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Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy

The Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy—Become an Aggressive Player!


One of the most mysterious baccarat systems is the Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy. Only a few in the know Baccarat fanatics understand exactly what is involved, and this is because the Silver Tiger system is one of Baccarat’s best kept secrets.

The people that invented it have gone to a lot of effort to keep it off the internet and behind a virtually locked door that only money can open. Miraculously so, their efforts have so far been successful!

If the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy still piques your interest after reading this guide, then getting your hands on a copy of this strategy will set you back around $140.

Copywrite Warning: Should you decide to take that leap of faith, a word of warning. Do not try to publish the content on the net because your website will find itself receiving a copyright notice rather quickly!

Now usually a copyright threat is not enough to keep content off the web, but unfortunately Wiki Leaks and other such websites have not picked up on this strategy and as such it is not publicly available. How long the creators can keep this up for is anyone’s guess, but kudos to them for finding a way!

All jokes aside, if you are looking for a copy of the strategy, then maybe try a torrent site or the Dark Web if you are so inclined. Just look for either the ‘Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy’ or ‘Silver Tiger Roulette Strategy’.

Now the reason the Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy has gained so much attention is not only because of its secretive nature, but also its flexibility and innovation. You can use the aggressive system, or one that is slightly less aggressive. That said, both are still quite aggressive in terms of bankroll required which you will learn in the section below.

Getting Acquainted With the Silver Tiger Baccarat System

Where the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy’s innovation lies is that you get a few extras out of the box compared to other strategies.

It is also a fast-paced BTC casino game in terms of burning through your bankroll because it requires that you have at least 48 chips. There are also additional side bets, which you will need to understand when it is the right time to use them. Plus, this strategy also has an exit plan, so you ‘exit’ the strategy’s betting sequence when you are ahead i.e., you can quit while you are ahead.

Quick Facts:

  • Fast paced game
  • Requires 64 or 48 chips to play
  • There are ‘Break-away’ bets (Side Bets)
  • This strategy has an ‘Exit plan’
  • You will need to learn the unique betting sequence

Warning: Now what you must remember is the guys that invented this strategy are trying to make money. They will tell you it is full proof but let us tell you right now without revealing any copyright information – it is not a guaranteed winning system. In fact, you can lose big if things don’t go your way. Therefore, just to be clear, and before you get too excited about this mystery system that ‘could make you rich’, we can tell you right now that you should take it with a pinch of salt

Bankrolling The Silver Tiger Strategy

You will see that publications that mention the ‘Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy’ claim that this strategy stands out. And it many way it does because the people that invented created a unique betting sequence that requires a fairly high bankroll to play.

Bankrolling:To implement that sequence, you need a starting bankroll of 64 chips all equal denomination. i.e., 64 chips worth 1 mBTC (total 64 mBTC) or 64 chips worth 6.4 mBTC (total 1.6 mBTC)!

Once you have your bankroll prepared, you begin with an initial buy-in of 16 chips for the first sequence. Once you win a profit of 6 chips or more, you can use your ‘exit strategy’ (explained below) and quit while you are ahed. Alternativly, you cna continue the sequence at your own discreation.

4 Sets of Sequences: Now at this point, it does not take a genius to figure out that there are 4 sets of sequences to play as 64 chips divided by 16 chips is 4!

Essentially, the idea is that you play through each sequence set and use the ‘Exit’ strategy to walk away when you make the minimum profit or more. Then use your next 16 chip buy-in to start the sequence again.

37.5% ROI: As the idea of the Silver Tiger Strategy is to give you a profit of 6 chips for every buy-in. Bearing in mind a buy-in is 16 chips. That’s a 37.5% return on your investment!

Quick Facts:

  • You need a bankroll of 64 chips or the more aggressive approach
  • For the less aggressive approach you can start with 48 chips
  • All chips must be of equal denomination
  • Initial Buy-In for the 1stsequence is 16 chips
  • Use the ‘Exit Plan’ to exit the sequence when you hit a profit
  • Exit strategy gets you away from the game altogether

Prefer Less Aggression? There is also another option that is slightly less aggressive because it only requires the player to have a bank roll of 48 chips!

‘Break Away’ Strategy

Now without revealing too much, the ‘Break Away’ strategy is a side bet option. This still requires continuing with your sequence, while you hedge your bets elsewhere on the table.

Adding side bets to any strategy seems odd because they have a far higher house edge than the ‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ bets. That said, the high volatility of side bets means when one does pay off, you will usually win a decent chunk of change.

Therefore, if you do find yourself lured into a situation where the sequence demands you stake a side bet to utilise the ‘Break Away’ use your intution to stake each one sparingly.

Side Bet Tactics: The key to winning side bets is understanding their mechanics i.e., the probability of winning, RTP or house edge, and keeping track of variance Vs probability

A good example of keeping track of variance Vs probability is using the ‘Tie Bet’ to explain how it works. In theory the tie bet should land roughly 9.5 times out of 100 hands. Better put 1 in 10 hands. If a tie result has not appeared for 10 consecutive hands, it is reasonable to play the ‘Tie Bet’ as probability suggests it is likely to land soon.

Probability is not an exact science: variance is a tricky beast that blows hot and cold. As such, it is not impossible for a ‘Tie’ result to appear 3 out of 10 hands, then you may not see it for another 50 hands!

One way to test side bets, is to use a free baccarat table. Most virtual baccarat tables have a free play version. For example, you can test the ‘side bet’ theory above on Baccarat by Habenero, which has a free demo version.

Quick Facts:

  • The ‘Break Away’ means to stake side bets
  • Try to understand each side bet’s mechanics before committing
  • Learn the side bet’s RTP, house edge, and probabilities
  • Use variance to guide you to making educated bets
  • Test your side bet strategy using free play baccarat tables

The Exit Strategy

The exit strategy is a way to get out of a sequence and quit while you are ahead. Unlike most other baccarat strategies such as the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, and Fibonacci, in the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy you have set rules that indicate when you can quit the betting sequence and start a new one.

To utilise the ‘Exit Strategy’ you should have your 16-chip buy-in and another 6 chips on top. As a result, 22 chips or more will be enough to ‘exit the sequence’. You can then start the next sequence and follow the same pattern.

Quitting while you are ahead: Not many strategies tell you quit while you are ahead, but the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy does. Learning to get away from the tables after winning is an art, and thankfully this is a strategy that encourages that art!

Quick Facts:

  • Use the exit strategy when you make a 6 chip profit
  • Your buy-in of 16 chips + 6 chips or more (22+ chips)
  • A useful way to learn the art of quitting while you are ahead
  • Once you exit, begin a fresh sequence with your next buy in

An Aggressive System That Requires Experience

The crux of the Silver Tiger Baccarat system is that it is essentially an aggressive betting system. The idea is that you use a sequence of betting that helps you accumulate bigger wins at a fast pace.

Now there 2 key reasons why this strategy is not recommended for beginners. Firstly, you need a certain amount of intuition to master the Silver Tiger system. This is intuition that you only get from experience playing baccarat for many hours. To put a finer point on it, when you spend hours performing the same task, you start to grow a sixth sense.

Secondly, you will need to put that intuition to work to avoid putting a huge dent into your bankroll. And we say this because what we can tell you publicly about this strategy is that you need at least 16 chips of equal denominations to make the strategy work. That means even if you are a low stakes player, you will be betting above your comfort zone.

Quick Facts:

  • Not recommended for beginners because the bankroll size
  • Inexperienced players betting large amount is not recommended
  • You will need intuition to perfect this strategy
  • Intuition is gained from hours playing baccarat

Where Does the Silver Tiger System Originate From?

China is the birthplace of the Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy, and the system is the brainchild of Ri Chang. Like many other systems the inventors of many other gambling systems, Ri Chang is a well-respected guru when it comes to mathematical statistics.

As with games such as blackjack where hours of research went into creating what all know as basic strategy today, Ri Chang dedicated much of his life to cracking gambling by inventing unique systems. His most successful of those systems being the Silver Tiger strategy.

Other Systems By Ri Chang: Chang also invented another secret system which is the Golden Eagle Baccarat strategy. This system interchanges with baccarat and crypto roulette and is less aggressive than the Silver Tiger strategy!

Quick Facts:

  • Ri Chang invented the Silver Tiger system
  • He is a mathematician and statistical analysist
  • Ri Chang studied blackjack, baccarat & roulette
  • He also invented the Golden Eagle Baccarat system

Baccarat Variants That Work With The Silver Tiger System

The Chinese Silver Tiger Baccarat system is a tactic that you can implement on almost any BTC baccarat table. Here are some of example of tables it will work on:

  • Punto Baccarat
  • Mini-Baccarat
  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Most land-based casino baccarat tables
  • Most live dealer baccarat tables

Is It Worth The Investment?

What we can say for sure is that the Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy is not a full-proof system! There are no guaranteed winning baccarat betting strategies, unless you are a master of card counting which could work in your favour on a table with 1-deck in the shoe!

As for investing in this strategy, it could be worth it if you have a few friends happy to split the cost and then share the ‘Silver Tiger Baccarat System’ PDF between you. You can start by playing free play baccarat tables to test the strategy out before investing real money or crypto bets.

If you have any pals that enjoy playing roulette, they may also be interested. The Silver Tiger Strategy’ was also invented for roulette.

A System Designed For 2 Table Games: As the ‘Player’ or ‘Banker’ bets are you main choices playing baccarat, roulette’s ‘1:1 outside bet’ stratgies are are not too dissimilar, so invariably most roulette systems that focus on ‘even odds payouts’ will transition over to baccarat and vice versa!

Otherwise, if you are happy with spending over $140 on your own, then by all means go for it. It’s a steep price to pay for ‘just another’ system to be honest, but if you want to become a ‘Baccarat’ all-rounder, then it is another strategy you’ll have stashed in your locker.

Quick Facts:

  • Silver Tiger is not a guranteed winning system
  • You could split the cost with friends
  • The Silver Tiger system also works on roulette outside bets

Alternative Baccarat Systems That Stand Out

The honest truth is that any system that looks different to the norm stands out these days.

Generally, any new systems baccarat players try to introduce generally disappear quickly while the ‘Martingale’, ‘Paroli’, and Fibonacci’ systems have been around for years. Nothing seems to be able to knock them off their perch or join them until the Silver Tiger system came to light.

On top of this, we also mention that the same persone that invented the Silver Tiger strategy also invented the Golden Eagle Baccarat strategy. You can purchase the PDF for around $50 from the same people distributing the Silver Tiger system.

Labouchere: In some respects the Sliver Tiger strategy is similar to the Labouchere system, which is used in roulette and baccarat. Both use a semi-complex betting sequence, and both have an exit strategy. However, the Labouchere system’s exit strategy is used when you are losing as opposed to winning. This requires you to change to a new sequence that should help you recover your losses!

If you are looking for a standout system that is rare, and you do not want to fork out over $140 for a copy of the Silver Tiger betting strategy, then check out the ‘Baccarat Dragon Bonus Strategy’.

Admittedly the Dragon Bonus system it is not a secretive strategy you have to pay for to gain privileged information, nor is it as fun as the Silver Tiger option, but it is something different to try out – especially because its core concept takes you away from the traditional favoured ‘Banker’ bet because the ‘Player’ bet is so much more lucrative.

Check it out here: The Formidable Baccarat Dragon Bonus Strategy

Quick Facts:

  • The Silver Tiger is one of the only new systems to stand the test of time
  • It now joins the list of recognised baccarat strategies
  • Labouchere system has similar traits to the Silver Tiger Strategy
  • Another system that has remained popular is the Dragon Bonus strategy

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