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Where to play Blackjack


As blackjack is arguably the most popular casino card game in the world, you will find blackjack tables as the centrepiece of most land-based casinos, while blackjack usually has a dedicated section on live dealer or online casinos. Below, we look at the many options available for you to find and play blackjack tables.

Land-based casinos

Playing blackjack at land-based casinos offers far less variety compared to online casinos. That is, unless you are playing in a city full of casinos like Las Vegas or Macau. You may also see land-based casinos referred to as brick-and-mortar casinos.

Nothing can beat Las Vegas or Macau where there are not only streams upon streams of online casinos but also an array of betting shops, gambling dens, and gentleman’s gambling clubs. Second to these 2 cities is Atlantic City in the Garden State of New Jersey, while London also has its fair share of land-based casino establishments.

If you are looking for a variety of blackjack tables with different rules and variants, then the above-mentioned areas are prime locations for a diverse land-based blackjack gaming experience.

It probably goes without saying, but we will mention it, anyway. Cities with only a small handful of land-based casinos with not much competition from other casinos will offer the lowest number of blackjack table variants.

  • Fewer variants to choose from in some cities
  • Fun live gaming experience
  • Medium to high stakes tables
  • Concierge service & entertainment
  • Sociable way to play blackjack

Hotel & Cruise Ship Casinos

Perhaps the worst places to play blackjack are hotel casinos or cruise ships. These are still land-based casinos but they are there to there not to cater for experienced blackjack players in most cases.

The main purpose of these casinos is to lure in guests at the hotel or on the cruise ship looking for a flutter or to do something out of the ordinary. That out of the ordinary game of blackjack generally means the people that play these hotel and cruise ship tables are not regular blackjack players.

With very little competition from other casinos, especially at sea while on a cruise ship, these casinos generally use strict rules that give the house a larger than normally accepted house edge. That means 8 decks, squash the double down after split rule, and generally restrict splits as well as use other rules that give the house a huge advantage over the unwitting players!

This is not to mention the fact that most players will not play the game using any strategy yet alone ‘basic strategy’.

Therefore, if you book a nice trip to a Caribbean resort with a casino onsite, you will probably find tables that restrict the rules so much that you are set up to lose even if you are a master of basic strategy and know exactly how to play perfect/optimal blackjack according to the table rules.

  • Nice environment to play
  • Tables usually have a high house edge
  • Limitations on double downs & splits
  • Tables there to profit from holiday makers
  • Little local competition so illiberal rules are easy
  • mBitcasino Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide

Live Dealer Casinos

Live casinos are one of the most popular ways to play blackjack today. Rather than having to visit a land-based casino for that live and up-front blackjack experience, you can simply log in to an online casino with a ‘live dealer section’ and find blackjack tables streamed via webcam.

These high-tech venues contain a series of casino tables, dealers, game hosts, and croupiers in a studio that has no physical visitors. The only visitors playing on these tables are those betting via their online casino via an ultra-HD webcam.

One of the key advantages live dealer studios have over land-based casinos is that they are not limited by space in the same ways. Live dealer studios do not need to cater for real life players visiting the venue or worry about prime floor space.

As such, live dealer blackjack tables are growing in number and variants. Players can log on, stream their favorite blackjack table and dealer, and place bets on the live felts using virtual chips. The dealer deals real cards, so the results are entirely natural as if the player were playing blackjack at a land-based casino.

Thanks to the success of live dealer studios, there are now numerous variants of live dealer blackjack and more than 20 live dealer platform providers online. The most notable brands today are eZugi, Evolution, and Pragmatic Play Live which you can find here in the mBitcasino live dealer area.

  • Live webcam streams to live dealer blackjack tables
  • Growing variation and choice of blackjack variants
  • Players place chips directly on the felts
  • Sophisticated software betting systems
  • 100% natural results produced by a live dealer

Online Casinos

The reason we include a section for online casinos despite live dealer casinos also being online is because we want to cover virtual casino blackjack. Virtual blackjack is very different to playing live dealer games for a few key reasons.

Virtual table games that use RNGs will have a deck of cards that is in a constant shuffle mode. The only time the shuffle stops is when the table deals cards to begin the betting round, to hit, to double down, or to split. As soon as the card is revealed, the ‘constant shuffle’ continues to shuffle the cards.

As for provably fair algorithms, each hand uses a different deck of cards randomly selected from a pool of millions of deck/card combinations. This is done before you play the hand so there is no way you could ever card count.

The key advantages to playing on virtual casino tables are as follows:

  • No time limit between hands
  • Easier to learn basic strategy
  • Perfect for players on a budget
  • Excellent 3D graphics
  • Free play/demo modes available
  • Huge variation of blackjack tables

Thank you for reading our article about the places where you can play Blackjack. Mr. Bitty awaits you at his Blackjack Crypto Tables.

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