertheless, this feature gives you the chance to control the reels better and improve your winning outcome.


Playing a slot with multipliers is very exciting! Hitting a few multipliers can give you a bigger win than ever anticipated. The multiplier range is vast, from 2x (double) to 1,000x, depending on the slot. Multipliers can be given at random, offered in bonus rounds, or as a special feature.

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Tumbling Reels

Slots without this feature play out like you’re used to; once a winning combination is formed, another spin can be activated. A video slot with tumbling reels acts a bit differently. Once it creates a matching symbol combination on a winning payline, these symbols tumble off the screen and are replaced by new symbols that tumble from the top of the screen.

You can find this feature in slots with more paylines, so watch out for them and have fun!

Cascading Reels

Just like its name, cascading reels offers players additional winning chances by dropping the winning combination off the reels and letting a new one hop instead. This cycle will continue until the winning combination stops and the normal gameplay resumes. If you’re lucky, having this feature could bring you a crypto jackpot in no time.

Bonus Rounds

A bonus round can be anything from free spins, multipliers, or even an extra game where you can double or even triple your winning chances. This feature can be triggered either by activating it with a symbol combination or at random.

These extra mini-rounds can boost up both the thrill and win factor!

And all of that while still playing on your original wager.

Gamble Feature

Also known as ‘All or nothing’, the gamble feature gives you the chance to double or triple your wins by playing a guessing game. An example of guessing games could be picking cards, or predicting the color of the next card being drawn from the pack etc.

The excitement of taking a risk and multiplying your win makes this feature all the more fun!

Where can you find slots with different features?

mBitcasino offers players over 1,000 slot machines with all kinds of features that you can check out in free mode or even play with crypto!

You can also use this guide to try out slots with all kinds of feature anddiscover what you like best.

Happy spinning at our BTC online casino!

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