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The Best Books on Roulette Strategy

by Jack Bannon

Now we have given you a few strategies in our blog, we would like to take this opportunity to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the best books on roulette strategy so you can get a complete overview of what’s out there.

And just in case you are getting worried, this is where it all ends for our roulette blogs, don’t worry. We will still create more interesting roulette strategy guides in the future. We just thought it is time for those of you that have read our strategy pieces on roulette to see some alternative  options out there.

In fact, this was a tough guide to write because there are so many excellent roulette strategy books available today. However, after some time looking through numerous options and what each offers, we came up with an interesting shortlist, and we really hope you like what you see!

Secrets of Winning Roulette

This book by Martin Jensen covers every winning bitcoin gambling roulette tactic out there, whether moral or immoral. It goes into so much detail that the book has 200 pages, and it is available in both paperback form and for Kindle. So why is this book number 1 on our list?

Just the fact that Jensen does not hold back. He talks about how to manipulate the game by being in with the croupier while he also covers more honest methods which you can use both in land-based and crypto gambling sites. His ability to float in and out of the darker side to winning and the fact that he is brave enough to mention techniques that literally require corrupting the croupier which was both jaw dropping as much it was interesting!

From a legit and more realistic standpoint, he talks about techniques, tips, and strategies you rarely see online while also covering all the common strategies just so you don’t miss them. Furthermore, it is a great book for beginners because Jensen quickly teaches you the basics of the game while easing you into the more complex mystiques of game as you go deeper.

This book does not guarantee that you will become a winning player, but it masterfully shows you how to become a sensible roulette player with a purpose. If you are someone that scatters chips across the table aimlessly or with ‘some kind’ of tactic in mind, Jensen takes away the ‘some kind’ and ‘scattering’ elements to produce players with purpose and meaning!

Quick Recap

  • Learn about legitimate & illegitimate systems
  • Learn the basic to advanced roulette
  • Learn about rarely covered techniques, tips, and tricks

Money Management & Discipline

The title of this book looks like a financial money management guide, and admittedly the contents could well give you some ideas on how to better manage your personal finances, however, the longer name for this guide is ‘Money Management for Gamblers: How to Maximize your Gambling Profits’!

John Patrick, the author, is a casino expert and a significant figure in the world of gambling. I guess what we are trying to say is that he is not just a guy that came out of nowhere and wrote a book. He’s actually written over 15 books on gambling and he is the host of ‘So You Wanna Be a Gambler’—a job he’s had for 10+ years.

Rather than simply learning how to play roulette and strategies that help you beat the game, or at least learn to utilise systems that help you reduce your losses, John Patrick, the author of Money Management & Discipline, walks you through how to deal with the money management side of roulette and gambling as a whole.

Maybe you landed a big win, but what did you do with it? Did you spend it all? Did you blow it all on red or black? Did you increase your stakes? Or maybe you sensibly stashed it in your bankroll?

Whatever it is you do with your winnings; JP has the answers of whether you did the right thing, or the wrong thing covered in multiple step-by-step lessons, theories, and scenarios in his book. Speaking very matter of fact, he puts things into perspective in what can almost seem like a lesson on life too.

Moreover, this book is fun to read, and specifically speaks out to different types of gamblers and personalities. For those that are lucky enough to have what seems to be a permanent lucky winning streak, but you have a hard job of it holding onto your cash, then this is 100% the book for you.

On the other hand, if you are just looking to manage your money correctly, then this is also the book for you. For those that are not sure how to manage your bankroll because it just feels like you are burning through your cash, Jensen helps you organise these problem areas correctly. All in all, you have to take your hat off to this book because it is extremely helpful!

Quick Recap

  • Author is professional in the world of gambling
  • Excellent money management game
  • Perfect for those confused about how to manage their bankroll

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How to Win at Roulette

When the title of this book hit our list, we have to admit; it went right down to somewhere at the bottom of the priority list. I mean the title says ‘How to win at roulette’ so what’s new, right?

Well, eventually it made its way into what we thought would be a quick flick through followed by swiftly throwing it aside and on to dealing with our shortlist for the top 4. Well, you probably already guessed that is not what happened because here it is on our top 4 best books on roulette strategy recommendations.

We soon discovered that the title is so dull because of time the author wrote the book. Norman Squire published ‘How to Win at Roulette’ in 1968, when frankly there was not much competition out there, and so why invent a fancy title? – we get it! Hence the very matter-of-fact name. So, to our surprise, low and behold, it turns out this book is a gem!

The book covers all the basics, plus every progressive roulette system out there. It covers the Martingale system, the Fibonacci roulette strategy, the Labouchere roulette system, and many more.

Nevertheless, from a seasoned roulette player’s point of you, it may be a little basic because it probably won’t teach you anything new or that you have not heard of. However, it is still a great refresher because we know we enjoyed it.

On the other hand, this is 100% the book to read if you are a newbie. In fact, if this guide has the title ‘Best Books on Roulette Strategy for Beginners’, then we would have put Squire’s title at the top of the list. We just love the way it breezes you into roulette and by the end of the book, you may look back to see which chapters to read again!

Quick Recap

  • The best roulette strategy book for beginners
  • Excellent explanations of progressive systems·
  • Engaging content, you may want to read it again

Beating The Wheel

Some statistics that this book gives out are not something we can prove, but the claim is its systems helped relieve the casinos of over $6 million from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo. It also offers some proof of this by referring to well-known casino stories of old.

The book is the brainchild of Russell Barnhart, and it has some of the best ratings around with a 4 out of 5 on Goodreads and 4.8 on Thriftbooks and therefore naturally piqued our curiosity.

It is also not cheap to get your hands on, which just goes to show how in demand it is. That tells us that there must be an army of serious roulette players out there because the content of the book is also pretty serious—so much so we thought that it was going to be number 1 on our list with all the hype, but it comes in number 4. Still a top 4 appearance considering just how many books on roulette strategy are out there, that’s not bad at all. All we need to do now is justify ourselves!

So down to the nitty gritty. Here is our review on ‘Beating the Wheel’…

This book digs deep into the age-old theory of biased roulette wheel, which largely applies to land-based casinos. Therefore, the reason this book is worthy of adding to the 3 above is that it teaches you something different. Although ‘Secrets of Winning Roulette’ touches on the subject Beating the Wheel digs deep.

The book tells you why some roulette wheels become biased and how to identify them. As such, you need to be a pretty dedicated roulette player because confirming a biased wheel is no easy task, which if you read this book, you’ll soon discover. This is also one of the reasons it made its way here because we know that some of you reading this may not want to cover old ground reading a couple of suggestions above.

There are still plenty of self-proclaimed pro roulette players out there today, and they spend hours studying different casino and tables for bias roulette wheels

There are 2 key reason for this of course:

a)      Avoid the table altogether

b)     Exploit the biased wheel

Also, if you like stories and real-life adventures of those lucky enough to have lived a life in the casinos, this book is also remarkably interesting. Take for example Englishman Joseph Jaggers who took the Monte Carlo casinos for millions in the 1870s—a guy who worked as an engineer—go figure!

You will also read about unbiased wheels and how to play them, so it is not all about getting an edge or avoiding certain roulette wheels. We certainly wouldn’t recommend these sections for beginners as Barnhart digs deep into strategy and theory that would just confuse you if you are not an experienced player or you simply hate mathematics!

Quick Recap

  • Advanced roulette book for experts
  • Teaches you about unbiased wheels
  • Interesting, but complex strategies/theories

Where to Play Roulette Online

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