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What are Bitcoin Dice Games? – Your Guide to Rolling for Wins Online


You only have to poke your nose into the Bitcoin dice game category here at mBitcasino to realise games involving dice are as popular as ever. Despite being the oldest gambling tool, which dates as far back as the Pharaohs, players still enjoy using them to determine their results against chance and luck.

There is something simple, traditional, and highly entertaining about placing your bets and hoping that the dice deliver the results you were hoping for. The popularity of dice games has meant there is a huge demand for them at online and crypto casinos – and, of course, many leading developers have stepped up to the plate to provide a host of top Bitcoin dice games.

Despite that popularity, we know some of you have yet to experience the best crypto dice games. In fact, some of you may not even know anything about dice games or that they even exist. That’s why we’re here folks, to give you the lowdown on a type of game that is simple but offers up so much entertainment!


What are Crypto Dice Games?

In short, Bitcoin dice games are crypto-enabled online casino games that involve dice. Instead of using playing cards, roulette wheels, tombolas, or any other gambling tool, it is dice that take centre stage.

Dice games even span across different verticals. You can play virtual Bitcoin dice games, live games involving dice, and even crash games. You will also appreciate how different these games can be. A classic dice game will offer quick and simple gameplay, while more adventurous titles have multipliers, side bets, and bonus rounds.


What are Some Top Bitcoin Dice Games?

If you’re looking for a list of the best dice games to play, you can check our Bitcoin dice game guide that details 8 of the best crypto dice games around. However, if you’re in a hurry and want some games to play ‘Right Now!’, take a look at a few of our suggestions.

By the way, we have 20 titles in our dice games category in our crypto casino. On top of that, there are a ton of dice-based games in our live casino as well. You’ve probably heard of Sic Bo and Craps, but might not know about Boom City, Lightning Dice, Bac Bo, and Football Studio Dice.

Anyhow, here are three dice games we already know are proving popular with our army of members here at mBitcasino:

  • Bac Bo (Evolution): A live casino supplier renowned for creating unique games, Evolution released Bac Bo in 2022. A popular dice game, Bac Bo is a fusion of the popular Sic Bo and Baccarat casino games. You can now probably work out why it is called Bac Bo. This is a simple game that involves wagering on whether the Banker or Player positions win or it is a tie. The winning position is the one that rolls the highest two-dice value.
  • Troll Dice (OnlyPlay): Another dice game played by many of our minions here at mBitcasino, is Troll Dice. This game will appeal as rather than featuring one or two dice like other titles, it is five dice that determine whether you win or lose. It also helps that you could win up to 7,224.68x your stake if those dice roll your way! You place bets on the overall value you think the combined dice will create.
  • Boom City (Pragmatic Play Live): If you love playing crypto dice games but also love live casino gameshows, then Boom City is the game you’ve been looking for. Plus, if it’s the really big wins you’re looking for, how does 20,000x your stake sound? That is what’s on offer in the Boom City crypto dice game from Pragmatic Play. During this game, you bet on positions where the value of two dice will lead. Furthermore, you can bet to qualify for several bonus rounds when they come around.
  • Bitty’s Dice (BGaming): By the way, you know Bitcoin dice games are all the rage when Mr.Bitty himself is the main character. Bitty’s Dice is an exclusive mBitcasino game developed by BGaming. This Bitcoin dice game has a whopping 99% RTP and payouts of up to 35.3x your bet. The gameplay is simple as well, as you just have to choose a combined dice value and place a wager on whether you think the next roll will produce a higher or lower value.

Did one crypto dice game stand out, or will you try a few of the above? Don’t forget that we have many more where they came from!


Why are Crypto Dice Games Popular?

People have been playing dice games for centuries, but why are they still so popular? Well, everyone is different and will have their own opinion on which are the best casino games to play. However, some of the reasons why dice games prove popular are as clear as day.

  • Simplicity: For the most part, crypto casino dice games are easier to learn and play compared to other casino games. Of course, there are outliers, but most dice games have a short learning curve. This makes them more appealing when compared to more complicated games such as Blackjack and Roulette. There are usually fewer betting options, less complicated rules, and easier to understand game mechanics.
  • Fast-Paced Action: Another reason some players prefer the best Bitcoin dice games is because they usually serve up fast action. As each betting round is so short, it means players can place more bets per hour and potentially earn more money.
  • Lots of Variety: As you saw in our list of recommended crypto dice games, there are some different types of games that involve dice. You can play traditional casino games such as Craps or Sic Bo, unique live gameshows, or short and sweet virtual crash games.

Whatever the reasoning, it is clear that dice games are here to stay. Many top crypto casino developers regularly release new titles that determine results via the roll of some dice. We add many of them here and will keep you informed whenever a new Bitcoin dice game hits our lobby!


Where to Play Bitcoin Dice Games?

Wait? What? mBitcasino has you covered on the Bitcoin dice games front. As mentioned, we have a ton of titles you can enjoy using your cryptocurrencies. Why would you want to go elsewhere when you will not find a collection anywhere close to as good as ours (yes, we’re the possessive and jealous type)? Besides, we have a wide variety of bonuses you could use to get even more value out of your crypto dice game wagers!


How to Win at Bitcoin Dice – Tips and Strategies

As crypto dice is a genre of casino games rather than a single title, it is difficult to offer a one-size-fits-all Bitcoin dice game strategy. However, we can give you some general crypto dice strategy tips that should prove helpful no matter which game you’re playing. Just remember,

  • Set and Stick to a Budget: No crypto dice strategy is better than having solid bankroll management. Before you start to play, establish a budget for your Bitcoin dice game session. Decide how much you will bet and how many rounds you will play. Stick to it and avoid chasing losses, and you stand a better chance of maximising wins or minimising losses.
  • Choose the Right Odds: All dice games are different but will all offer specific odds for each bet. Lower odds will bring big rewards but also more rewards. Higher odds offer the opposite. Work out the sort of balance you want when Bitcoin dice gambling. We suggest taking a safer approach to start with, before considering increasing your bets when you feel more comfortable.
  • Consider the Martingale Strategy: If you stick to low-risk bets, the Martingale bitcoin dice strategy is worth considering. Used by players playing other popular casino games such as roulette and baccarat, this strategy is simple and straightforward to follow. Just double your bet after each loss and reset back to your original bet size after a win. The idea is that you eventually recoup your losses when on a losing streak.
  • Take Regular Breaks: The repetitive nature of casino games (not just Bitcoin dice games) means you could lose focus during a long session. Take regular breaks away from the game so that you’re always focused on the bets you’re placing and the Bitcoin dice strategy you’re using.
  • Choose Crypto Dice Games with a High RTP: You stand a better chance of long-term success playing Bitcoin dice games with higher RTPs (return to player percentages). Before playing any dice game, consider its RTP and whether there is another title that has a lower house edge. For the best RTP, we strongly suggest you check out Bitty’s Dice, which offers 99%!


Start Playing the Best Bitcoin Dice Games at mBitcasino

Now that you have armed yourself with the best knowledge regarding crypto dice games and the best dice game strategies to use, there’s just one thing left to do. That’s right, make your way over to our casino and start rolling your way to big profits. After all, if you find that Bitcoin dice gambling is not for you, you can fall back on the 2,000+ other casino games we have in our arsenal!




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