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Provably Fair Gambling

Advantages of Using Provably Fair Gaming in Crypto Casinos


Crypto casinos and provably fair games are now a firm fixture on the iGaming scene. One thing is certain, the world of digital assets is here to stay – round of applause, please! 

If you are already into the crypto scene, then there is no denying it – cryptos have a certain mystique about them that many of us just can’t get enough of. And one of those mystics is the tech within the blockchain ecosystems that helps us enjoy betting crypto casino gaming that much more.

Thanks to the ever-growing number of tech-savvy players moving with the times, newly released crypto casino games will continue to hit the iGaming wires in abundance, and with those games comes provably gaming allowing you to manually check the results of every game. While, for those that want faster transaction times, low fees, and safer transactions with a high degree of anonymity, you got it!

The thrill of spinning the reels or grinding the tables with crypto is immensely fun and away from the norm, while slowly becoming the new norm. Maybe it’s even rebellious for those of you that don’t want to take that boring path to conformity. Conformity in this case is fiat currency gaming with intermediaries, banks, results produced by random number generators and all that boring stuff that takes control away from the people.

That’s why the provably fair algorithm is so special in the world of cryptocurrency gambling. It gives you more control over the results each game gives you by affording you the ability to check the results of every session you play!

Sound interesting? Then read on to find out more!


What are provably fair games?

Just in case you are not already in the know, you may see the term ‘Provably Fair’ attached to several phrases, but just to put your mind at rest, by and large, they all mean the same thing.

Here are just a few examples: 

  • Provably fair gaming
  • Provably fair algorithm
  • Provably fair games
  • Provably fair slots
  • provably fair casino

All these phrases connect to the same system called the ‘Provably Fair Algorithm’, which is only available with cryptocurrency games. It is the system that decides how to deliver 100% random results when you are playing slots, table games and other games of chance.


Here’s how it works!

  1. You open your casino game session and the provably fair algorithm grabs a file from billions of options and immediately encrypts (hashes) this file on the blockchain ecosystem’s ledger
  2. This file contains a list of random results for the game you chose to play
  3. You place bets, and the system pulls the results in order from the list on the encrypted file stored on the ledger
  4. Once you close your session, the file is then unencrypted
  5. Now the file is publicly available on the crypto ecosystem’s ledger 
  6. At this point, you can use software to check the file and compare the outcome of every bet within your session to ensure the results were fair
  7. You are content that the system offered you a transparent way to check your results.

As with all blockchain ecosystems, these files are immutable. It comes with a unique identification number that you will see on your crypto casino account, but in no way does it contain any personal information about you.


What advantages does this style of algorithm offer?

Below is an explanation of how the provably fair slots and table games put the power into the people’s hands through ‘transparency’, ‘trust’, ‘fairness’ and ‘security’. Four components that by design have propelled crypto gaming into the forefront of iGaming!

1. Transparency

With this system, you can verify that the results of each game are truly random and fair by actually seeing the results of each session and comparing them to the file stored on the blockchain’s public ledger. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the games are not rigged or manipulated in any way. This is particularly important if you are playing for real money, as you want to be sure that the casino offers fair games that offer a real chance of winning.

2. Trust

RNGs (Random Number Generators) used with fiat currency casino gaming do not allow you to check the results. With this system, you have to rely on the reputation of the casino and software providers creating the games. If the casino has an iGaming license, then you must rely on the fact that the regulatory body ensures that the RNGs undergo regular testing. As you can imagine, this leaves plenty of room for skepticism.

However, with provably fair gaming, players can verify the fairness of each game for themselves, eliminating the need to trust the casino. This increased trust leads to a better overall experience for players, as they are more likely to continue playing and recommend the casino to others.

3. Fairness

Here’s the crunch point to the provably fair algorithm. How do you know the games are producing the RTP (Return to Player) they advertise? And there’s a simple explanation.

Remember we mentioned the file placed on the blockchain ecosystem’s public ledger decrypts once your session is over but does not contain any personal information. However, it does contain which game and casino it came from. What’s more, this is a ‘public’ file, so it is available to anyone. 

Now, this is a good thing because it means the tens of thousands of iGaming gurus out there that make it a hobby to collect data can collate every result from a single game or casino. They then run these through their software and check the RTPs are consistent. If they find any discrepancies, they will make this publicly known and the casino as well as the game provider will lose their reputations.

In the end, with this transparent system in place, the game providers and casinos have too much to lose by cheating, and they can easily be exposed. In other words – power to the people!

4. Security

Provably fair gaming also provides improved security for players. As the file containing the results is unalterable, there is no way for anyone to manipulate the results or cheat. Moreover, it is stored on a blockchain ecosystem and fully encrypted. Additionally, since the results of each game can be verified, it is much harder for anyone to attempt to manipulate the results. 


The Bottom Line – Provably Fair games are the safest and most reliable way to gamble!

The use of provably fair gaming in crypto casinos offers many advantages for players. The system increases transparency, trust, fairness, and security. It is also a great alternative to RNGs that require you to put your faith in the game developers, casinos as well as regulatory authorities’ goodwill. If you don’t want to take their word for it, then provably fair slots and table games are your best bet.  

For those of you that want to guarantee the games you play offer a real chance of winning and guarantee random results, as well as fair and secure gaming with no chance of manipulation or cheating, you should choose to play at a cryptocurrency casino.

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