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The Best Bitcoin Lightning Dice Strategies

by Jack Bannon

When you think of casino games that use dice, you’ll probably know all about Craps and Sic Bo. However, a game that is arguably better thanks to offering random multipliers of up to 1,000x is Evolution’s Lightning Dice live casino gameshow. This epic title offers simplistic gameplay, and high-quality production, and is available to play here at mBitcasino! On top of that, we’re going to offer you more than one bitcoin Lightning Dice strategy that could really improve your gameplay and odds.

Like all other casino games, the best way to beat the odds is to use a strategy, one that can result in you turning from zero to hero in your Lightning Dice sessions!

In this article, you will learn about Lightning Dice, the best strategies you can use when playing, and ultimately give you a better understanding of how to play this game the right way. Don’t forget that you can play Evolution’s Lightning Dice here at mBitcasino using your BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, USDT, XRP, or LTC cryptocurrencies!

How to Play Evolution’s Lightning Dice?

Aside from the beautiful custom-designed studio, HD streams, huge random multipliers, and eccentric live hosts, one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Lightning Dice is its simplicity. Essentially, all you’re doing is betting on the total sum of three dice. So, landing a 2, 6, and 1 would be a total sum of 9. However, different sums offer different payouts, all of which could get increased by those random multipliers!

The simple steps to play Evolution’s Lightning Dice are:

  1. Place your wagers on the dice sum(s) you think might land.
  2. Wait for the multipliers of up to 1,000x to apply to random sums.
  3. Watch as the three dice fall through the innovative dice throwing machine.
  4. Await the result!

Now, as mentioned previously, the payouts and multipliers differ depending on the sum. This is because some players have a high probability of landing because of more possible dice contributions that can create them. For instance, the 1 & 18 can only land if the three dice are 1 – 1 – 1 or 6 – 6 – 6, respectively. For that reason, they have a standard top multiplier of 150x. Additionally, those are the only two sums that the 1,000x random multiplier can apply.

Lightning Dice Table

The table below explains the different sums you can wager on, the number of combinations that can create them, the standard multiplier up to the potential top random multiplier, and the probability of that sum landing. 

Total SumPossible Dice CombinationsMultiplier RangeProbability
31150x – 1,000x0.463%
4350x – 500x1.389%
5625x – 250x2.778%
61015x – 100x4.630%
71510x – 100x6.944%
8217x – 50x9.772%
9256x – 50x11.574%
10275x – 50x12.500%
11275x – 50x12.500%
12256x – 50x11.574%
13217x – 50x9.722%
141510x – 100x6.944%
151015x – 100x4.630%
16625x – 250x2.778%
17350x – 500x1.389%
181150x – 1000x0.463%

What is the Best Strategy to Win on Bitcoin Lightning Dice?

Whenever you play any online casino game, a good strategy can be the difference between winning and losing. We have listed a few strategies that you can use, but none will guarantee success. If you want longevity and the best chance of walking away in profit, we suggest the first one. However, if you’re after mind-blowing wins and have a deeper bankroll, go for the last one.

The Safe and Sensible Strategy

When you look at the table above, you can see which total sums payout more regularly. By betting on 9, 10, 11, and 12 each time, you should bring in regular wins. The payouts are low compared to others, but by making those 4 bets each turn, you should keep your bankroll ticking over. Then, when those sums have a random multiplier attached, is the time when your wins can increase. You might not get amazing wins, but this is the best strategy over the long term.

The Cover All Your Bases Strategy

Bitcoin Lightning Dice is one live casino title that lets you place all bets possible. By doing this, you will win every turn. You will also win whatever random multipliers that apply to any of the total sums. The problem with this strategy is that on most turns, you might not win enough to cover the stakes you wagered. It really depends on those random multipliers and how much they are worth.

The Go Big or Go Home Strategy

If you’re the type of person that likes enjoying big wins, this strategy might be up your street. Simply bet on the 1 and 18 sums every turn. Wins will come rarely, but when they do, you will win at least 150x and up to the highest random multiplier of 1,000x. This is not the best strategy if you want regular wins – so will require patience.

Lightning Dice FAQ

Can I Play Lightning Dice with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can play Evolution’s Lightning Dice live casino game using Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, including BCH, ETH, DOGE, USDT, LTC, and XRP here at mBitcasino.

What is the Best Lightning Dice Strategy?

It depends. In terms of long term winning chances, we suggest the safe and sensible strategy above.

Can you Play Lightning Dice for Free?

Unfortunately not. Evolution does not offer free demo versions of its games. You can, however, sit and watch other players play as long as you have an account here at mBitcasino. You do not need a funded account, just an account.

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