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Roulette Strategies to Win


Roulette is a casino game that has been around since the 18th century. Records state that the game has been played in the form it is now for the first time in 1796, in Paris. Since then, the game hasn’t changed much, but it is still a fan-favorite among casino players – and this is a fact even for mBitcasino.

The sound of the ball hitting the roulette (which means little wheel in French), the excitement of seeing where the ball lands and the simple, yet aesthetically pleasing red and black colors of the table make Roulette such a fun experience for any gamblers out there.

We saw your interest in blogs like Crazy Time Strategies or Aviator Strategies, so we wanted to offer you blog about roulette strategies. In this blog, we’ll be talking about 6 strategies that can bring you constant big wins in Roulette. If you thought Roulette is just a gambling game, think again, because you can be really surprised of the strategic depth of the betting strategies.

Let’s get into it!

Corner bets can grant big Roulette Wins

Like every other casino game, the Roulette table has certain odds of winning for each of its combinations. You’re probably accustomed to the classical Odd/Even or Black/Red bets, with a payout of 1/1. Also, the 1/35 payout of trying to get a single number is really enticing, but what lots of players seem to forget about other betting options that can offer nice odds and payouts.

Corner bets are a fan favorite among the intermediate and advanced players, as they can spread around multiple numbers and cover a multitude of options, while still maintaining the chance of winning big.

Also, if you have a lucky number but don’t want to jinx it too hard, corner bets which cover that lucky number can be a great way to spread out and let the ball do its job – land on your lucky number!

Don’t do single numbers

In relation to the first strategy, you probably saw that we’re not really keen on suggesting single numbers for you, even if you have a lucky one. Of course, you can score big – really big, but the odds are really against you.

If you still want the thrill of trying to hit a single number, make sure it’s in your budget – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Set up a budget for that round of play and reserve a percentage of it for the single numbers strategy.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martigle strategy visualised

The Martingale roulette strategy is probably one of the most known betting systems in gambling and sports betting. The idea behind this roulette strategy is really simple: doubling your bet every time you lose. When you eventually win, you’ll receive back your lost money bets.

After this process, you go back to the initial bet amount. Seems simple, right? Well, because it is! The only problem most advanced roulette player have with the Martingale strategy is that you can bet really high (and risk piles of your favorite cryptocurrency) just to win small.

What is your opinion on the Martingale Strategy? Would you try it? Before you make a decision, we have two more strategies to present to you, so keep reading.

Pull the old switcheroo and play the Reverse Martingale

If the Martingale isn’t your cup of tea, maybe the Reverse Martingale Strategy is more of a hit with you. Here, you just switch the moment of raising your bet. With the normal Martingale, you can up your bet only if you lose.

In the Reverse Martingale, your bet gets doubled every time you win. This requires some luck from you and a great winning streak in order to really feel the big wins coming. If you strike out of luck, well, at least you won’t risk losing too much money without seeing at least a small win.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

As the internationally-recognized spy, if you’re an online casino player looking for a quick get-in, get-out at the Roulette, the James Bond Roulette strategy may be for you. It’s a real fast burner but when it does hit the wins, they are really something.

If you want to play this roulette strategy to win, prepare to bet at least 200$ and its multipliers. You have to place three bets – 140$ on a number from 19-36. After that, place a bet of 50$ from 13-18. The final bet is represented by 10$ on the zero.

You’ll win almost ⅔ times, but be careful – that ⅓ chance of losing will clear your pockets right off.

James bond Strategy

Know when to stop

Crypto Roulette is a simple game to play, so you can get caught in the loop of losing but hoping to see the next win. The last tip or strategy from our btc casino is maybe the most important of all – know when to stop.

Don’t burn through all your budget at once. Give it time. If you have an unlucky streak, just close the game and come back the next day. Roulette can be really entertaining, but it won’t account for anything when losing great amounts of money.

We hope these roulette winning strategies will help you get started or diversify your Roulette games.

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