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Roulette Team Strategy

How to use Roulette Team Strategy to Gain an Edge!


On its face, roulette may seem like a crypto casino game that is based on pure luck. Some may have the perception that there is absolutely no chance of cheating the house. Although there is no 100% guaranteed strategy to beat the house edge, there are a variety of techniques you can use to push luck in your favor.

All great strategies involve increasing the odds by playing in teams rather than individually. Here is a rundown of the best roulette team strategies to help you win big. For a complete overview of ‘even odds strategies’ you can use playing roulette be sure to check out our roulette strategy complete guide.

Now before we begin, we must warn you that all of these tactics are morally correct, and we would like to discourage you from using them, but for the purpose of information, we included them in this article.

The Biased Wheel Strategy

No man-made machine can be considered absolutely flawless, especially when it has been used extensively. A standard roulette wheel is made from wood and metal, so it is only natural that they wear and tear over time.

Now most wealthy land-based casinos will regularly check their roulette wheels and even monitor them while smaller establishments tend to be slack when it comes to checks or maintenance

The biased wheel strategy involves identifying and exploiting an old and used roulette wheels weaknesses and flaws. An example of a flaw is the slight grooves naked to the human eye that may cause the ball to land in one hole more often than others. These grooves are developed and grow deeper as more balls land in them. Therefore, the older the table, the more grooves there should be.

Although roulette wheels are subject to inspections and the occasional upgrade, there may be subtle defects that players can take advantage of!

In order to find these defects, players must observe the wheel for an extensive period of time and keep a record of where the ball landed.

The longer the observation and the more outcomes recorded, the greater chances you will be able to determine the true probabilities of the wheel landing on a particular number.

  • Observe roulette wheels for weaknesses
  • Works in smaller betting dens

Working in teams to detect biased wheels

Working in teams can help achieve this goal faster. Splitting up and covering all sides of the table will lessen suspicion and give you a larger number of outcomes to work with! Even taken turns to play the roulette wheel is a great tactic.

After all, the other players sitting out would only be playing a non-biased wheel somewhere else, so better to wait and play a biased wheel with a higher chance of a profit.

Although this strategy may seem full proof, it does require a lot of time spent closely observing various tables and hoping a casino does not upgrade or regularly service their roulette wheels.

  • Teams can spread out to quickly research for biased wheels
  • When a biased wheel is spotted the team comes in one-by-one

Distracting the Croupier

This strategy may not be considered completely ethical, but it just may work! It is best performed in teams, usually of at least four with one player sitting out.

The strategy involves each active team member placing a bet on a different number, with the fourth player standing near the dealer. For example, Player A plays numbers 1 through to 12, Player B plays numbers 13 through to 24 and Player C bets on numbers 25 through to 36. In total, most of the entire table is covered. If one of the players wins then great!

If the ball falls on a number not covered by a chip, then the player who is closest to the winning number can slide their stack onto the winning number before the dealer places the dolly on it. To achieve this, the fourth player who is sitting out can distract the Croupier. They can do this by asking a question or for advice at precisely the right moment after the spin of the wheel.

Now one reason this strategy works is because the team only needs to pull this off once or twice in a session to get rich quick. It is not a coup by coup strategy or roulette players that use this strategy would be caught easily.

This strategy could very well be considered cheating the game of roulette and it involves both a lot of guts and a seamless roulette team strategy!

Adding to this, there is usually a pit boss watching to, and don’t forget you may get caught by the camera in the sky. This was more of a strategy for back in the day when pit bosses were rare and cameras were either not in action or the vision they provided was not great.

That being said, there are still plenty of smaller establishments out there that are weak when it comes to training their croupiers and when it comes to watching players at the tables. Places such as Macau and Vegas where there are thousands of roulette tables in small gambling dens are the perfect prey for roulette players willing to take a risk.

  • A dangerous strategy to use that could get you in trouble
  • Still a strategy used by some gamblers even in Vegas

The Buddy Strategy

When you play roulette in teams, the greater your chances of collective victory. The buddy strategy involves gathering at least three of your friends to cover all sides of the roulette table.

The strategy involves placing 72 chips strategically around the table. Six chips should be placed on the zero’s and the remaining 66 chips across the layout of the table spread amongst the inside and outside bets.

It may be beneficial to place the 66 chips on two columns at the same time. This is because if you place equal bets on each, you are effectively covering around 66% of the board. Now, the issue is that some crypto casino sites may not allow this, so you will need a buddy to help you. Effectively you will share the profits at the end of the session.

Another advantage of having multiple players in your team on one table is that you can quickly place bets before the ball drops. Furthermore, having multiple players allows you to bypass any betting limits including limits on inside and outside bets.

There is no guarantee that you will win each time by using this strategy, however you are greatly maximizing your chances of winning!

  • Using a team can avoid hitting the table’s max bet limit
  • Team members share each other’s profits and losses

Having a Croupier on the Inside on the Team

This strategy is highly unethical, yet it is still employed by many people around the world. As the title suggests, this strategy involves players having a friend who works as a dealer inside the casino.

Although risky, the dealer can give a player or a team of players a considerable advantage. One way they can do this is by past betting or accepting late bets

In practice it would look something like this – once a player is at a table, they place their bets as normal. After spinning, the dealer can pretend to not see late bets being placed or add chips to their friends winning bets.

This strategy works best when a group of friends are together at one table. Instead of the table being filled with a random mix of people who may become suspicious.

Another way the dealer can assist players is by using a remote-controlled magnetic ball. By using this strategy, players can effectively create an electromagnetic field that can influence the ball to land in a specific part of the wheel.

Another method is known as wheel rigging where the roulette wheel is altered in a way to favour certain numbers

Much like the biased wheel example above, this strategy involves a dealer loosening grooves in sections of the wheel. This effectively increases the chances of the ball landing in certain spots.

Although it is handy to know someone who works inside a casino, employing them for help is highly unethical, even illegal in most countries.

While there is no winning strategy guaranteed to work, the ones mentioned above can certainly increase your odds. The odds are even better when you work in teams, the more people playing the greater your chances!

Roulette is a casino game loved by many and largely down to luck. However, working in teams using effective strategies can greatly increase the odds of winning.

  • A friendly croupier will help players by accepting late bets
  • The croupier can rig the wheel to help his team

Team Strategy Playing Online Vs Land-Based Roulette

Team strategy online generally does not work as well as it does when playing in a land-based gambling establishment.

Inside Croupier Online

Firstly, there is no way to have a croupier on the inside. Virtual table games use an RNG so unless you have the code, there is no way you will get a late bet down or rig the wheel.

Even in a live dealer studio where the game is streamed live via a webcam and you know the croupier, the multiple cameras watching would easily spot any funny business.

Distracting the Croupier Online

The opportunity to distract the dealer is not an option either while online. Live dealer games do have a live chat function but that won’t even make the croupier batter an eyelid.

Player’s chat comments are streamed on a screen in front of the croupier who in turn tries to answer as many questions as possible and converse in friendly manner, so that’s the distraction option out the window.

The Buddy Strategy

You could use this strategy while playing online. In fact, there is no reason why not. However, most modern virtual and live dealer roulette tables these days comes with a ‘repeat last bet’ and ‘favourite bet spread’ option. At the click of a button, you could lay all your spread bets in seconds.

Probably the best reason to use the buddy strategy online is so you have a larger bankroll by agreeing how much you want to put up as your combined bankroll and splitting that amount so each player bets an equal amount every coup.

Biased Roulette Wheels Online

You could still potentially spot a biased wheel if you are playing live dealer roulette via a webcam. However, usually if this happens, which it has, due to the internet’s ability to spread news fast, the brand will quickly see people talking about a biased a roulette wheel and then swap out the wheel while land-based casinos may not spot a boased wheel for up to a year.

Moreover, these wheels are linked up to databases and technical systems that are designed to spot faulty roulette wheels.

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