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4 Variants of Roulette That Use Multiple Wheels, Balls, or Zeros!


Roulette is one of the most featured table games in online casinos, live dealer studios, crypto casinos, and in land-based gambling establishments. It has been the understudy of numerous roulette pros and world-famous mathematicians looking for a way to beat the game whether it is reading when a roulette wheel is biased or using a strategy that limits losses and increases the chances of winning. Of course, with all this attention, the game has also undergone a few variation changes to keep things interesting.

In this guide, we are going to look at 4 variants of roulette and where you are likely to come across each one. The idea is to move away from the norm and give you a list of roulette titles that you may not have thought existed!

Roulette Triple Zero

French Roulette is roulette down to the bare bones in its original form. If you look back through the history of roulette, Frenchman Blaise Pascal introduced the early form of Roulette in the 17th century, which evolved into French Roulette in the 18th century. You will also see the name European Roulette, which is the same as French Roulette except the writing on the felts is in English rather than French.

This original style of roulette has a single-zero on the wheel and numbers 1 to 36, giving players 37 numbers to contemplate. That was until the game reached the US, where an additional zero was added to the wheel. This meant the wheel now had 38 numbers thanks to the ‘0’ and a ’00’ plus the original 1-36. You will see this variant of roulette referred to as US or American Roulette.

If you are an online casino player, then you will have seen plenty of roulette titles that cover US and American as well as French and European roulette tables. They are popular online casino titles and can be found in crypto casinos as well as fiat casinos across the globe. However, there is another roulette wheel out there called triple zero roulette.

What is triple zero roulette?

The triple zero roulette wheel layout adds a third zero to the game, extending the number count to 39. That is, you have ‘0’, ‘00’, and ‘000’ with number 1 to 36 also on the table. It is not a game we are likely to see online because it considerably reduces the odds of winning. I.e., there are now 39 numbers rather than 38 or 37, while the pay-out is still 35-1.
With so much competition in online and crypto casinos, the time and effort of introducing a triple roulette game will probably be a waste of time, as players do not want to play a casino game that reduces the odds of winning. More likely, you will find triple zero roulette in casinos in catchment areas where there are no other roulette tables to play. This includes cruise ships and Caribbean resorts!

Tip: With a triple zero roulette wheel there are 39 numbers while European/French roulette and US/American roulette wheels have 37 and 38 numbers, respectively!

Double Ball Roulette Tables

It does not seem possible to have 2 balls rolling on the same roulette wheel without collisions, but there are some casino game software developers that offer roulette with exactly this!

Evolution is the world’s number one live dealer casino game developer and has a version of roulette that shoots 2 balls per coup. The Double Ball Roulette table uses the European roulette layout, so you have a single-zero and numbers 1 to 36 to stake. The only key difference with this game is that the payouts are cut in half for obvious reasons—double ball which doubles your chances of hitting your number or numbers!

Another interesting feature of this game is that both balls can land on the same number. On the Evolution Double Ball roulette variant, this is something that occurs quite often giving players huge bet multipliers when this happens.

Instant Roulette Played On 12 Roulette Wheels

Another style of roulette that uses the European roulette wheel, but 12 of them in a single game is Instant Roulette. Like double ball roulette, this cryptocurrency casino title also comes out of the Evolution portfolio of live dealer game titles.

Now the reason there are 12 roulette wheels is not to enhance your chances of winning but instead this game produces results faster than traditional roulette. All 12 roulette wheels use European rules, and although each of them is live, streamed via webcams in real time, they are all auto roulette wheels with no croupier managing them.

That means somewhere in one of Evolution’s live dealer studios, there is a dedicated instant roulette studio that is fully automated with no human intervention required. These wheels are in a state of constant spin, so once it delivers the result, the ball trickles off the wheel and a new ball is triggered onto the wheel.

Note: Auto roulette wheels are also popular in land-based casinos. You will find the roulette tables managed by croupiers are usually on the main casino floor, while in large casinos you will also find auto roulette wheels in small pockets of the casino—usually alongside video slots and electronic gambling machines!

The idea of instant roulette is to deliver results to you instantly—hence the name instant roulette. Once you place your bets on your virtual betting interface and click ‘Play Now’ the webcam will move to the next wheel about to deliver a result. It usually takes a maximum of 5 seconds to deliver the outcomes. As a result, players that don’t want to wait between coups for the result flock to the ‘Instant Roulette’ title!

Tip: Just to reiterate, that is 12 wheels spinning with roulette balls simultaneously 24/7! The very next wheel about to deliver a result is the one your screen will zoom into once you click ‘play now’ giving you a super-fast way to play roulette

Land Based Roulette Tables Played Online

One of the most impressive variants of roulette available for crypto roulette players is a live dealer version of the game that streams tables inside brick-and-mortar casinos from around the globe.

Although these tables use standard rules, the ‘multi’ here comes from the fact that players are placing bets using real chips in the casino, and then there are those playing online using virtual chips.

All these tables use a European Roulette wheel so there is only a single zero, and each one uses standard roulette rules, so nothing flashy so far as adding extra balls to the wheel or giving you multiple wheels to produce faster results!

So why is this form of roulette so special?

Most roulette players prefer to play live dealer roulette tables for a number of reasons. There is obviously the realism of the game to consider, and the chance to converse with a live croupier. However, even with live games there are a select few that still do not trust live dealer roulette tables streamed from live casino studios owned by the likes of Evolution, Pragmatic Play, or Ezugi.

To satisfy these players, Evolution, Ezugi, and Absolute Live Gaming (ALG) all have a solution that sets up a webcam rig inside land-based casinos directed at the roulette wheel. This setup is situated on a casino floor and has players physically sitting inside the casino who are also betting on the same wheel. Some players much prefer this style of play and even trust these wheels more than the ones situated inside live dealer studios.

Here is a list of some of the casinos you can tune into from your mobile or desktop device:

  • Hippodrome Casino (Leicester Square in London)
  • Portomaso Casino (St Julian’s, Malta)
  • Resorts Casino Hotel (Atlantic City, USA)
  • Princess Casino (Bucharest. Romania)
  • Oracle Casino (San Pawl il-Baħar, Malta)

Most of these land-based casino roulette tables are available 24/7 because the casinos listed above are always open.

When you open the live table, you will need a crypto or cash balance because live tables do not have a demo version!

More Variants of Roulette!

You will find tons more variants of roulette online and available for cryptocurrency bets. We will cover more of these exciting games on the mBitcasino blog in the near future. This includes ‘Immersive Roulette’ which gives you multiple camera views of the action for an up-close and personal live roulette gaming experience.

Plus, keep your eyes open for coverage of the award-winning ‘Lightning Roulette’ title, which scooped 3 awards in 2018 soon after Evolution released this amazing roulette title. It won the SBC Awards 2018 Innovation in Live Casino, the 2018 EGR Operator Awards Game of the Year, and the Global Gaming Awards Product Innovation of the Year!

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