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5 Keno Online Strategies to Tackle in Your Next Play Session


Are you ready to up your game and boost your chances of winning in online Keno? Whether you’re a seasoned Keno enthusiast or just getting started with this exciting casino game, you’ve come to the right place. Keno, a game of chance with roots tracing back to ancient China, has evolved into a beloved pastime for gamblers worldwide. But what if we told you that, beyond the luck of the draw, there are strategies you can employ to enhance your Keno experience?

Keno is a game of chance, but that does not mean there are no strategies that could lead to better results during your next session. We will take you through those strategies while also giving you the lowdown on Keno and the top Keno titles you can play here at mBitcasino!


How to Play Keno Online?

Before we dive into the different online Keno strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning, you must first understand the game’s rules. Firstly, if you’re wondering how to play Keno and are slightly worried the rules may prove complex, don’t worry. Keno is one of the most accessible games at crypto casinos and involves nothing more than buying cards and hoping your numbers come in.

That said, different online Keno games may come with slight changes to the rules, so you must read the rules of your particular game.

Typically, when you play Keno online, you just:

  • Purchase a Keno Card: These generally have 80 numbers to pick from.
  • Pick Your Numbers: Most online Keno games let you pick between 1 and 15 numbers per card.
  • Consider the Paytable: When selecting your numbers, consider the paytable to see how many numbers you need to match to win a payout.
  • Wait for the Round to End: Watch as the Keno numbers are drawn, and your matching numbers are ticked off.


Recommended Keno Online Game Titles to Check Out

You might think online Keno games draw similarities with bingo, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. After all, there are cards and numbered balls, like when you play Bingo games. However, there are differences, such as not having the option to select your numbers when you play bingo. Furthermore, Keno only draws a certain number of balls.

Those two differences make Keno a better option for crypto casino connoisseurs as it means more control and faster gameplay.

You also have plenty of different Keno variations to consider.

  • Keno (Spribe Gaming): A standard Keno online game, you choose up to ten numbers or let the software pick out random numbers. The more of your numbers are drawn, the bigger the multiplier of your stake, up to a maximum of 100x. 
  • Keno Christmas Cat (Evoplay): Pick 1-5 numbers from 30 and wait while five are drawn. You can win anything from 1x to 100x your stake if you hit your numbers. Plus, as you play, you can collect Xmas gifts. Once you have five, you win a stake multiplier between 5x and 10x. 
  • Russian Keno: Another title that sticks to traditional online Keno rules. You pick up to 10 numbers from 80, and 20 are drawn. The best payout of 10,000x the stake will come if you pick ten numbers and all ten are drawn. 

Those are just a few options to play Keno online here at mBitcasino. We have many other titles, such as French Online Keno, VIP Keno, and Super Keno. Just make sure you read the rules of each before playing, as they will often differ slightly.


How to Play Keno and Win – Top Keno Strategies

Now that you know how to play Keno and have some great online Keno games to check out, why not consider these strategies when you start playing? In fact, if you are wondering how to play Keno and win consistently, the following strategies could prove beneficial. There is no guarantee you will win every bet you place, but it cannot hurt to try them out to see if they enable you to maximise your winnings and minimise any losses.

1. Choosing the Right Numbers

The numbers you choose and those drawn will determine whether you win or lose when playing a Keno online game such as Super Keno. However, as the result of each game is determined by chance, you cannot influence the numbers drawn. For some of you, your selection will come down to superstition, while others may notice patterns or use hot and cold numbers to determine their selections. 

The latter is a good idea as if you notice specific numbers coming up more often than others, you could start to include them more when picking your numbers. Alternatively, you could pick less frequent numbers on the belief they should start coming in more frequently. 

2. Bankroll Management

Although a general strategy you should apply to all forms of online gambling, good bankroll management will ensure your bankroll can give you the length of session you’re after. For instance, if you plan to play for two hours, betting 50% of your bankroll on each round of Keno is unlikely to allow for that (unless you get fortunate).

Bankroll management involves deciding how much of your bankroll you want to bet on each round. It should be a small percentage of your total bankroll so that you can enjoy a more extended session and stand a chance of recouping any early losses. Stick to the bet size decided throughout and avoid chasing losses.

3. Play Multiple Hands / Games Simultaneously

Some online Keno games allow you to purchase more than one card each round. Other players opt to open multiple Keno games and play them simultaneously. As long as you stay focused, doing either could bring success.

Firstly, participating in multiple games concurrently increases the frequency of draws and potential wins within a shorter time frame. This can be particularly advantageous when aiming for smaller, more consistent wins.

Secondly, playing multiple games allows you to diversify your number choices. You can experiment with different number combinations, mixing personal favourites with statistically promising selections. This diversification keeps your gameplay dynamic and engaging and hedges your bets, reducing the impact of an unlucky streak on your bankroll.

4. Take Advantage of Crypto Bonuses

By grabbing cryptocurrency bonuses when they become available, you can enjoy more value when depositing funds to play Keno online or any other casino game. You can receive match deposit bonuses and free spins, which give you bonus cash you can use the next time you play. If you lose, you’re not losing your own money – just the free bonus cash you received on top of your deposit. If you win, it is a massive bonus as it’s not even your money you used to land your profits.

We have a tremendous three-part welcome bonus at mBitcasino. It could allow you to win extra money to ensure plenty of game time on the Keno casino games. You will receive up to 4BTC in bonus cash and 325 free spins for your first three deposits!

Play Keno for Free

While Keno is straightforward to play, it might still help to get some practice before you start risking your money. Many of the online Keno games here at mBitcasino offer a demo version. Sure, you will not win any money, but they will allow you to get to grips with the games you’re playing. Consider opening the full crypto version once you are comfortable with the rules, odds, payouts, and controls.


Play Keno Online at mBitcasino

Does Keno sound like a crypto game you could get your teeth into? It is unsurprising if it does, as Keno offers some of the easiest to get to grips with casino gaming. Plus, as we have given you a few strategies, you’re now armed with the knowledge of how to play Keno and win. 

When you are ready to play Keno online and have chosen mBitcasino as the ideal place to enjoy it (why wouldn’t you?), go to our games lobby and use the search filter to find ”Keno”, a bunch of Keno games will appear – each offering a different take on such a casino classic.

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