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The Love Guru Slot Review – ISOFTBET

by Faye Walker

If you were looking for a movie-themed slot packed with funny characters and real money wins of up to 15,000 coins, then you should play The Love Guru slot at mBitcasino.

This slot game is really worth at least a couple of well-placed spins, especially after seeing the amazing bonus feature. But enough chit-chat, let’s get to the heart of the matter:

The Love Guru RTP, Paylines & Jackpots

Jackpot 15,000 coins
Paylines 30
Reels 5
Min Bet 0.01
Max Bet 0.2
Wild Yes
Scatter Yes
Free Spins Yes

Falling in love with The Love Guru slot game is effortless. With 30 active paylines and a huge jackpot of 15,000 coins – it’ll be hard to say no to this amazing casino game.

The Love Guru slot paylinesThe Love Guru slot paylines

While the RTP of this game is unknown, hitting wins is pretty easy since this slot offers plenty of winning combinations and special features. Let’s not forget about the character symbols, here immortalized by the movie actors: Dick Pants (John Oliver), Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco), Coach Punch Cherkov (Verne Troyer), and Guru Tugginmypudha (Ben Kingsley). And if you’re excited by this, then wait till you see the bonus features:

Elephant Wild

The Love Guru Slot Wild

The Love Guru slot has a Wild like no other slot. Here it is portrayed by a wise elephant, and you’ll get excited every time it graces the reels (especially if you’re an animal lover). This Wild has the power to replace any symbol on the reels, giving you more winning combinations and, therefore, more chances to win big. The only symbols it can’t replace are the Bonus symbols and the Love Guru symbols.

However, don’t think of that as a downside, since during free spins, all the wilds in the middle reel will extend and stick throughout the feature. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Instant Bonus

The Love Guru Slot Instant Bonus

Do you know what’s awesome about this particular feature?

You don’t need to land the Love Guru symbols in any particular winning combination to trigger it!

That means that if at least three Love Guru symbols grace the reels, you’ll automatically trigger the Instant Bonus feature! The winnings will be multiplied by the total bet amount, and you’ll get that win instantly. Be generous with your bets, and you’re in for a huge surprise.

Bonus Game

The Love Guru Slot Bonus Game

During this feature is where the Love Guru magic happens. Landing at least three Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the Bonus Game! Once that happens, 12 boxes will appear on the screen offering the following prizes:

  • A jackpot of up to 15,000 coins
  • Up to 20 Free Spins
  • One extra Wild

Love is sometimes blind, but when it comes to this feature – it surely isn’t.

The Love Guru Paytable

The Love Guru Slot - High Paying Symbols

The highest paying symbol in the Love Guru slot is the Guru Pitka Ashram symbol, offering the following prizes for matches on active paylines:

  • 5,000 coins for 5-of-a-kind
  • 2,500 coins for 4-of-a-kind
  • 500 coins for 3-of-a-kind

The highest paying character in this movie-based slot game is none other than Guru Tugginmypudha (interpreted by the very talented Ben Kingsley), and offers the following prizes:

  • 4,000 coins for 5-of-a-kind
  • 750 coins for 4-of-a-kind
  • 250 coins for 3-of-a-kind

The next symbol that’ll make you smile when it hits the reels is Darren Roanoke (played by the dashing Romany Malco, the hockey star athlete in need of spiritual guidance), offering the following payouts:

  • 2,500 coins for 5-of-a-kind
  • 500 coins for 4-of-a-kind
  • 200 coins for 3-of-a-kind

John Oliver himself graces the reels of The Love Guru slot with the following prizes:

  • 1,500 coins for 5-of-a-kind
  • 400 coins for 4-of-a-kind
  • 100 coins for 3-of-a-kind

And the coach (played by the talented Verne Troyer) offers the same prizes when landing on the reels of this cinematic slot.

The Love Guru Slot -Low Paying Symbols

The lower-paying symbols of The Love Guru slot are more generous than most video crypto slots in online casinos. A and K symbols are offering the following payouts:

  • 1,000 coins for 5-of-a-kind
  • 200 coins for 4-of-a-kind
  • 50 coins for 3-of-a-kind

The other symbols, although not as generous can still give a swift kick to your balance:

  • 500 coins for 5-of-a-kind
  • 100 coins for 4-of-a-kind
  • 25 coins for 3-of-a-kind

Similar Movie-Themed Slots

When Paramount Pictures delivered this movie to the world in 2008, they gave Mike Myers the chance to make a whole world laugh and relax. The plot presents the star, Mike Myers, as an American raised by gurus who wish to take over the self-help business. One of his first tasks is to help a hockey athlete after his wife left him. Although The Love Guru slot itself is missing the leading actor, it still presents a few of the noteworthy characters such as Dick Pants (John Oliver), Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco), Coach Punch Cherkov (Verne Troyer), and Guru Tugginmypudha (Ben Kingsley).

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Play The Love Guru at mBitcasino!

The Love Guru Slot Review

Enjoy The Love Guru slot as a mBitcasino player, and you’ll have higher chances of winning! How so?

mBitcasino offers exclusive daily deals and special promos only available to players. Not to mention that anyone can sign up for free and receive the unique and highly lucrative Welcome Package. You can also use several cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDT, or DOGE.

Play The Love Guru slot now and trigger lovely wins!

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