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5 Expert Tips to Winning Playing Online Bingo

by Jack Bannon

Winning playing online bingo is easier than you might think. Bingo is notorious for its jackpot pay-outs with around 96% of regular bingo players claiming to have hit a super-size win at some point. Obviously, some of those winners were just randomly betting. These lucky few won thanks to a culmination of luck + twist of fate + being in the right place at the right time with a card that just so happened had the right numbers. If only that could happen to us all. Well, what if we told you that we have the next best thing?

Below, we help you dig deeper into the game of bingo with a set of strategies that, if followed correctly, will help you make your own luck. You can do this by following a few simple smart bingo playing techniques that should, eventually, land that long-awaited big crypto bingo win. And you never know, you could end up with multiple big wins if you stay disciplined and stick to it!

Here are our 5 expert tips to winning playing online bingo:

Understand the type of bingo game you are playing

Before you can formulate a budget, you need to understand the type of bingo game you are playing. There are quite a few variations out there. That said, on the whole, the overall concept is the same. You buy cards with pre-set numbers, then the draw churns out numbers in a rush of excitement, and at the end, the bingo game totals your winnings, and you get paid.

Some of the differences you will come across include:

  • The number of cards you can buy varies
  • The stake per card (min-max) bets change
  • Some bingo games have bonus multipliers
  • Others offer you the chance to buy extra numbers
  • Different variants will dispense 20 numbers, others 30, some also have a bonus ball
  • Cards produce wins via lines diagonally, horizontally, vertically, left or right
  • Cards produce wins by matching a pattern
  • Lotto games – similar to bingo except you get to choose the numbers

By understanding the number of cards, you can buy, the min-max bets, and the odds of winning with numbers versus balls drawn or patterns versus creating lines to win, you can choose a bingo title that offers you the best chance of winning. You can look at free demo crypto bingo titles here to get a feel for the different variations of bingo and lotto out there.

Live Bingo: There are also a number of live bingo and lotto games. The difference in gameplay is not much different to a virtual bingo game. Some people prefer to live versions because there are no computer-generated results, i.e., there is no ‘RNG’ or ‘Provably Fair’ algorithm using random algorithmic code to select results. Instead, you will see a live lotto or bingo ball dispenser, plus there is usually a live chat and a presenter making the gameplay more engaging and more social.

Buy the correct number of cards according to your budget

Everyone has budget limitations, well most of us anyway. As with all real money or crypto casino games, we need to formulate a bet size strategy to start winning playing online bingo. The bet sizing strategy is being able to handle a set number of cards per draw and to buy that number of cards for every round over the time period you designated to play bingo.

Now let’s state the obvious. The more cards you have when playing bingo, the higher your chances are of winning – of course right? Yet, buying too many cards could mean you burn through your bankroll too quickly. If this happens, it’s game over before you even begin.

  • Set a ‘session budget’ (be prepared to lose this amount)
  • At the same time, set a ‘session time limit’ (the amount of time you plan to play)
  • Figure out the ‘time between each draw’ (from the end of a draw to when the next draw begins)
  • Divide the ‘session time limit’ by the ‘time between each draw’. (Now you will know how many draws you will participate in during your bingo session)
  • Now divide the above amount by your ‘session budget’. (This gives you the total amount you can afford to bet per draw)
  • Now take the total amount per draw and divide this by the cost of a bingo card. (Some cards have multiple stake options, so choose a minimum bet that matches your budget)

Walk Through: Let’s say, for example, you want to play with 1 mBTC for 1 hour on a crypto bingo title on which each draw takes 2 minutes. 60 minutes divided by 2-minute draws gives you 30 draws you can participate in that time. 1 mBTC divided by 30 draws means you can bet 0.033 mBTC per draw. If each bingo card costs 0.0033 mBTC, you can afford to buy 10 cards per draw. Overall, throughout the 30 draws, you will have bought 30 x 10 = 300 bingo cards, which will massively increase your chances of winning.

Bank your winnings instead of betting them

Following on from the above strategy and to improve on it, you should bank your winnings from your bingo session. That means do not add your winnings back into the same pot and start buying more cards. This way, you will have money stashed away for your next session.

Yes, we hear you. There is a Catch 22 to this theory. Surely if you win and buy more cards, you increase your chances of winning the next draw? And you would be correct in saying this. Therefore, the reason we suggest this tactic is to prolong your time playing bingo, but if you are happy risking it all to win more, then by all means ignore this strategy.

This is actually one of the easiest strategies you can use, and it also works with other games like video slots and blackjack. It is essentially a means of keeping your ‘session’ budget separate from your ‘winnings’ or vice versa, however, you prefer to look at it.

Here are 2 simple steps to achieving this:

  • Only spend the ‘session budget’ you set during the ‘session time limit’ you set yourself
  • Bank your winnings to keep them separate from your ‘session budget’

Walk Through: If your ‘session budget’ is 1 mBTC, that is the total and final amount you will bet during your ‘session time limit’. If you happen to win 1.5 mBTC during that session, you will bank it without betting it again. You now have a free 1 and a half hours’ worth of session time stashed away for the next time you want to play bingo.

Understand the odds: Buying more cards Vs Increasing your Stake

If you buy 5 cards for 0.001 each and none of those cards turns up with a win, you could double up. That means buying 10 cards. Alternately, you could simply double your bet if the bingo game allows you to change the stake amount. However, in general, doubling your stake will not improve your odds of winning playing online Bingo and you reduce the frequency of hitting that magic jackpot win.

Here is why:

When you double the stakes, the odds of winning with the existing number of cards will not improve. The only change here is that you will either win more crypto when you win or lose more crypto when you lose, which, needless to say, is the same for every casino game you play when you increase your stake. In theory, if your cards do not change, i.e., you do not select ‘new cards’ and keep the same numbers, the probability of those numbers bringing in a win can improve. This is much like the roulette ‘single number’ strategy whereby the player may bet on ‘0’ every round and hope that by the laws of probability the ‘0’ will come in at least 1 in 37 times.

On the contrary, if you double the number of cards you buy, you have more numbers, and as such the higher the chances are of hitting the jackpot win and you improve your long-term win frequency. Assuming that doubling stake comes to the same total bet as doubling the number of cards.

  • On bingo games with a fixed number of cards, you will need to adjust the stake per card
  • On bingo games which allow you to buy multiple cards, you can double the number of cards

Tip: Buying more cards will increase your chances of winning the jackpot payout amount, while also increase your chances of landing multiple lower-paying combinations, so your win frequency improves. On the other hand, increasing your stake will give you bigger wins but they will come less frequently. In the end, you have to weigh up variation versus probability.

Bankroll Management – be in it to win it!

The final strategy to becoming a long-term online bingo player is bankroll management. The idea of this section to cover your long-term bankroll management month-by-month. The concepts used are the same principles you will use for playing any other casino game. Why should bingo be any different? When it comes to bankroll management, people often think it is different from game to game, but it is not. It also applies to Bitcoin slots and table games. Therefore, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you already understand how to manage your bankroll.

We already covered how to break down your session budget, so what about when you make a deposit for the week or month, and you want to ensure that money lasts. All you need to do is follow a similar pattern to the points made in step 1.

  1. Set your budget for the week
  2. Divide the budget by the number of times you want to play per week

OR divide it by the number of hours you want to play through the week

  • Bank your winning long the way and roll them over to the next week

If you bank your winnings and roll them over to the next week, you leave yourself open to a number of options. Either save your money if your winnings cover your next week’s playtime, you can double your bets, or you can buy more cards. Or simply buy yourself something nice because you earned it thanks to your decisive and disciplined bingo strategy implementations.

Monthly: Your monthly budget is easy to figure out. Just divide it by 4 to get the closest weekly budget.

Rounding Up Your Bingo Strategy

Most of the strategies for bingo outlined here are similar to those you would use when playing video slots, roulette, baccarat, or blackjack. You set yourself a budget, divide it into sessions, and stick to it. Banking your winnings rather than adding them to your session budget is a strategy you may have heard reading slots strategy, and that is because this is a common technique used by Vegas slot pros and as bingo is similar in terms of volatility and in unpredictability, this strategy works well.

Adding to this, understanding the game you are playing, or let’s say the variant of bingo you are risking your money on, is an all-important factor to devising a sound bankroll and betting strategy. For the most part, what we have explained here is common sense, but oftentimes we need clarification to quash doubt, and that is exactly why we put together these 5 expert tips to winning playing online bingo.

We hope this helped, and we look forward to giving you the juicy details on some of the mBitcasino bingo game titles through our bingo game reviews right here on the mBitcasino blog!

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