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Master the 212 Blackjack Strategy! (Manhattan Strategy)

by Faye Walker

Blackjack is world-famous and one of the easiest casino games to learn, and it comes with an army of betting systems such as the trendy 212 Blackjack Strategy!

In the world of Blackjack the ‘212 Betting System’ is also known as the ‘Manhattan Strategy’, and it is arguably the most popular blackjack system out there. Although you may argue that ‘Basic Strategy’ is the most popular, and you would be absolutly correct to say so, yet there is a subtle difference between the two that keeps them apart.

The key difference here is that basic strategy is a mathematical system that helps you make optimal decisions based on dealer and player cards, while the 212 blackjack strategy is purely a betting system based on the number of chips you bet.

Albeit you will need to implement basic strategy alongside the 212 betting strategy to maximise your success on the blackjack tables.

In this guide, we walk you through the ins and outs of the coveted 212 betting system, so eventually you can take it to the blackjack tables and test it out for yourself:

Once you finish reading, this strategy is good to go on any blackjack table regardless of the rules. Feel free to use it in land-based casinos or on one of the many mBitcasino blackjack tables.

How can the 212 Blackjack Strategy Help Improve Your Game?

  • It rewards you if you happen to go on a hot streak.
  • It can protect your bankroll from substantial losses.
  • It can protect your winnings while allowing you bet bet more.

How Does The 212 Blackjack System Work?

If you are a roulette or baccarat player, then betting systems are likely nothing new. The d’Alembert system is one of the most well-known roulette strategies and the 212 blackjack strategy is by and large based on Roulette’s famous d’Alembert system.

In the d’Alembert system you will increase your bet after every win, and return to original bet aftser a loss. The 212 blackjack staking system is very similar except it requires you to reduce your bet after your first win. It is at this point you then begin to increase bets after each subsequent win before returning to your original bet after a loss.

It can get confusing how to begin the sequence but once you play this system a few time, it will become second nature.

The 212 Blackjack Strategy Sequence

(a) When you begin, select a minimum stake amount

(b) Start by betting double the minimum stake

(c) If you lose in the beginning, keep the same stake

(d) After you win for the first time, reduce your bet

(e) If you lose at this point, keep the same bet until you win

(e) After every subsequent win, increase your stake by 1 unit without fail

(e) You will continue to increase your stake by unit until eventually, you lose

(f) When you lose, you will return to your original minimum bet amount

(g) Repeat the sequence starting at point (b)

The 212 Blackjack Betting System Step-by-Step 10 Hand Action

Below we have an example of a few hands playing blackjack using mBTC, and we selected a minimum bet amount of 1 mBTC. We are not keeping track of our profit loss in this example as we want to focus on the betting system itself.

Hand 1: We ‘LOSE’ our 1st hand, & use the ‘same bet’  (2 units) of 2 mBTC

Hand 2: We ‘LOSE’ our 2nd hand & use the ‘same bet’  (2 units) of 2 mBTC

Hand 3: We ‘WIN’ our 3rd hand, & so we ‘reduce’ our bet (1 Unit) to 1 mBTC

Hand 4: We ‘WIN’ our 4th hand, & so we ‘increase’ our bet (1 Unit) to 2 mBTC

Hand 5: We ‘WIN’ our 5th hand, & so we ‘increase’ our bet (1 Unit) to 3 mBTC

Hand 6: We ‘WIN’ our 6th hand, & so we ‘increase’ our bet (1 Unit) to 5 mBTC

Hand 7: We ‘LOSE’ our 7th hand, & ‘reset the sequence’ to (2 Units) 2 mBTC

Note: Now the sequence resets and we play exactly the same way as we did in hand 1. If we win the next hand we reduce our bet (1 Unit), and if we lose we stick to the (2 unit) bet waiting until we win

Hand 8: We ‘WIN’ our 8th hand, & so we ‘reduce’ our bet (1 Unit) to 1 mBTC

Hand 9: We ‘WIN’ our 9th hand, & so we ‘increase’ our bet (1 unit) to 2 mBTC

Hand 10: We ‘LOSE’ our 10th hand , & ‘remain’ at (2 units) 2 mBTC

Note: We remain at 2 units in hand 10 because the sequence starts again since we were increasing our bets after winning

Advantages of the 212 Betting Strategy

  • Profits are protected when you win
  • The betting system restarts after a loss
  • Incremental increases keep bet sizing in check
  • Win streaks are rewarded with bet increases
  • Great system for all variants of blackjack

Disadvantages of the 212 Betting Strategy

  • There is no guarantee you will make a profit
  • Continuous increments result in losing larger bets
  • Hot streak bet increments are continuous
  • Difficult to recover from initial losing streaks

Overview of Today’s Blackjack Betting Systems

Due to Blackjack’s immense popularity, there has been no shortage of mathematicians, theorists, and players studying the inner workings of the game. As such, the 212 Blackjack Strategy is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other popular blackjack systems you may have heard of include basic strategy, flat-betting, positive-progression, and negative-progression.

However, the two blackjack betting strategies that stand out the most are ‘basic strategy’, which all blackjack players should learn regardless of the betting system in play, and the ‘212 blackjack strategy’ also seen as the 2-1-2 blackjack strategy.

Now you are probably wondering why ‘card counting’ is not included in our overview of blackjack betting systems.

Today card counting is somewhat redundant, and unless you can find a blackjack table where the dealer does not shuffle the shoe regularly, then it is impossible to card count. Most pit bosses will spot card counters and order the dealer to shuffle, and this applies to both land-based casinos as well as online BTC casinos with live dealer blackjack tables.

Card counting is also redundant when playing RNG or Provably Fair casino games because RNGs continuously shuffle the cards and Provably Fair games use a different deck for every hand.

Finally, if you want to try out the 212 blackjack system for free before you start betting crypto or real money, then head over to a virtual blackjack table where you can play for free using the demo modes.

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