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The Crypto Dice Strategy You Should Know About!


Bitcoin dice games are all the rage because of their fast-paced gameplay and (mostly) simplicity of their rules. They provide quick entertainment and the chance to win lucrative payouts. The aim of any roll of the dice in a crypto dice game is to place your wager and roll in the dice value, which means you win.

However, predicting the right outcome every time you participate in Bitcoin dice gambling is practically impossible. This is because all crypto dice games are games of chance. You might enjoy a run of luck, a run of bad luck, or win some and lose some. Fortunately, you can use a Bitcoin Dice Strategy to improve your chances of success. Read on to find out more!


What are Bitcoin Dice Games?

We have done a full Bitcoin Dice Games post already, so we will not go into too much detail here. However, there are many top Bitcoin dice games you can play at crypto casinos, and the common denominator with each, is they all involve dice. The most common names many of you will be aware of include Craps and Sic Bo, but you will find dozens of other games that utilise gambling’s oldest gambling tool. 

To find some of the best crypto dice games to play here at mBitcasino, you just go into the ‘Dice’ category in our game’s lobby. There, you will find a variety of dice games, such as:

  • Lightning Dice
  • Sic Bo
  • Craps
  • Football Studio Dice
  • Rocket Dice XY
  • Bitty’s Dice

We particularly suggest you check out the last Bitcoin Dice Game on that list, as it contains our Mr.Bitty himself. Exclusive developed for mBitcasino by BGaming, Bitty’s Dice offers an amazing 99% RTP and a top payout of 35.3x your bet!


How to Win at Bitcoin Dice

All Bitcoin Dice Games offer fair results, which you can prove via the Provably Fair algorithm, but that means you’re at the beck and call of randomness or chance. No crypto dice strategy will guarantee you win all the time. However, the right strategies can improve your chances of winning, or at least maximise winning streaks and minimise losses. 

Now, as there are different crypto dice games, as mentioned above, it is not always easy to implement the strategies. To use a Bitcoin dice game strategy effectively, you need to find one that allows you to place an even money bet, or at least one that is as close to an even money bet as possible.

Check out these popular strategies to see if there is a Bitcoin dice strategy that appeals to you:

  • Martingale Bitcoin Dice Strategy: If you have played other crypto casino games, such as Roulette or Baccarat, you might have heard of this strategy. The good news is you can apply this Martingale strategy to the top Bitcoin dice games. It is very simple too, as this strategy requires you to double your stake every time you lose. You continue to do this until you win, at which point you return to your original wager. As you can see, the idea is to eventually recoup your losses from a losing streak.
  • D’Alembert Crypto Dice Strategy: On the flip side, you can use the D’Alembert strategy, which requires you to double your stake after each win and rest back to your normal stake when you lose. This is a great Bitcoin dice strategy for anyone that wants to maximise their winnings when winning streaks come along. 
  • Paroli Dice Strategy Bitcoin: The Paroli strategy is similar to the D’Alembert, but is a safer option if you do not like increasing your bets too much after a series of wins. You double after each win in a streak for three times in a row. Then you reset back and start again. As you can imagine, doubling four times in a row will lead to a big bet you might lose. 

Many players often mix up the above strategies to get the best of all worlds. For instance, you could play the martingale strategy for a few hands before switching to the D’Alembert. This is also an idea if one particular crypto dice strategy is not working out for you.


Other Quick Bitcoin Dice Game Strategy Tips

Aside from the best Bitcoin dice strategies mentioned above, there are some general tips we advise you to follow whenever playing crypto games online. 

  • Practice for Free: Instead of risking your real money when trying out these crypto dice strategies, you can play many of these games via demo versions. This lets you practice without running the risk of losing your real money.
  • Employ Bankroll Management: When playing any game and not just dice, you should employ a solid bankroll management strategy. This means sticking to a predetermined bet on each spin to ensure your bankroll stretches out further. This is instead of risking everything in just a few spins. Doing so will give you a better chance of recovering from losing streaks. 
  • Don’t Chase Losses: There is a chance you will run into losing streaks in any game you play. It is important to stay calm and stick to your strategy. If you use up your bankroll, just quit and come back when you have other money spare that you can use. Never chase losses with money you need for bills, rent, or other important expenses. 


Use Your Crypto Dice Strategy Here at mBitcasino!

Now that you are armed with some good Bitcoin dice strategies, where better to test them out than on the crypto dice games here at mBicasino? You will find all the best Bitcoin Dice games waiting for you in our casino lobby. You can deposit and play each of these titles using the BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOG, USDT, and XRP cryptocurrencies and even benefit from a 3-part welcome bonus worth up to 4 BTC and 300 free spins!

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