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Dalembert Roulette Strategy

The Simplicity of the Dalembert Roulette Strategy


If you are looking for something a little rarer than the Martingale strategy but less complex than the Labourchere system, then D’alembert roulette strategy is perhaps the roulette system for you. It is another ‘even odds’ outside bet strategy so you will not have to worry about inside bets such as corner or street bets.

On the face, this system uses the Martingale strategy so far as it still uses a progressive betting system, but it is flatter in comparison. It is a system used on most even odds bets where the winning chance is roughly 50/50. In other words, it works great when your RTP is roughly 50%, and it just so happens the roulette table offers outside bets with a similar winning chance.

The History of the Dalembert Roulette Strategy

French born Jean le Rond d’Alembert (1717 – 1783) is yet another mathematician that has a roulette strategy named after him, yet the game was not around when his genius mind graced the earth. However, like his Italian counterpart Leonardo Fibonacci, his system would unwittingly make it into the casinos on one of the most popular table games on earth–a game neither had the pleasure of trying which is quite ironic.

Roulette Outside Bets Explained

As you may not have read any of the roulette guides just yet, which you can find on the mBitcasino blog, and for the benefit of those new to bitcoin roulette, we will explain outside bets and inside bets.

Inside Bets: Betting on the numbers directly inside the betting board pays the highest odds but these bets also come with a high risk of losing. These options are straight bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets, double street bets, and basket bets.

Racetrack: You also have ‘call bets’ or ‘section bets’ which are a combination of inside bets that altogether stake sections of the roulette wheel—also known as the racetrack.

Outside Bets: There are 5 outside bets to choose. 1 covers a column of 12 numbers and another a section of 12 numbers. Both of these bets pay 2-1 and are not part of this strategy. However, the outside bets we will use for this strategy will pay ‘even odds’. They are the red-black, odd-even, and high-low betting options.

Outside Bets Explained

Even Odds (1:1) Bets RTP & Winnings

When you win an even odds (1:1) bet on any casino game, the payback is quite simple. Bet 1 unit and win, for another 1 unit on top of your bet. As a result, you receive 2 units, which is a 1-unit profit. It is an amazingly straightforward exchange to figure out and most common in games like Baccarat and Blackjack.

  • Bet 1 BTC
  • Win 2 BTC
  • Profit 1 BTC

This may seem like a fair deal when you are playing roulette because these bets look as if there is a 50% chance of winning. However, that is not the case.

The ‘zero’ on the roulette wheel does not fall under the odd-even, red-black, or high-low spectrums and therefore, if you are unlucky enough to hit a zero while betting on any of these options you lose your bet. This slightly reduces the 50% probability of winning to 48.6% if you play a European Roulette table.

The Odds of Winning Even Odds Bets

As you can see from the table, there are 2 styles of roulette table explained further by the image below. The reason the US roulette has a lower winning chance is because there are 2 zeros, so 2 possibilities of losing of you bet.

European Roulette Vs American Roulette

The System Dalembert Roulette Strategy in Action

When you begin the Dalembert Roulette Strategy, you need to select how much 1 unit is going to be worth. Essentially, that 1 unit is your minimum bet amount. You can make it 0.1 mBTC or 100 mBTC, it is totally up to the amount you are comfortable betting with.

One tip is that for this strategy, your 1 unit should be roughly 1% of your total bankroll to make sure you do not end up burning through your cash too quickly should you happen to hit a losing streak.

Here’s what you will do:

  • Gradually increase your bet when you lose
  • Gradually decrease your bet when you win

So far this sounds no different to the Martingale strategy in which you double your bet when you lose and reduce your bet back to the original bet when you lose. Yet, there is a slight difference with the Dalembert Roulette Strategy so far as you are going to perform these actions, but not so drastically. We will increase and decrease gradually according to the system.

  • Add 1 unit when you win
  • Minus 1 unit when you lose

12 Coups Using the +1 and -1 Progression Process

Pros and Cons of the D’Alembert System

In the end, we lost 7 coups out of 12, so just over 50% and we came out losing just 1 unit which is not bad. The look and feel of this system makes us feel quite safe. The +1 increments do not go out of control at any stage, even after 3 consecutive losses. However, it is quite slow and not one that is going to make you rich any time soon because when you win; you decrease the bet, and this continuous deduction could negatively affect a winning streak.

This really means that this system boils down to how safe you want to play your outside bets. Looking at it, you could try using the same strategy in games such as blackjack, and it may work better if you apply your basic strategy correctly. It actually makes a lot of sense playing the system on other games too, such as baccarat where you could soften any losing streaks.

Going back to our 12 coups we lost 2 more than we won, so if we’re playing a straight game of roulette we should be 2 units in the red, but we are only 1 unit in the red after 7 losses, so that is certainly another pro.

All in all, this is an east system to use, and it gets you betting on the roulette tables which is all part of the fund experience of playing casino games.

You can try this strategy on the best BetSoft slots at mBitcasino.

Practising Roulette Strategies Online

When looking for a roulette table to practise ‘even odds’ outside bets, always search for the European and French Roulette style tables.

You have a higher chance of winning. In fact, your RTP goes up by 1.2% which may not sound like much, but if you end up playing 1,000 coups at 1 mBTC per bet, that’s 12 mBTC you save—although this is only according to probability. Always remember that RTP is not set in stone, and each spin on the roulette wheel is an independent bet and result to the previous one. That said, you should still play according to the laws of averages/probability.

If you want to practice roulette for free or play using cryptocurrency, please check out our crypto roulette section where there are over 80 roulette tables to choose. All the virtual tables have a free play demo mode, while you will need to top up your crypto balance to play the live roulette tables.

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