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What is a Crypto Casino?


What is a crypto casino? Well, a cryptocurrency casino is a lot like a standard online casino, except for the type of money players use. While a traditional online casino uses government-issued money (aka “fiat” currency, like dollars or euros) casino cryptocurrency players use Bitcoin or a similar digital coin.

How do crypto casinos work?

Crypto casinos work just like a normal casino. The big difference is in the source of player funds. A traditional online casino offers players the chance to fund their balances from bank accounts or credit cards. What is a Bitcoin casino? A gambling platform that allows players to fund their accounts from digital wallets using crypto.

How do players fund accounts?

  1. A player opens a digital wallet using a platform like Jiggle. This will hold cryptocurrency like a physical wallet holds paper money.
  2. The player then uses fiat money (e.g. dollars) to purchase crypto coins and add them to his/her digital wallet.
  3. The player then logs in to their account at their casino of choice and clicks through to the deposit page. This will enable them to generate a crypto address or scannable QR code.
  4. The address or QR code is then used to indicate a destination for the transfer from the digital wallet to the player’s casino account.

Here’s a more complete guide on how to deposit crypto!

After that, it’s time to play.

Many casinos have special promotions for crypto players, especially first deposits (although some casinos offer multiple deposit bonuses). These are typically available in the form of deposit matches, where a player’s funds will be matched by the casino, offering the player a greater amount to gamble with.

Importantly, these games are all programmed to use randomized outcomes as the foundation of generating results for players. That is, when you flip a coin in real life, the outcome is determined by physics. You’ll get heads and tails each about half the time. But with a computer, it’s necessary to use a suitably advanced random number generator (RNG) to get the same results.  

Some casinos go a step further, using provably fair technology to enable players to police fairness themselves. This technology makes use of the backbone of crypto: the blockchain. An encrypted file is placed on a blockchain platform’s ledger at the beginning of the player’s session. Results for the game being played are pulled from this file. At the end of the session, the file is unencrypted. The player can then check that the results from the session properly track what was specified in the file, which has become publicly available (while player data remains anonymous).

How to choose the right casino

Want to know how to pick a crypto casino site? The right online cryptocurrency casino for you will match up with the features most important to you. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when you’re going to gamble with cryptocurrency:

  • Supported digital coins. Choosing the right crypto casino starts with what coins they take. You want one that handles the gambling cryptocurrency you’ve got and plan to use. It’s practical and saves hassle, ensuring you can jump right into the action.
  • Reputation and reviews. A solid reputation and honest reviews are like a seal of approval for a crypto casino. They show that it’s trustworthy, which is key when you’re playing with your hard-earned digital cash. You want to feel confident they’ll play fair and payout wins. Trustpilot is a good place to start.
  • Bonuses and promotions. These are the extra perks of gambling online. A good crypto casino should offer a range of promos and bonuses, including things like free spins or deposit matches.

In the sections below, we’ll discuss some other important considerations in more detail.

Keeping your money and data safe – is your Bitcoin casino secure?

When evaluating the security of a crypto casino, it’s important to check for features that protect the data you’re transferring. Strong encryption, like SSL, is a must. Check for two-factor authentication too. It adds an extra layer of security.

Check into the history of the casino you’re evaluating to see if there have been any articles about data breaches. Also, ensure they have a clear policy on fund custody. You’ll want to know which entity is holding your coins. In general, transparency (a casino being open about its practices) is a good sign that a crypto site is secure and running things in the right way with integrity.

Variety is the spice of life – what games are available?

Games available in Bitcoin casinos usually include all the most popular online casino games. Players can enjoy slots, live games, cryptocurrency blackjack, roulette, bingo, dice, and lots more (even cryptocurrency keno).

Try to find a site that has a good number of games – at least a thousand slots, if that’s something you want to play. That way, you’ll never get tired of the options. Even if you’re not interested in a particular type of game today, it’s nice to know that you’ll have easy access to more choices in the future. Check for offerings like video poker, jackpot games, casino classics, and a wide variety of table games.

Scroll through the games available to ensure that you’re going to be able to play what you want. Don’t assume that a particular operator has everything – even the most popular games. It’s important to verify that they’ve really got the goods.

Happy to help – the importance of good customer support

Here’s what you’re looking for in a casino customer support team:

  • Contact methods. A crypto casino should offer at least live chat and formal message submission options.
  • Availability. 24/7 games require 24/7 support, right?
  • Quick response times. Look for a commitment to at least a 24-hour guaranteed response to emails.
  • Language options. Check to see if a language you speak is on the casino’s language options list.
  • Reviews. Once again, this is a great place to check reviews. You will likely see feedback submitted by the site’s happiest and angriest customers. The overall trend should be positive, however.

The social aspect – finding a great community

Crypto casinos can be surprisingly social. One of the most obvious places is live dealer games that have a chat function. There, players can celebrate wins, commiserate about losses, and talk strategy. Dealers can also chime in, bringing the experience to life.

Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and more are also ways to interact with the casino community. These are also legitimate sources of feedback when you’re investigating a particular company. What’s the vibe? Are they friendly? Do they run public contests? These are green flags.

Other messaging channels like Discord or Telegram may also offer the chance to find community. Not only can you talk about your favorite casino games or results, but you can also experience the culture a particular casino is creating.

Unique crypto casino features

Crypto casinos offer a few things that you often can’t get with traditional online casinos.

One is transaction speed. A solid operator can get your deposits in and your withdrawals out in 15 minutes. This beats credit card or bank account speeds by a huge margin in many cases, as these can take days.

Another is privacy. Casinos with cryptocurrency offerings may make it possible for players to simply submit a working email address, and skip legal name or other personal information. This helps players get the full benefit of the anonymity of crypto transactions.

A third benefit is low fees or no fees. Many providers simply skip transaction fees altogether, while the traditional financial system operators nearly always take a cut of the action. Be sure to check whether a casino you’re interested in charges a fee for transfers.

A final benefit is cryptocurrency casino bonuses. These are often available exclusively to crypto players. Deposit matches can be bigger, weekly bonuses and freerolls can be unlocked, and increased rakeback rewards may be available.

The future of online gambling is here

The classic financial system got us here, but it’s long past time for transactions to evolve. Cryptocurrency is the currency of choice for modern global casino operators.

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