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Top 5 Slots with Highest RTP


Slots with Highest RTP

Searching for the highest payout online slots? Look no further. You have reached mBit’s list of the Bitcoin slot games with the most favorable odds. These are the highest RTP slots we offer. But first, we need to get something basic out of the way…

What does RTP mean? 

What is RTP on slot machine? It stands for “Return To Player.” Bitcoin casino games usually list it as a percentage. For most games, this is in the high 90s. For some, however, it dips below 95% (this is considered a low RTP).

What are the highest RTP slots telling us with this number? It represents the expected percent of a wager that will be returned to the player. For example, a 97% RTP game at a Bitcoin casino will give back about .97 for every dollar wagered.

Like any odds calculation, RTP takes a long time to show itself. The longer your session, the closer you will come to the expected return. Even at the slots with highest RTP, this is true.

It might be easier to understand with coin flips.

While you can have a string of 4 heads in a row, if you flip a coin 100 times, you will get closer to 50/50 outcomes between heads and tails. Increase to 1,000 and it’s even more certain.

Makes sense, right?

So, what are the highest RTP casino slot machines? Let’s showcase some games!

Best online slots with highest RTP

Which slots have the highest RTP? Well, the casino slots with highest RTP come from a variety of genres. The five games below each offer quite a nice rate of return that gives you the best shot at a profitable session. You don’t have to stick to the highest RTP online slots, but those players who focus on the best online slots with highest RTP rates are going to get the strongest long-term results.

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot 

The Good Girl Bad Girl Slot is one of the most promising casino Bitcoin-winning opportunities in all of mBit’s slot rooms. It boasts an incredible 97.79% RTP! Thanks, Betsoft.

Aside from that, this is an incredibly creative game. On the left side is an angel, and you can enable “Good Girl” mode for lower risk gameplay with more frequent wins. On the right side is a red devil succubus, and you can also play her mode. The wins aren’t as frequent, but they’re bigger. There’s also the option to play both modes at once for a double wager per payline.

You’ve got to try this one out to see it in action!

Gypsy Rose Slot 

The Gypsy Rose Slot is another Bitcoin slot machine that treats players quite well. Thanks to a 97.63% RTP, this is poised to become one of the most popular games in mBit’s entire BTC casino. And with a hit rate of 30.46%, you can expect to see some form of win in about a third of your spins.

The crystal ball can unlock one of FOUR different bonuses. If you love variety, this game will keep you on your toes. There’s Love Potion Free Spins, Crow Wild and Respin, Magic Book Instant Win, and Tarot Card Bonus Round (our favorite). See if luck is really on your side and pick 7 cards. See what kind of matches you can put together, and what kind of prizes you can win!

Sugar Pop Slot

Meet the love child of Candy Crush and cascading wins slot games: the Sugar Pop Slot! With a super sweet 97.6% RTP, this online casino bitcoin favorite is fun to play and offers pretty nice odds for the player.

After each win, candies explode and make room for more. As you rack up wins across the board, you fill up the blue bottle on the right side of the screen. When full, you’ll level up and new symbols will be added to the game.

This one is addictive as a bag full of tasty candies!

Triple Dragons Slot

The Triple Dragons Slot is in the category of the highest RTP online slots in our crypto casino. Slot games with RTP can sometimes be hard to learn more about, and this is one of those times. There’s a tiny little “i” to click at the bottom right of the screen, but you won’t see an RTP listing there. For this game, you need to head to the developer’s website to find out that the Triple Dragons Slot game returns about 96.51% to its players. Not too shabby, and definitely worth some plays in the Year of the Dragon (2024) or for anyone born in a Dragon Year.

It’s a very simple Asian-themed slot with a single horizontal payline. If you love the classic feel of old-school slots with an Asian twist, this is the game for you.

Gemhalla Slot 

The Gemhalla slot game is one of our Viking-themed Bitcoin slots. It will take you to the glorious land of heroes thanks to its 97.17% RTP rate. Thor, God of Lightning stands by with his mighty hammer, Mjolnir to zap you into bigger and better wins.

You won’t have to wait around for prizes. The Gemhalla slot game features a helpful Bonus Buy feature that lets you kick off a bonus round whenever you want. While the free spins whirl around, runes of power drop in and explode, sending more and more crypto to your account.

It’s modern meets ancient!

Understanding RTP & Volatility

The difference between RTP and volatility of a slot game (or variance) is easy to understand. While RTP refers to the return percentage you’re getting in the long run, volatility is about frequency of wins. Games with small, frequent wins are low volatility crypto slots. Games with larger, less frequent wins are said to have high volatility.

The return is what it is, whether volatility is low or high. But if you like seeing wins, go with low variance games. If you want to see bigger numbers, go for high variance.

How do you find the RTP on a slot machine? 

Ever wondered “where is the RTP on a slot machine?” Crypto slots casino games sometimes make it hard to find out. Often, you can find this information in a game’s own menus. Just click into the info section by tapping a settings gear icon, an “i” in a circle, or a “hamburger” icon with three horizontal bars. Scroll through the details until you see the RTP.

If you can’t find what you need in the Bitcoin casino slots games own menus, give Google a shot. Many sites have a slot machine RTP calculator that offers helpful info. A game’s developer is another great source of reliable facts about a game (often more credible than a third-party site).

Time to spin and win!

mBit’s BTC slots are ready with some of the highest RTPs anywhere online. Give them a spin today!

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