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Slots with high volatility have been around for many years in live casinos from Vegas to Macau. You’ve probably encountered high volatility slots online, too. These slots, also known as “high variance slots,” often seem tight or stingy. You’ll be spinning the reels wondering where the wins are. Before you give up on them, this article will clear up why they’re actually quite popular at our Bitcoin casino, and how you can make them pay.

If you follow developers, mBitcasino works with a few that have created high volatility slots. These include BGaming, Betsoft, and Play ‘N Go. But by NO means do these companies only put out that slot type. In fact, the best developers have games of all kinds to suit every player.

So, let’s first cover the basics. What is a high volatility slot game?

What Does “High Volatility” Mean In Slots?

The high volatility slots meaning can be elusive if you’re new to the crypto casino scene, but it’s actually quite easy to understand. High volatility just means that a slot pays out less frequently, and typically this means the game also offers bigger wins.

Why would anyone want to play a slot game with high volatility?

Some players like BIG wins! It’s that simple. Frequent smaller wins are just not that exciting for some slots players. Of course, there are also different players who love constant little wins. That’s why a good online crypto slots provider will offer both kinds of games.

Low Volatility vs High Volatility Slots

Think of high volatility vs low volatility slots as a battle between opposites. On the one hand, you have a high volatility game that builds up the excitement in between wins, and then delivers. The wins are of a good size, and you’ll need some patience to score them. It’s quite rewarding when you do.

On the other hand, the low volatility vs high volatility slots discussion also features the games that don’t require any patience. These low variance games are always giving you little wins here and there – three low-value symbols lined up, a little wild symbol helping you recoup a few rounds of spinning, etc. Low volatility slots keep the party going, often handing out little rewards all along the way. These games can still deliver the big wins, but the spacing of wins and sizes are adjusted to make them smaller and more common.

Some folks just like to see the board light up as much as possible!

A Note on RTP and Volatility in Slots

RTP and volatility can be confusing, so each one needs to be understood on its own. RTP stands for “return to player,” and is usually expressed as a percentage. This percentage represents the average return a player can expect of the amount wagered. For example, a game with an RTP of 97% will give players 0.97 back for each 1.00 wagered.

Volatility does not affect this percentage, but rather the amount of spins needed to get close to it. A low volatility game will more quickly show returns in line with the listed RTP. A high volatility slot, on the other hand, will take longer to match its stated RTP. Over the long run, though, the RTP is going to be valid regardless of a slot’s volatility.

Best High Volatility Online Slots at mBitcasino

Let’s actually walk about some examples of the best high variance slots at our BTC casino! These games take a little time to give out their prizes, but when they do, it’s usually a pretty satisfying win. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Sweet Rush Megaways (96.69% RTP, 12,960x max win). This game is a great place to start when you’re wondering “What is high volatility slots” all about? Just like you can’t eat too much candy at once, you can’t take too many wins at once in this high volatility slot game. But when those wilds and multipliers start hitting, they hit BIG! The free spins round also features sticky, expanding wilds that could catapult you to the game’s top win. Hope you like candy!
  • Choco Reels Easter (96.22% RTP, 9,500x max win). This casino Bitcoin slot game will have you on dessert overload. There are over 46,000 ways to win! You can build up your chocolate levels and also experience a free spins round with INFINITE multipliers – you won’t see that every day. Of course, the game has a max win, but if you’re into high volatility, you’re going to love the massive money you can make with this game.
  • Triple Juicy Drops (95.73% RTP, 30,004x max win). What is it with high volatility slots and the food theme? Here’s another slot that will make you hungry, thanks to the luscious fruit theme. The game within the game here is to collect matching symbols for one of the three jackpots on the prize wheel. If you can hang on until you land one of those, the payoff can be totally worth it. Triple Juicy Drops is perfect for lovers of high volatility slot games!
  • Coils of Cash (96.20%, 30,000x max win). The best crypto slots have an electrifying, exciting theme, and Coils of Cash will have you supercharged. This game is all about electricity, and when you connect your win circuit through the top-level multipliers, you can pop off with a HUGE win. Make the right connections and this slot will give you just what you need from a high volatility slot game.

Slot Machine Volatility List

Some of our most popular online casino Bitcoin games are high RTP (return to player) slots, not just high volatility slots. Here are a few games with our highest RTP percentages to think about that players love:

  • Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways (97.89% RTP). A world of magic and mystery offers some of the best rewards you’ll find in a slot game anywhere! This one has so many ways to win and special features it’s almost comical. There’s just so much going on! If you love a dynamic slot game that seems to always be giving you something new and exciting, take this one for some spins. It’s wild.
  • Always Lucky Spins (97.6% RTP). This one is simple, fun, and classic with fruit symbols and lucky sevens on the reels. Unlike Rosh, this one is very straightforward. But the expected returns are among the highest we offer! Will your spins always be lucky? There’s only one way to find out.
  • Dolphin’s Wealth (97.4% RTP). Can a cute dolphin really be the face of a game that crushes so many other slots when it comes to RTP? Absolutely! This dolphin is hiding a surprising amount of wealth, once you get down to it. Maybe he found a shipwreck? Don’t worry, he’s not “shellfish.”


Finding High Volatility Online Slots at mBitcasino

One of the benefits of playing crypto slots casino games at mBit is that you can see volatility and RTP numbers before you even click into a game. No more hunting for details in the info pages of the game! Just head to the slots section and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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