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Thunder Bird Slot Review | mBitcasino Player’s Take

by Faye Walker

Ride on the reels of Thunder Bird slot, and you too can hit miraculous wins like our players at mBitcasino! 50 paylines filled with super spirits, eagles, and totems are ready to offer the wildest rewards. Just take a look at our player’s experience with this incredible slot.

Thunder Bird Slot Review – Player’s Take

Play Thunder Bird slot at mBitcasino and win big!

I absolutely love mBitcasino, I have been playing for years in real life and online, and there has never been anything as satisfying as this one. Everything about it: the payout, the games –  you name it – it’s there.

I have yet to see any casino payout as much as mBitcasino. Also, I personally have had an experience of cashing out over 1000 mBTC, and I’d have to say my favorite game is anything by Betsoft. But if I had to pick one in particular, it would be Thunder Bird slot. That one is an excellent game as well as very fun and intriguing. The bonus is the best part, obviously, because you are able to win copious amounts of coins.

I think all the slots are hot honestly, it just depends what time of day or when you join it; if it’s not hot, then you just back out and go to something else. That is to say I had my days of tough winds and big losses, but hey, that’s gambling, right?!

But as far as everything else goes, the staff and the team are probably the best I’ve encountered here on this website. There’s nothing like it they’re always there for you in responding and the quickest.

At the end of the day, there’s nowhere else I’d spend my money other than right here at mBitcasino.

Trust me as a personal experience take my word for it 🙂

mBitcasino makes the rest look like a joke 🙂 especially the VIP service.  They are the best; everything about them is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything better!


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A Dreamlike Experience

Thunder Bird Slot Review - mBitcasino Player

A favorite slot of mine is, well hands down, Thunder Bird slot! The game that made me fell in love. Not sure what it was, but I was attracted to this slot.  After spinning a few rounds, the feature triggered on its lowest bet, which is .20000 mBTC. It was pure adrenaline once it was triggered!

For those that don’t know! It’s an expansion feature reel where the thunder bird fills up half of the reel slot screen and basically gives you a 5 of a kind of the symbols that aren’t replaced by the thunder bird itself! Mind you, all the bells ‘n whistles are going off as huge numbers start to show on the screen. Not 20 or 30 or 40 mBTC a spin!

But 200 mBTC! 10/10 feature spins all 5 of a kind.

Unbelievable!  Right place, right time, I guess, because that night will never repeat…almost like it was a dream! And here’s the proof!

Thunder Bird slot huge win at mBitcasino!Huge win on Thunder Bird slot at mBitcasino!


Wildest Wins only at mBitcasino

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You too can enjoy amazing wins like our players and why not take advantage of all we have to offer?

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Ready, set, play!

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