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The best progressive jackpot slots at mBitcasino


Searching for the best progressive jackpot slots? You’ve found them! Our Bitcoin casino has a huge selection of progressive jackpot casino slots ready to pay out big style!

Winning crypto dollars can happen to you once you start playing progressive jackpot slots online, but first, we’ve got to cover the basics for those new to slots.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive jackpot slots online are slot games that feature a special prize pay that increases all the time.

Some games have multiple progressive jackpots, often with names like “mini,” “minor,” “major,” and “grand.” The top jackpot in progressive slots games can balloon to a massive size, sometimes reaching 100-900K USDT, and even getting over 1,000,000 USDT!

How progressive jackpot slots work

How progressive jackpot slots work is that a small portion of each wager is diverted into a jackpot fund. As people play a game, the jackpot for that game climbs or “progresses”. That’s where progressive jackpots get their name.

How to win the progressive jackpot slots

A crypto casino will explain how to win the progressive jackpot slots in each game’s info pages. Just click the icon often found in the corner of a game’s window. What are the most common ways to win progressive jackpots? Well, some progressive jackpots are awarded randomly on any spin. Others require players to get the top prize in a bonus round of some kind.

Any casino Bitcoin wager on slots may be eligible for a jackpot win. Below, we’ll talk more about some of our most popular progressive slot games and exactly how to win the big money in each one.

Progressive slot games

Our BTC casino has quite a selection of progressive jackpot slot games. Here are a few of our favorites:

Sherlock and the Mystic Compass

How do you win a progressive jackpot in Sherlock? It’s elementary, my dear player! All you need to do is spin the reels. This is a game that randomly awards jackpots on any given spin. The more you bet however, the greater your chance of landing the big prize.

Sherlock features four progressive jackpots. The top prize is known as the Mega.

Sorry, no clues will unravel this mystery. You’re just going to need a little luck, detectives!

Hearts Desire JP

Hearts Desire JP is another progressive jackpot slot that randomly awards the big money. The prize pool is linked with other games, so it can reach truly eye-popping size over time.

As with Sherlock, a larger bet size increases your chances of winning jackpots, so don’t be shy with your wagers. (A note for high rollers: these increases end at wagers of 15,000 USDT).

Fall in love with this romantic slot and make it an affair to remember.

Sleighin’ It

Online jackpot casino games are often built around holiday themes. Sleighin’ It brings you right to the North Pole at Christmastime for a ho-ho-ho-liday slot session that will have you in the mood for good cheer!

This game’s random progressive jackpot rewards players at random with one of four jackpot types: mini, minor, major, and mega. The top prize was around 77K USDT when we took a gander at it. That could put a lot of presents under the Christmas tree!

Rags to Witches

From Christmas we move on to Halloween. Glowing jack o’ lanterns, spooky trees, and a midnight graveyard will test the courage of players who dare to spin these scary reels. Rags to Witches features four randomly-awarded progressive jackpots, with a chance of winning that increases with bet size.

Cast the spell of luck and spin the witchy wheels, dearies!

Faerie Spells

Four online casino jackpots await players who fall under the magic enchantment of Faerie Spells. This game gets the award for most original jackpot names, too: plenty, luxury, wealth, riches. Those faeries are unique!

To win the jackpot, you’ll first need to get into the free spins round. This requires three faerie queen symbols. It won’t be hard to wait for, thanks to the incredibly relaxing harp and chime musical track that transports you to a realm of wonder and magic.

Once in the free spins round, you’ll need to accumulate symbols for one of the jackpots. Each time you get one, it will explode and fill up the matching potion bottle a little bit more. These explosions also cause symbols to cascade and add up more wins for you. If you fill up a potion bottle, you get that particular jackpot.

Root for purple “Riches” if you want the biggest prize of them all!

Dragon Kings

The perfect game for the Year of the Dragon! This Asian-themed slot features a driving drumbeat and four mystical jackpots: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. To win them, make sure you’re maxing out your bets – the more you bet, the higher your chance of winning the progressive jackpots goes.

How do you win Dragon Kings jackpots? You’ll need the dragon king and the magical pearl to unlock the smallest one. To reach the larger jackpots, you have to land additional dragons, each with different colors. Get four of them (plus the dragon king and the pearl), and you’ve got the Diamond Jackpot won!

It’s a great way to start your own crypto casino dragon hoard.

Reels of Wealth

Reels of Wealth is one of those jackpots casino online games that positively glitters with gold. Shining coins spill out of treasure chests, finely-cut gems catch light in every facet, and stacks of cash promise massive paydays. Four jackpots are available: hero, star, legend, and mega star.

Build up the multiplier meter for some nice wins in the normal game, and watch for the mega star symbol. Get enough of these and you’re off into a free spins bonus round. Here you’ll be collecting jackpot symbols and accumulating them to trigger the related jackpot. Snag enough of them and a huge progressive jackpot could pay thousands of crypto dollars into your mBit account!

Ozwin’s Jackpot

Ozwin has been cursed – turned into an owl – but if his trusty apprentice can find the crystals needed for the restoration ritual, he could have his human form back again.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help hunt down the crystals. Why would you bother? Well, if you can gather enough, you’ll get orbs of power. And if you can get 5 of those, well, you’re getting one of Ozwin’s Jackpots! Novice, apprentice, mystic, wizard, and archmage are all on the table. There’s also the Spellbook Bonus round where you can select tomes and gather even MORE crystals.

Ozwin buddy, we’ll have you back in human form in no time!

Dr. Fortuno

The mysterious online casino Bitcoin slot game known as Dr. Fortuno will take you into a cabinet of curiosities that would frighten some, but ensnare others. What secrets is he hiding, and what riches can be had at his bonus wheel.

There’s only one way to find out!

Get a Dr. Fortuno wild and you’ll receive a spin on the Wheel of Fortuno. There, all you need to do it land on the jackpot spot to have a chance to win the entire progressive jackpot for the game.

Land 3 bonus symbols in the base game and you can also enter a really fun free spins round with special features like no low symbols and wilds. Don’t fear Fortuno – he just might change your life!

Elysian Jackpots

Journey to the Elysian Fields, the eternal home of heroes, demigods, and the virtuous to seek a share of their golden fortune.

Watch for free spins symbols, which not only kick off bonus rounds of spinning and winning, but also give you a shot at one of five jackpots. Collect 5 matching gems and the corresponding jackpot is yours, courtesy of a little luck from the gods of Ancient Greece.

Praise Zeus!

Ready to win jackpots?

Pick one of the slots above and see if luck is on your side! You could be a single spin away from a massive payday!

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