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Add the Paroli Roulette Strategy to Your Game!

by Jack Bannon

The Paroli roulette system applies to the 3 even odds outside bets and uses a positive bet progression sequence in the process. It is a strategy that forces you to increase your bets after a win, decrease them after a loss, while also making sure you reset the sequence so bet sizes do not get out of control.

‘One of the key reasons the Paroli is popular is because it is almost impossible to reach the table’s max bet limit and lose vast sums of cash’

In this sense, the Paroli has a distinct advantage over the ‘Martingale’ and ‘Fibonacci’ systems, which can easily force you into betting enormous sums if you hit a bad run of results. It is also less risky than the Labouchere and D’alembert strategies, which in both systems, and if you are extremely unlucky, there is always a chance your bet sizes could go wayward.

Ultimately, the Paroli system makes it impossible to play your way into a position where your outside bets end up increasing the risk of you losing a large chunk of your bankroll using a system that should win you money.

‘You will also find that the Paroli strategy pops up in other casino games too such as Baccarat or Sic Bo where the odds/percentage of winning are similar to an even odds bet playing roulette’

Later in this guide we will also look at even odds bets on other casino games and compare the percentages of winnings to decide whether the ‘Paroli Roulette Strategy’ can also become the ‘Paroli Baccarat’ or ‘Paroli Sic Bo’ strategy!

Let’s begin with what we will cover in this Paroli roulette guide:

Even Odds Outside Bets Explained

Even odds bets pay 1:1 on your bet. That means if you bet 1 chip, you win 1 chip. Another way of explaining this is that you bet 1, the house adds 1 on top of your original bet if you win. As a result, you pull 2 chips back into your stack, which is your original 1 chip bet plus your 1 chip profit giving you a profit of 1 chip.

If you increase the numbers to say 5 chips, then when you win, the house pays you 5 chips and therefore you pull back 10 chips with a 5-chip profit.

On the bitcoin roulette table there are only 3 such bets that pay these odds and the Paroli roulette strategy is a system designed to use these 3 bets only

  • Odd or Even
  • Red or Black
  • High or Low

The Paroli System in Action

It will only take a matter of a few bets to understand this system, or just by reading this guide, you will quickly memorise the easy-to-learn rules so you can take the Paroli system to the tables and test it out for yourself.

Aim: Your goal is to win 3 bets and start the sequence again. No matter how many bets you lose in between getting to your 3-bet milestone, once you are there, you reset!

Here’s the system in a simple 3-step guide:

Stage 1 (Play 1 unit until you win): The idea is you begin with your minimum bet. For the sake of argument, let’s call your minimum bet 1 unit. Now from here on, you do not double your bet unit until you win, and so if you lose your first few bets, make sure you just continue flat betting at 1 unit until the win eventually comes.

Stage 2 (Play in search of win 2): Once you win, then double your bet. At this point, a loss will result in stepping back down 1 unit, so you are back at stage 1. However, if you win, you double your bet again, and continue to ‘Stage 3’.

Stage 3 (Win or Lose): If you lose, then go back to your minimum bet, and start the system again. If you win, this is your 3rd win in the sequence and you should bank your bet.

Here’ how the system works in shorthand:

  • Select your minimum bet
  • Place your bet on an even odds betting option
  • When you win, double your bet
  • If you lose, or win 3 times in a row, return to the minimum bet

There really is nothing complex about this strategy, but how does it pan out in the long run? We put it to the test using a betting sequence of 10 bets.

Test 1: In this scenario we start with a loss and recover with 6 wins and 2 losses

Note: A coup is the technical term for every round of roulette played

Summary of Test 1:

In test 1 the bad start did not help, but we ended up getting back to winning ways. Our profit is +4 units at the end of 10 coups. Had we not used the Paroli strategy we would only be +2 units, so we have doubled the amount we can win after a 10-coup mini session with 6 wins and 4 losses. In other words, we saved ourselves from losing 2 units by recording a 4-unit loss rather than a 6-unit loss.

Test 2: In this scenario we start with by winning, win a couple more bets, then lose

Summary of Test 2:

Now although we end up losing -6 here, we actually lost 6 bets. Therefore, we would have lost -6 with or without the Paroli strategy. However, we also gave ourselves the chance of winning a nice profit, but that 3rd time lucky scenario was not on our side. However, what we can say right now after 2 test sequences is that in test 1, we managed to gain 2 extra chips while in test 2, there is no advantage or disadvantage. It’s a draw and still 1–0 in favour of the Paroli system.

Test 3: In this scenario we just can’t catch that 3rd win a row and end in a negative session winning 7 and losing 3 with a negative outcome

Summary of Test 3:

Now we can look at a negative side of the Paroli system and see if we can pull out a positive. If we had just flat bet this sequence of events, we would have lost 3 chips but won 7, giving us a +4-chip profit.

Instead, we are -2 chips down, which in effect means we are 6 chips out of pocket as we are 6 away from the +4 we would have had if we did not use the Paroli strategy. Consequently, we cannot really pull a positive out of this scenario.

Furthermore, the loss also outweighs any benefits of the last 2 tests. Adding them altogether to 30 coups from all 3 tests leaves us with a total of (+4) + (-6) + (-2) = -4 using the Paroli system. Conversely, we would have a profit of +4 after 30 spins of not using it. What this means is that we are in fact -8 chips out of pocket because our -4 total is 8 chips away from having a +4 total.

That’s 17 wins and 13 losses giving us a loss! However, we are not going to throw the towel in yet because we believe the strategy still deserves a shot at a winning streak. We already know losing streaks makes this strategy ineffective, but what can a winning streak do for us?

Test 4: In this sequence we catch 2 winning streaks with a losing streak in between and the results are great!

Summary of Test 4:

In this scenario, had we not used the Paroli system, we would have won 6 chips and lost 4 giving us only a +2-chip profit. Yet, the system worked so well with 2 triple winning streaks we ended up with a +10-chip profit. That’s 8 more chips simply because we used the Paroli procedure. In the previous scenario a losing streak cost us 6 chips, yet a winning streak gains us 8 chips, so it slightly outweighs the disadvantages explained in ‘Test 3’.

When we add all 40 coups together, we now have a profit of (+4) + (-6) + (-2) + (+10) = +6. Overall, over 40 coups we won 23 and lost 18. The outcome should have been a +5-chip profit. That’s +5 chips versus +6 chips. Therefore, using the Paroli system, we are only +1 chip up. If we play the next 5 coups and lose to even up the score to 23 won and 23 lost, we would in effect have a +1 chip profit using the Paroli approach and obviously break even not using it.

Advantages of the Paroli Strategy

Are there really any advantages to using the Paroli method when playing roulette? From our tests, the advantage is minor. This was a completely random test, and maybe a different sequence of results would bring out a different summary for each test we carried out.

What we can say is that this system can work a profit and reduce your losses, and that this is a system that prevents you from going overboard with your bet sizing. It is also better to play using a strategy than none at all. We do like the fact that when you win, you just leave your chips out there and go again, which is quite a fun way to play while there is a limit of 3 wins to prevent you from trying your luck.

That said, you could try your own version and play with the Paroli roulette strategy a bit by extending the count to 4 or reducing it to 2!

  • This strategy prevents you from reaching high bet sizes
  • Can help with reducing your losses

Disadvantages of the Paroli Strategy

The system does not offer that much of a benefit in the long run. Over 40 coups we end up just +1 chip better off versus 40 spins of not using the Paroli. Plus, the only reason we were better off is because we managed to hit win streaks of 3 in a row, and it is this side of the strategy that exposes it a little.

You will have to rely on winning 3 consecutive wins for this strategy to work. Now that could happen often in a session, or it could rarely happen if it occurs at all. If you end up with a session with triple wins occurring rarely, this system could lose you more versus not using it.

  • Relies heavily on landing 3 wins in a row
  • Can end up losing you more than normal play

American Roulette Vs European Roulette

There are 2 types of tables. American Roulette which has 38 numbers, and there are European Roulette tables with 37 numbers. The reason for this is because American roulette has ‘0’ and ’00 while the European versions all have ‘0’. Any roulette variant with a name like French Roulette or English Roulette is European Roulette, while tables with an American related name will use the extra ‘00’.

None of these zero numbers count as an even odds bet win. Therefore, regardless of whether your bet is on ‘odd’ or ‘even’ OR ‘red’ or ‘black’, you will lose your bet. This means the odds are not quite 50/50 despite the payback of 1:1 suggesting otherwise.

From the table below, you will see that the best variant to place even odds bets on is European Roulette because you get a much higher percentage chance of winning.

Similarities with other Casino Table Games

There are plenty of other BTC casino games out there that can also use the Paroli strategy. This is because of the even odds bets that we mentioned at the beginning of this guide. As with roulette, these bets may be even odds, but they always have a small facet of the game that will tilt the odds slightly in favour of the house.


Bitcoin live baccarat pays even odds bets on the ‘Banker’ or ‘Player’ win. Depending on which variant you play, you may need to pay a 5% commission if you win the ‘Banker’ bet. The house edge on these bets is also very similar to roulette, and in many ways leans in your favour.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the closest games to roulette out there. There are tons of betting options but instead you are playing using 3 dice. You can bet on the roll totaling an ‘odd’ or ‘even’ number or a ‘high’ or ‘low’ number. There is also a single number bet that pays even odds.


Winning bets playing bitcoin blackjack generally pay back even odds. If you play basic strategy correctly, then there is no reason why you cannot use the Paroli strategy. However, be warned that each hand in blackjack is completely different from the next in terms of winning percentage so the Paroli system will not even out in the same way as it does when you play other casino games with even odds payouts.

Practising the Paroli Strategy on Live Casino Tables

One of the best ways to practice any roulette system or strategy is to play live casino games. These are tables with live dealers and croupiers streamed to your mobile device or desktop via a web browser via a web can. You can chat with croupiers using a live chat function and watch the unfold in real time right in front of your eyes.

This form of online casino gaming means you get the look and feel of a land-based casino setting without the need actually set foot on a casino floor. Instead, the casino floor come to you!

Check out some of the live roulette tables you can play from top software providers such Evolution, Ezugi, and Pragmatic Play Live in a cryptocurrency live casino!

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