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7 Things You Need to Know Before Playing Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

by Faye Walker

Are you ready for Crazy Time? This casino game show from Evolution Gaming is taking over the crypto gambling sites for a few good reasons. Top-notch entertainment, HD quality stream, live-action, and win potentials of up to 10,000x, 20,000x, and even 100,000x your stake!

The exciting gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours, and the bonuses are crazier than you can even begin to imagine.

Read more to find out 7 things you need to know before playing crazy time by Evolution Gaming. We’ve scoured the internet for the most popular questions and answered them for you. Let’s go:

What is Crazy Time by Evolution?

Crazy Time is an online wheel of fortune show with a top slot multiplier, 54 segments, and 4 special bonuses. The gameplay is straightforward; you have to bet on the segment you think the flapper will stop. If you guessed right, then you are immediately rewarded with a prize.

A presenter always hosts the game, entertains the audience, and even interacts with the players via a chat. You can ask them any questions and even say ‘Hello’. The wheel of fortune show is high-paced, and you can make up to 8 bets every round. You have 10 seconds to decide, and then the host will spin the wheel. Before each spin, the top slot machine will add a multiplier to a random segment of the wheel. If the flapper stops on the segment the top slot machine picked during the spin, the prize will be multiplied according to the multiplier!

Moreover, you could hit one of the other 4 special features that can increase your winning potential even further.

Crazy Time is an exciting and unique online game show that blends the best of roulette, slots, and bonus features.

How does the Crazy Time work?

Crazy Time has two game sections, the main and the bonus section. The top slot machine picks a segment and a multiplier at random in the main one, and the host spins the wheel of fortune. The bonus section of the Crazy Time is triggered when the flapper stops on one of the 4 special bonuses. (We’ll talk about them a bit later.)

Depending on where the flappers stop, the winners will be prized automatically, and then the show continues. The frequency in which the segments are hit varies; here’s a breakdown:

1 (21 times)

2 (13 times)

5 (7 times)

10 (4 times)

Coin Flip (4 times)

Pachinko (2 times)

Cash Hunt (2 times)

Crazy Time (1 time)

The unique wheel game is live-streamed from Evolution Gaming studios. Every 45 minutes, a new host takes charge and entertains the players. You’ll get to enjoy a real wheel and virtual bonus sessions when you’re more than lucky.

All in all, it’s very entertaining and exciting to watch and even more so when you play it.

How do you play Crazy Time Evolution Game?

There are a few steps you need to take when playing Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming. But don’t worry, they’re very simple:

1.Select the Crazy Time game.

If it doesn’t show up, check if you’ve filled in your profile at mBitcasino. We also have an article about that here.

2.Choose the chip value and place your bets. You can bet on up to 8 segments (either numbers or special bonuses).

3. Watch the outcome of the game and enjoy the payouts!

What are the bonuses of Crazy Time?

Crazy Time has 4 bonuses: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and the Crazy Time. You’re going to go nuts over these:

Coin Flip

This exciting feature shows a digital display with a red multiplier and a blue multiplier. A physical coin with a red and a blue side is flipped and depending on which side it lands on, the players will be awarded with that multiplier.

Cash Hunt

For this feature, you better prepare your aim. The Cash Hunt bonus feature is a virtual shooting gallery game with 108 random multipliers. All of which are hidden by random symbols. The goal is to aim your cannon to your desired symbol and shoot. The multiplier revealed is going to be multiplied to your win after all the other players finish the round.

What’s even more exciting is that every player in this round gets to shoot their own symbol and receive their unique multiplier!


This bonus feature presents a large Pachinko wall with physical pegs. The host will then drop a puck into the Pachinko wall and announce the result. The players who won this bonus round will enjoy the multiplier presented by the puck.

You could also double your multipliers if the puck lands in the double value section. That means that the puck can be dropped again, and your multipliers doubled!

The maximum multiplier you can reach with this bonus is 10,000x. Isn’t that exciting?

If you like this bonus feature, then you should check out Plinko.

 Crazy Time

This bonus feature is definitely the craziest of all. Once the flapper lands on this section, the host enters through a red door inside a virtual world. A giant wheel looms over the screen and a magic train runs through the background. There are fireworks and music, everything set in place to prepare for the massive wins that are about to come.

You can select one of the three flappers on top of the wheel: the blue, green or yellow flapper. After that, the host presses a big red button and the wheel spins. You can win the amount your chosen flapper stops on. Moreover, if the flapper points to a ‘double’ or ‘triple’ segment – it’s your lucky day. You can double and even triple your wins while the wheel is going to be spun again to offer you more winning chances!

This process can repeat until a maximum of 20,000x multiplier is reached.

What are the payouts of Crazy Time?

The incredible advantage of playing Crazy Time is that you can choose to place one bet or several to secure a win! That’s great because it can help you devise a strategy and keep your money management in check.

Now let’s take a look at what are the payouts you receive depending on where the flapper points:

1 pays 1:1

2 pays 2:1

5 pays 5:1

10 pays 10:1

Don’t forget about the top slot machine multiplier, which can double or triple your win. You could even hit bigger multipliers if you’re lucky.

If the flapper points to a bonus segment, then you’re bound to enjoy some extravagant rewards. You should also remember that the Crazy Time bonus feature offers the biggest payouts, so make sure you’re always on the hunt for that one. All in all, this unique wheel of fortune game offers payouts of up to 25,000x stake!

Is the crazy time wheel rigged?

In short – no. The Crazy Time live game show has an advanced RNG (random number generator) gameplay. That means that every new spin is legit and at random, ensuring that you’re playing a safe and fair game.

Where can I play crazy time?

You can play Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming at mBitcasino!

Our crypto casino is a safe place for you to enjoy a few crazy adventures and some incredible bonuses. We also have our daily promos and exclusive games that reward players massively.

mBitcasino’s Conclusion

You should definitely give Crazy Time a chance. Especially if you enjoy roulette, slots, live games, and incredible prizes!

This live wheel of fortune can be enjoyed by both high rollers and low rollers alike. Listen to your gut and experience the best our crypto casino has to offer!

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