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What are bonanza slots?


For decades, slots players have prayed for symbols to lineup for a payout. At first, in the old Vegas one-armed bandit era, it was the center horizontal line. Players needed to see BAR BAR BAR to get a big payout.

Then came payline variations.

We saw paylines that were on top. Paylines that were diagonal. Paylines that went from right to left! As the innovative paylines came out, one after the other, the Bitcoin casino industry was clearly building to one ultimate game variation: the “pays anywhere” game.

That’s what a bonanza slot game is!

Bonanza slots and the “pays anywhere” mechanic

Bonanza slots award payouts so long as a player gets enough symbols on the game board. They don’t have to line up in any particular way. Instead of requiring symbols to touch along a payline from one direction to the other, a payout is triggered just by the number of symbols you see on the board. If a bonanza slot pays out for 8 cherries, those 8 cherries can be ANYWHERE.

That’s why we call them “pays anywhere.” Makes sense, right?

There’s really no paylines to worry about. Or rather, every possible payline works, no matter how convoluted it is. (Better to just ditch the idea altogether and leave that one to the slots philosophers, though.)

When were Bonanza slots invented?

It’s unknown which is truly the first of the “pay anywhere” slots bonanza games (send us a message if you have historical info and can lay claim to the title!), but the one that gave its name to the genre is simply called Bonanza. It’s a megaways slot game from Big Time Gaming, and it does NOT feature pays anywhere basic symbol payouts.

Ironic, right?

The current charge to create online slots bonanza type games is led more by companies like bGaming, which has developed a few of the great examples you’ll find below.

Bonanza slots review: what is the experience like? Why do people like bonanza slots?

In any bonanza slots review, you’ll find people gushing over the lively, dynamic gameplay experience. Playing a casino Bitcoin bonanza slot will have you looking all over the reels, trying to figure out which symbols are accumulating. When there are enough for a payout, you’ll often be treated to a feature known as cascading reels, where symbols explode and new symbols drop in for more wins.

Bonanza slot games come in a number of theme variations. Casino Bitcoin players can find them with holiday themes, food themes, mythology themes, and lots more. These games also typically offer bonus features, especially bonus buy, if we’re talking about bGaming slots.

We love crypto casino games that cut right to the chase, don’t we?

Bonanza Crypto Slot Machines at mBitcasino

Gemhalla (BGaming)

Let’s kick off our bonanza slot list with a mythological marvel: Gemhalla! Thor, God of Lightning stands by with Mjolnir ready to turbocharge the board whenever needed. The runes of power you’ll find on the board pay anywhere, so long as you see 8 or more of them. Land this number and they’ll pop, giving you a win and making room for more symbols to drop in like in a game of Candy Crush.

Gemhalla is a BTC casino game with an RTP of 97.17%, and hit rate of 25.64% (this means that about a quarter of the possible combos are winning combos). Keep an eye for shield multipliers that boost your win, and know that in the free spins round, these glorious warrior symbols are CUMULATIVE! Your wins climb as high as the realm of the gods.

The free spins bonus round is triggered by longship scatter symbols. You need three or more to get into the feature. You could also simply buy the bonus, if you’re not in a patient mood.

Gemhalla is a high volatility slot game, which means wins are not as frequent, but lead to bigger payouts. The max win possible if you pillage the whole game is 5,000x your wager.

Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play)

This online casino Bitcoin game is a bonanza slot with a delicious, fruit-filled theme. You’re in the land of desserts! Everything is sweet and wonderful.

And the symbols pay anywhere! It doesn’t matter about paylines. Where we’re going, we don’t need paylines. The pay scale does increase with the number of symbols you land, though. 8-9 symbols is the bottom payout, 10-11 is the medium, and 12+ is the top. Keep in mind that reels are tumbling, so one win just might lead to another.

In Sweet Bonanza, you decide when it’s bonus time. You can either turn on the double chance feature or simply buy a bonus round. It’s 100x your wager, but the wins can be way higher. Those rainbow-colored multiplier bombs can be 100x on just one spin!

The game has medium volatility, so there’s a balance of win frequency and win amount. RTP is in the 96% range, and high rollers are limited to $125 per wager, if they’re wanting to break the crypto bank at mBit.

Bite into it and see what kind of trouble your sweet tooth can get you into today!

mBitcasino's Mr. Bitty winking whle playing Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play

Aztec Magic Bonanza (BGaming)

This crypto slots game brings to life the fascinating culture of an empire that flourished for 200 years in Mexico. The symbols pay anywhere, so you just need to gather them up like feathers in a headdress and you’re good to go.

Like many bGaming slot games, Aztec Magic Bonanza offers the opportunity to simply buy your way into the bonus round. There, free spins and random multipliers will build up more riches than the emperor’s private hoard. And the 6 reel by 5 row grid provides ample opportunity to land the symbols you need to keep the party going with retriggers.

It’s a blast from the past bonanza!

Alien Fruits (BGaming)

You KNOW you’ve had too much to drink when the fruits on the slot machine start looking at you funny. Well, either that or you’re playing Alien Fruits!

This pays anywhere game is definitely one of the more whimsical games you’ll find in our crypto slots casino. And with a hit rate of about 1 in 4, you’ll be seeing wins quite often.

The theme and story with this bonanza slots game is that the fruits are actually aliens. Watch for their ship, which can offer an up to 100x multiplier on your win. Wins are quite easy – all you need is 8 of a symbol ANYWHERE on the board, and you’re getting paid. Get the scatter symbols for some free spins, or just buy the bonus round whenever you want for 100x your wager.

Alien Fruits is a bonanza slot game with an RTP of 96%, high volatility, and a max win that should make anyone happy: 15,000x your bet.

Beam us up!

Slots machines bonanza games with “pays anywhere” payouts

Keys to the Sea (Popiplay)

Travel deep under the waves to the palace of the king of the sea, Poseidon!

Four golden keys will unlock the free spins bonus round, which offers gleaming tridents that serve up multipliers of up to 100x. Let’s see a pirate bring in THAT much treasure from the seas.

Like the other online crypto slots bonanza games on this list, Keys to the Sea pays anywhere. You don’t need to line up anything, you just need to gather up 8 or more of any symbol in any location on the 6×5 reels. Wins will then cascade or tumble, which means winning symbols disappear and make room for more. You can chain together wins like freshly harvested pearls on a string!

The scatter keys trigger 10, 20, or 30 free spins that can lead to a max win of over 10,000x your wager! If you can’t hold your breath and wait that long, hit the tiny little yellow bonus buy button and kick off free spins on your own. This is also where you’ll find an option to double your chances of winning. Isn’t this one of the best crypto slots around?

Keys to the Sea has high volatility, and an RTP of 96.11%. Dive to Neptune’s own watery chambers of treasure, and see what he’ll let you come back with!


Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic Play)

We’re on a Greek gods kick! This game comes with high praise, as it was named Game of the Year on the EGR Operators 2021 list. Pragmatic Play also won Casino/Slots Developer of the Year, so this is a well-made game by a strong development team.

Zeus himself floats by the reels, his glowing eyes ready to dare you to click the “spin” button. When you do, jewels, golden hourglasses, crowns, and more fly by, delivering your fate. But unlike other slots bonanza slot machines, this pays anywhere version lets you simply rack up the riches by getting the required number of symbols on the board. It’s a high volatility game, but when the wins come in, they can reach up to 5,000x your wager!

Win or buy a free spins bonus round and lightning will flash, bringing you to the heights of Mount Olympus, where wealth rains down from the gods above. Watch the wins rack up as the reels tumble to chain together wins. What happens when you fill the win counter?

Why don’t you give it a spin and find out? Fortuna favors the bold.

mBitcasino's Mr. Bitty playing Gates of Olympus from Pragmatic Play, while in a space suit.

Sweet Bonanza Christmas (Pragmatic Play)

Candy and Christmas go hand in hand, don’t they? This bonanza slot is all about a trip to the North Pole to score some early Christmas gifts. As you probably know by now, Santa has you on his Nice List, so you get pays anywhere. (Worrying about paylines is a concern for the rest of the year.) In Santa’s Workshop, all you need is the right number of symbols.

Like with other bGaming slots, you can increase your wager to double your chances of winning, and you can also buy the bonus round straight up.

Imagine if kids could cut straight to Christmas morning? That’s what this slot game lets you do!

Swirling peppermint lollipops and a burst of snowflakes welcome you to the free spins bonus round. There, cascading reels help you pile up as many presents under the tree as you can possibly get. Golden ornament multipliers help too!

Call up Rudolph to take you to this festive slot game – he knows the way!

Lucky Farm Bonanza (BGaming)

Want up to 15,000x your wager? Then head on down to Old Mac Donald’s Lucky Farm Bonanza!

These farm animals and fresh produce are all spinning on by, trying to get you paid. You can’t get these animals to listen and line up, but that’s not a problem because this is another pays anywhere game. You just need 8 or more of the symbols anywhere on the screen.

Buying the bonus or hitting it on a normal spin will get you the red barn scatters you need to hit the free spins bonus round.

Those 100x multipliers will look really good when you’ve got a win. You’ll be feeling like a farmer on market day, flush with cash to reward you for all your hard work.

What’s that? You didn’t do your chores? Well, that’s no problem. Virtual farming doesn’t have any!

Other “pays anywhere” Bonanza Slots at mBitcasino (check out more holiday themes!)

Play bonanza slots with crypto!

These games are ready to deliver the wins, with no need to track a single payline. Rev up those crypto coins and get spinning!

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