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10 Best Jackpot Games at mBitcasino

by Jack Bannon

Do you want to become a millionaire?

You might be a few clicks away from changing your life!

Jackpot games give you that exceptional edge to trigger that crypto prize you’ve always dreamed of. And we at mBitcasino are going to teach you the best way to win jackpots on crypto slots and show you the best online jackpot games.

But first, let’s erase any doubts or questions your might have:

What Is a Jackpot Slot?

A jackpot slot or game is a casino game that offers you the possibility of hitting prizes containing 6 or 7 digits. There are several types of jackpot games:

8 Types of Jackpot Games

Type Description
Local jackpotsThe jackpot is formed by the bets placed at the particular casino. Only the players registered at the casino can win the prize pool.
Progressive jackpotsThese can turn any player into a millionaire since the bets expand over various networks, and each bet contributes to the big prize.
Network or pooled jackpotsThis jackpot is made by adding each bet on a specific game from multiple casinos. The contributions add up and make up a jaw-dropping prize.
Fixed jackpotsThese are jackpots that are set up by the slots game and aren’t influenced by the bets made by players.
Slots with multiple jackpotsJust like the name suggests, the slot has several bonus games that can trigger multiple jackpots.
Seasonal jackpots (daily/weekly/monthly)These are given by certain casinos and as part of an internal promotion.
Mystery jackpotsMultiple games contribute to the prize, and the casino reps decide the maximum value.
Exclusive jackpotsCasinos offer these to players that are considered VIPs or high rollers.

7 Reasons to Play Jackpot Slots

Wondering if you should give jackpot slots a chance? Here are a few reasons why you should play jackpot slots:

1. It can change your life. The potential to win life-changing rewards is there, so you never know if or when you might become a millionaire.

2. You don’t have to bet beyond your means to trigger a big win. In fact, most slots have starting minimum bets that are very affordable.

3. There’s more than one chance to win. A jackpot slot can offer you extra free spins at a reasonable price so that you have better chances at triggering the big prize!

4. There are different kinds of jackpots that cater to every players’ needs.

5. The games have a wide variety of themes and can provide wonderful gameplay that satisfies the taste of different types of players.

6. The excitement of playing such slots is unmatched, especially when the wins are so big.

7. Bragging rights. Winning such a jackpot will make you steal the spotlight and have an interesting conversation starter at any event.

10 Best Jackpot Slots Online

Fortune Genie

THEME Arabian
RTP 95.0676 %

Now is your chance to trigger a jackpot that rivals the riches in the Arabian Nights!

Follow the Scheherazade to the magical reels that hold together the most precious prizes. The Genie is also present, so make sure you already know what your 3 wishes are.

The cartoonish design of the slot makes the entire gameplay lighhearted and fun. The entire playthrough is done inside what seems a bazaar. The reels are surrounded by cushions and rugs. The soundtrack fits the Arabian theme and it changes the beat once you activate a feature or land a win.

Fortune Genie is the perfect jackpot slot for new players or lowrollers. However, high rollers and experience players can enjoy this slot for its simple yet effective gameplay. The 7 Mojos slot is packed with a wild symbol disguised as the genie lamp, a bonus symbol that triggers the bonus game and flies you with the magic carpet over the desert and select presents. The gamble feature allows you to multiply your wins up to 5x!

Begin your adventure over the dunes and trigger a life-changing jackpot on Fortune Genie!

Golden Vegas

THEME Las Vegas
RTP 94.2898 %

What happens in Vegas, stays in your crypto wallet!

At least at mBitcasino it does. 7 Mojos outdid themselves with this amazing slot! It’s easy to become the star of the show when the number 7 is the wild and substitutes to create new winning combinations. Moreover, the scatter symbol can deliver up to 12 free spins with 4x multiplier. And that’s not all!

There’s a bonus symbol that only appears on the 2nd,3rd and 4th reels to trigger a mini game that will leave you breathless. But the real cherry on top is the Wheel of Fortune!

Land 3 symbols depicting the Wheel of Fortune on the reels and trigger this amazing bonus game. You get to spin the wheel and win a huge reward.

Make sure the mega win is yours on Golden Vegas!

88 Dragons Bounty

MAX PAYOUT 1,215,000 credits

If you love Chinese culture and the whole oriental aesthetic, then you should definitely give 88 Dragons Bounty by Belatra a chance. Not only because it looks amazing and it’s clear the design team put their all into it, but also because of their awesome features.

Start your spinning session on a beautiful reel decorated with the most inspiring artefacts. Land 3 dragons on the reels and you automatically trigger 10 free spins. During this feature, all the symbols that will grace the reels are the ones that pay the most, so you can expect quite the win here!

However, what steals the show is the Jackpot Draw. This bonus game offers 4 jackpots on total: mini, minor, major, and grand. Make sure you have enough jokers on the reels and enjoy the wins!

Last but not least, there are 2 risk games. One where you have to choose the correct color, the other you have to chose the correct suit. Making the right decision, you get to multiply your wins twice and even 4th times!

Trigger the hottest jackpot on 88 Dragons Bounty at mBitcasino today!

New Year Monkey Jackpot

Moneymania Slot Review


THEME Christmas
MAX PAYOUT 25,000 credits

Celebrate the New Years all year round in the tropics!

Crazy monkeys are hanging from palm trees and unusual icicles can be seen as well. But wait, there are some massive jackpots hiding in the reels. Are you prepared to trigger them?

This amazing Belatra jackpot slot has everything you’d want: great graphics, awesome music, an exotic theme and features to match. Land as many monkeys on the reels and you can activate free spins that’ll increase your winning chances! There’s also an additional Jackpot Draw, where you can really cashout one of the biggest wins of your life. Last but not least,the risk game gives you the chance to double or quadruple your wins with a simple guess. Is your intuition right? Are you going to bet on that?

Exotic wins await on Belatra’s New Year Monkey Jackpot video slot at mBitcasino!

500 Juicy Fruits

REELS/ROWS 5X3, 5X4, 5X5
MAX PAYOUT 25,000,000 credits

If you’re a gambler that loves the classical reels with fruits you’d find in land-based casino, then 500 Juicy Fruits by Belatra is the one for you. They went a step further by adding 500 paylines with a twist. Yes! You get to switch the numbers of active paylines!

For example, if you decide to activate all paylines, then the entire reel will be showcased and ready to go. If you want to only activate between 100-250 paylines, then one of the rows will fall and you’ll be able to play on a 5×4 layout. If you want to play only between 10 to 40 active paylines, then you’ll get to enjoy the gameplay on 5×3 reels. So think carefully before you take this decision.

The design is simple and straigforward, players know immediately what their getting in for. Although there aren’t the usual free spisn and wilds, the max win potential of this fruit video slot is 25,000,000 credits!

That’s a fruity win that you should trigger right away in 500 Juicy Fruits!

Pirate Jackpots

THEME Pirate
MAX PAYOUT 25,000,000 credits

Ahoy matey!

Welcome aboard Belatra’s ship of jackpots!

The Pirate Jackpots is an outstanding video slot that offers players max wins of up to 25,000,000 credits. That’s on top the amazing features that you can dive in right away: free spins and cannon jackpots. All of that and more is wrapped in an amazing heart racing adventure that all of us wanted to have at one point or another.

You get to sail treacherous waters and see the most exotic places while winning outstanding prizes. The wild symbol replaces other symbols to create new winning combinations and the free spins can bring you tons of winning opportunities. The bonus games respins until one of the following symbols appears on the reels: Hatch”, “Pistol”, “Cannon” or “Golden Cannon”. They each offer prizes of their own so you better keep an eye on them.

We wish you fair wins and massive jackpots on Pirate Jackpots at mBitcasino!

Christmas Jackpot

THEME Christmas
MAX PAYOUT 500,000 credits

Ho ho ho! Merry jackpots everyone!

Keep the spirit of Christmas all year by playing Belatra’s festive Christmas jackpot slot – Christmas Jackpot! Innocent children giddily watch the spinning reels as you spin them along and await for your prize. The music is just what you’d expect from a happy caroling time of the year and fits perfectly with the mood of the game.

All seems cute and calm in the beginning, until you hit the exciting Jackpot Bonus! Fill all the reels with one symbols and watch the feature unfold in front of your eyes. You’ll get a random multiplier from 1 to 20 multiplied to your Jackpot win

Want to double or quadruple your win? When you’re feeling this lucky, you should try out your guessing charm by playing the risk game. Guess the color for a doubled win or choose the correct suite for 4 times your win. May good luck shine upon you!

Make your day unforgettable with Christmas Jackpot at mBitcasino!

20 Super Stars

THEME Fruits
PAYLINES 1024 ways to win
MAX PAYOUT 1,500,000 credits

Fruit classics are always the players’ favorite, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t come with a twist. Belatra brought several twists to the classic fruit slot and turned it into 20 Super Stars!

What can you expect from this jackpot slot?

A max payout of 1,500,000 credits, cascade reels, start multip[liers from 9 to 19,  wilds, bonus with 4-level jackpot, and risk games. Let’s begin with the wild, which can substitute for any of the symbols present in the game.

The 4 level jackpot bonus can offer you a 4 types of prizes depending on how many active stars you have around the reels. If you hit 12 stars, you’ll get a corresponding prize for that. Of course, the more stars you have, the bigger the jackpot, so make sure you score big! Also, if you there are a number of stars that don’t match the jackpots, you’ll get a prize equal to the current bet multiplied by the number of stars! And that’s on top of your main win.

So if you want to play a slot with cascading reels and endless opportunities to win, this is your time to shine. Play 20 Super Stars at mBitcasino now and win the biggest jackpot of your life!

Piggy Bank Scratch

THEME Bank robbery

Scratch 3 jackpot winner pictures and win the 10,000,000 credits jackpot!

This scratch game from Belatra is about a bank robbery but the only thing it will be able to steal is your heart. Similar to an instant lottery but resemblind the famous Piggy Bank slot from Belatra, one thing will surely be stolen- your heart.

This lottery game is as straightforward as it looks, but don’t worry, it holds a lot of fun an exciting wins. If you’ve never played one before, let us show you how to begin. First you have to buy tickets. You can buy anywhere from 1 to 50 tickets. Once you’ve made your choice, you can begin buy playing the game.

Apart from the jackpot winner picture, there are other bonuses and wins you can trigger. For example, scratching 3 pictures with the same amount awards you a win. 3 Piggy Banks activates a bonus that lets up rob the bank in stages. You’ll also get to smash the hammer and win some crazy prizes!

If you’re lucky enough, you could even trigger the “Wheel of Fortune” Jackpot. But before we spoil all the fun, we think it’s time you play Piggy Bank Scratch for yourself and trigger some amazing wins!

Icy Fruits

THEME Fruits
MAX PAYOUT 25,000,000 credits

These icy fruits are on fire! Let them melt away and reveal incredible jackpots!

Are you up for it?

Belatra made the classic fruit slot cool again by adding ice and fire. Topping it off with a max win of 25,000,000 credits and you’re close enough to calling yourself a millionaire!

The cherries on top offer rewards wherever they land on the reels and the risk games are top notched. Although it’s a simple gameplay, that doesn’t mean you can’t trigger a jackpot out of your wildest dreams.

Start melting these fruits on Icy Fruits and trigger a delicious jackpot!

Who Can Play Jackpot Slots?

Wondering if you’re eligible to become filthy rich playing a jackpot game?

Well, If you’re over 18, you can play online jackpot slots. However, if you want to hit the grand prize, then you must always wager real money.

You can try out demo mode versions of the slots before you give it a go, but if you win a jackpot during the free mode, you won’t receive real money. In other words, make sure you activate the crypto you want to win in and wager real crypto on it to trigger the biggest jackpots!

How to Win at Jackpot Slots?

Although there are plenty of myths circulating, there’s no way you can hack the system or rig the games. Jackpot slots online use RNG (Random Number Generator) technology, making it impossible for players or mathematician geniuses to ‘crack the code’ and win big.

With that said, you now know that the odds of winning jackpot slots are similar to those of winning the lottery.

However, that shouldn’t put you down since there are plenty of people that win lotteries.

Moreover, there are many betting strategies and tips that you can use to minimize your chances of loss and therefore increase your odds. Check them out:

7 Ways to Improve Your Odds On Jackpot Games

Lady Luck may be the decider of your destiny, but that doesn’t mean, however that there aren’t certain tips that can help you make some order out of this chaos. We’ve gathered a few strategies that can help you one day achieve your goals. Check them out:

  1. Choose slots with the payouts you’d like to hit.
  2. Read slots reviews and the info page in slots.
  3. Play the game in free mode to better understand how it works.
  4. Sign up with a casino that has bonuses and offers promotions.
  5. Make the maximum bet if you want the maximum jackpot.
  6. Have a separate jackpot budget.
  7. Play every day for a little while than hours at a time.

Respecting these rules can help you protect your crypto budget and even hit some interesting wins or even the big jackpot!

7 Tips to Choose a Jackpot Casino

Ever wondered how you can choose a jackpot casino?

Before playing at a casino, you must make sure that it checks the following features:

  • Offers a generous welcome package
  • Provides bonuses and promotions
  • It has a big game selection
  • Offers VIP perks
  • Has a big list of game providers
  • It’s secure and licensed
  • Has various payments methods

7 Alternatives to Jackpot Slots

If you want to hit the jackpot but don’t want to play slots, we’ve got your back. There are plenty of other jackpot games you can enjoy and win at mBitcasino:


If you want to win real money wins fast, then blackjack is the best solution for you. They usually have the highest RTPs in any casino setting and offer some incredibly high jackpots in online crypto casinos. Examples of blackjack table games you could enjoy at mBitcasino are European Blackjack and Pontoon.

Read more about blackjack strategies and tips.

Video Poker

If you want a close cousin of jackpot slots, then video poker is for you. They usually have high RTPs and are a lot of fun to play. And you might have even bigger chances of scoring that life-changing win!

You can take Jacks or Better for a try at mBitcasino for free or with crypto at mBitcasino right now.

European Roulette

Want better odds? Look no further than the European Roullete. In comparison to the American Roulette, it has a lower house edge and an average RTP of 97.3%. Are you ready to spin the wheels?

Read about 7 Best European Roulette Strategies that Improve Your Odds


This casino game is popular amongst players because it’s known to offer the best odds. You can enjoy a few rounds of craps at mBitcasino for free, or why not; take it to the next level with crypto!


You simply must try this lottery game!

It’s easy to play, and the prizes are instant.

If you’ve never played one, read Play Super Keno at mBitcasino.

What are the best keno strategies?


This is one of the oldest casino games in the world. But just because it’s old, that doesn’t mean it can’t score some jaw-dropping rewards. Play different bingo variants at mBitcasino and enjoy massive wins:

Just A Bingo

88 Bingo 88

Bingo Soccer

Extra Bingo

5 Expert Tips to Winning Playing Online Bingo

Jackpot Slots FAQs

What are jackpot slots?

They are high-paying slots that offer payouts in the 6-figure range.

 Where can you find the best jackpot slots?

You can find them at mBitcasino! Sign up for free and begin playing for free or with crypto.

Do you need a high stake to hit the jackpot at an online casino?

It is recommended to bet high in order to trigger a huge jackpot, but there have been cases where players won betting a tiny amount.

Can I play jackpot slots for free?

Yes, you can enjoy jackpot slots for free in demo mode at mBitcasino. However, keep in mind that if you hit a jackpot during the free mode, you won’t actually win a real money prize.

Can I play jackpot slots with crypto?

Yes, at mBitcasino, you can play jackpot slots with cryptoccurency.

Can I play jackpot slots on mobile?

Yes, at mBitcasino, you can enjoy all the available slots on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Are jackpot slots fair?

Yes, all jackpot slots at mBitcasino have random number generators (RNGs), ensuring the fairness of the gameplay.

Where Can You Play the Best Jackpot Slots?

You can enjoy the best jackpot slots at mBitcasino!

Whether for free in demo mode or with crypto, mBitcasino offers players all over the world the chance to become a millionaire.

If you’re a high roller, give our VIP team a message, and we’ll surely start to cater to your needs.

Are you a newbie or maybe a player with a smaller budget?

We’ve got you covered with daily deals, exclusive tournaments, and amazing promotions!

Sign up today for free and enjoy the best jackpots slots online at mBitcasino.

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