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Master The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

Master the Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy


The thrills of roulette have been enjoyed by players for centuries, and throughout that time, many players have looked for methods and strategies to help them beat the game at a crypto casino.

As with any casino game, the odds are stacked against the player, but this has not stopped the masses from coming up with new and improved roulette strategies. The infamous Martingale Strategy has long been the most popular, but the main flaw is that it can lead to big losses if the max bet ceiling is hit.

Otherwise known as the Paroli, the reverse martingale roulette strategy ensures that when you lose, you only lose a small amount. On the flip side, if luck is on your side, you could walk away with huge profits. To walk away with a profit, this strategy relies on you landing winning streaks, something that you take advantage of by continuing to double your wager.

If you are on the lookout for a good roulette strategy and want to learn more about the reverse martingale, you are in the right place.

Inside Bets’ Vs ‘Outside Bets

Now before we begin, the first point we need to clearly make here is that both these strategies use ‘Outside Bets’ and only the ‘Even Odds’ options. For the benefit of newbies to roulette, here is a quick crash course on the different bets.

Inside bets: All the numbers inside the roulette betting board. These are the straight bets, split, street, and corner bets directly on the numbers.

Outside bets: All the betting option on the outside of the roulette betting board are outside bets. This includes column and dozen 2-1 bets and the even odds bets.

The outside bets used by the the Reverse Martingale Strategy are the ‘even odds’ betting opportunities which then means you have 3 options…

  • Black or Red
  • High or Low
  • Even or Odd

Martingale vs Reverse Martingale

When we compare the original ‘Martingale’ strategy with the ‘Reverse Martingale’ strategy, the first thing you will notice is that one uses probability to recoup losses, and the other relies on eventually hitting a winning streak. The question is, which is better?

Well, the Martingale roulette strategy has always been popular, but as you will read, there are certain flaws. The most common of all is that if you hit run of losses, i.e. a losing streak, you could end up reaching the table’s max bet limit for ‘outside’ bets. This is because the Martingale system requires you to double your bet each time you lose.

Imagine a table with a min bet of 1 mBTC and a max bet of 100 mBTC. Your betting sequence would be; 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64. After 7 losses, you cannot double the 64 mBTC because this would go over the table limit. Although this sequence of losses seems unlikely, you would be surprised how often it happens.

The Reverse Martingale strategy came into play because of the dreaded ‘max bet’ ceiling disadvantage that comes with its parent strategy.  The new version of the Martingale Strategy is now very popular, and while you need to get used to losing multiple coups before you see a return, all you need is a lone lucky run of wins to make it all worth it.

The Reverse Martingale

As the name suggests, the reverse martingale utilises the opposite strategy. Instead of doubling your wager after each loss, you do it after each win. This might sound a risky strategy and it is but nowhere near as risky as you might imagine. Yes, you will require some luck to hit your pre-defined streak of wins, but when you do, the profits can be huge.

Some strategists and players believe that doubling your money after each win exposes you. However, the double bet simply means leaving your winnings on the table with only the original bet being your own money. Essentially, if you wagered $10 on your first bet, that is all you are risking each time you double your winning bet.

The only disadvantages to this betting strategy is that you are relying on a winning streak happening at some point – and this might not happen at all. Secondly, you need to understand when to take the money and walk away. It takes just one losing spin to wipe out any of your profits. Experienced roulette players will set a certain number of consecutive winning spins before resetting back to the minimum bet or walking away.

Finally, the probability of winning on a spin decreases with each consecutive win. So players hoping to win long streaks might experience disappointment more often than those happy to enjoy modest streaks.

  • Does not require the same large bankroll as the martingale.
  • Wins can be big.
  • You mostly risk money earned from previous wins.

Basic Steps of the Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

While some roulette strategies can confuse and are difficult to put into practice, this is not the case with the reverse martingale. All you are doing is doubling your chosen ‘evens’ bet after every win until you win a certain number of spins in a row.

  1. Select a base bet amount (usually the lowest bet allowed at the table). For this example, we will go with $10.
  2. Choose your preferred ‘evens’ bet. Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36.
  3. Place $10 and await the result.
  4. Win? Then place $20 on another ‘evens’ bet. Lose? Start again with another $10 bet.
  5. If you continue to win, you continue to double your bet. This is until you reach a predetermined number of consecutive wins.
  6. Should you reach your desired run of wins, you reset back to your minimum bet or walk away.

Tips When Using the Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

The reverse martingale is one of the easier roulette strategies to understand and put into practice but there are some tips you should take heed of.

Do not expect to win during every session. This strategy requires some luck and ensures that losses are small, with the chance of bringing home a good win.

Always look for the tables with the lowest minimum bet. Unless you are a high roller with deep pockets, of course.

Set yourself a win streak that is achievable within your budget. Do not get too greedy and expect to win 10 spins in a row. The lower you set this limit, the less you will win, but the better chance you have of winning.

Never stray from your pre-defined target of wins. If you hit a target of, say 5 wins, do not go for a sixth.

Only use this strategy on ‘evens’ bets. It can work on other types of bets, but ‘evens’ bets offer the best chance of being successful.

A Word of Warning

While any roulette strategy can be successful in the right hands at the right time, we never fully endorse using them. You use strategies at your own risk as the house edge always ensures that the casino has the advantage no matter which strategy you use.

The reverse martingale is great when it comes off but can frustrate when it doesn’t. While you may only lose your original bet each time, these can build up quickly should the luck be against you. Our advice is to walk away once you have enjoyed a big win, as the odds and the house edge will ensure that eventually, the casino will prevail.

This strategy is still one of the best because of its simplicity, the length of time it allows you to play, and the potential you have to win some big payouts. Other strategies can carry more risk, require larger bankrolls, are complicated, and may not give you the chance of winning impressive sums of money.

Practise the Reverse Martingale Strategy at mBitcasino With Crypto!

mBitcasino is a mecca for online and bitcoin live dealer roulette tables, and the great thing about practicing this roulette strategy is that you can play on any table regardless of the wheel style. That said, tables with a single zero will give you slightly higher odds of winning you outside bets.

  • European/French Roulette Even Odds Outside Bets: 48.60%
  • American/US Roulette Even Odds Outside Bets:  47.4%

You can find over 80 roulette tables at mBit Casino that are mix between these styles of roulette. However, if you are like most roulette players, and you are serious about testing the Reverse Martingale strategy, you should play games with a single ‘0’.

And our most highly recommended roulette game for this strategy game is ‘Instant Roulette‘. On this table there are 12 auto roulette wheels. As soon as you place your bets, just hit ‘Spin’ and the next wheel to stop will be the result of your bet. With 12 roulette wheels spinning, you can churn out results faster than any other live roulette table online today!

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