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8 Deck Blackjack Strategy


The 8 Deck Blackjack strategy is the same as using the 4-to-8-deck blackjack strategies.

This is because once there are 4 decks or more on the table, the mathematics are practically the same for 4+ deck tables. In other words, the winning percentages for the outcome of each hand with 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 decks change so fractionally, you do not need to search for new basic strategy charts when playing 4-deck to 8-deck tables.

In this guide, we will walk you through the rules you might find on an 8-deck table and the 4 basic strategy charts used for 8 deck blackjack strategy. Plus, we will give you a few additional tips on how to play blackjack like a pro.

Number of Decks Versus House Edge

Firstly, as a blackjack player, you should understand the percentage gain the casino gains by using more than 1 deck of cards in the shoe.

It is also important to understand that just because a table has 8 decks does not mean its house edge is better than a single deck game or a 4 deck game. Numerous other rules can increase or reduce the house edge. In short, blackjack’s house edge is a mathematical equation of rules versus the number of decks.

Single deck blackjack is the game in its most natural form and so in the list below we start from double deck blackjack where the additional decks adds 0.34%.

  • 2 decks will add 0.34% to the house edge
  • 3 decks will add 0.45% to the house edge
  • 4 decks will add 0.5% to the house edge
  • 5 decks will add 0.53% to the house edge
  • 6 decks will add 0.55% to the house edge
  • 7 decks will add  0.56% to the house edge
  • 8 decks will add  0.57% to the house edge

Conversely, if you prefer to calculate blackjack percentages by using RTP (Return to Player), you can subtract these percentages from the table’s base RTP. However, most online casinos will already give you the RTP or house edge so there is never any need to make any calculations.

That said, you may come across tables with no RTP or house edge provided which is why understanding some of these percentages is important.

Blackjack Rules That Affect The House Edge

There is a whole host of rules that affect the house edge or RTP of a blackjack table, so not only the number decks.

In fact, you will find our ‘Advanced Blackjack Strategy‘ very useful for learning the complete diversification of rules you may comes across. However, for the purpose of this 8 deck blackjack strategy guide, we will walk you through the most common rules only.

What you should find when playing 8 deck tables is that the rules are very liberal i.e. you will have the flexibility to split, double down, early surrender, and more which all put some of the house edge back in your favour.

Double Down Rules

Most 8 deck blackjack tables should allow you to double down on any total. However, some tables only allow you to double down on certain totals which for an 8 deck blackjack is not ideal because it further pushes the house edge in favour of the casino.

  • 9, 10 or 11 Double Down only adds 0.14% to the house edge
  • 10 or 11 Double Down only adds 0.21% to the house edge
  • 11 Double Down only adds 0.79% to the house edge

Most 8 deck tables do not restrict the double downs because the casino knows this will just deter regular blackjack players from playing at their blackjack tables.

If an 8 deck table adds double down restrictions not only does the house gain a 0.57% advantage by using 8 decks, it can also gain up to an extra 0.14% to 0.79%

Double Down After Split Rules

Another interesting rule that most 8 deck games are quite liberal with is double down with splits. The natural form of blackjack should not add any restrictions on the total you can choose to double down.

After you split a pair, you should still have the option to double down on any total on most 8 deck tables

  • Double down after splits reduces the house edge by 0.14%
  • Double down after on 3+ cards reduce the house edge by 0.22%

What happens if 8 deck games restrict double downs? If an 8 deck table restricts double downs as per the previous section ‘Double Down Rules’ above, this can be a nuisance because it takes much of the advantage gained by the double down after split rule.

A table that restricts double down to ‘9, 10, 11′ or ’10, 11’ or ‘9’ only defeats the object of the double down after split rule.

Here is why double down restrictions on 8 decks blackjack tables make this rule almost pointless

  • The only time you can double down after you split is with the ‘9-9’, plus there are only 7 instances when you should split 9-9 and double down.
  • You should never split 10s ever according to ALL basic strategy charts and why would you split a hand total of 20 anyway – it makes no sense
  • No split that can equal 11 so the ’11’ rule is redundant

Early Surrender Rules

The early surrender rule gives you a 0.61% advantage and is used to surrender your hand before you play in exchange for 50% of your bet in return. Early surrender means you can give up your hand even when the dealer has blackjack.

  • 50% of your bet is returned even if the dealer has blackjack
  • The house edge is reduced by a large 0.61%

Late Surrender

The late surrender rule is slightly less liberal than early surrender. It is exactly the same except if the dealer has blackjack, you will not receive 50% of your bet in return. As such you gain a 0.07% on the house which is why this is the most common type of surrender.

  • 50% of your bet is returned even if the dealer has blackjack
  • The house edge is reduced by a modest 0.07%%

Learn more about late surrender strategy here

Dealer ‘Stands’ or ‘Hits’ on Hard/Soft 17

This is an important rule to remember and understand because you will use it when you choose which blackjack basic strategy chart you will use.

Dealer hits soft 17 and stands on hard 17: (H17)

You will see this rule on basic strategy charts as H17.

When the dealer has a 17 total and the hand has an Ace in it (A-6, or A-3-3, or A-2-4) the Ace is automatically counted as a ‘1’ and not an ’11’. as a result, the dealer will hit this hand. While any 17 hand without an Ace, the dealer will stand.

8 Deck tales using the H17 rule gives the house an increased edge of 0.22%

Dealer stands on hard and soft 17s: (S17)

No matter whether the 17 total has an Ace or not, the dealer must stand on ‘any 17 total’ the house receives. This is known as the S17 rule and works in favour of the player over the house.

8 Deck tales using the S17 rule reduces the house edge by 0.22%

8 Deck Blackjack Basic strategy Charts

Below you will find a set of basic blackjack strategy charts available for 8 deck blackjack strategy. Choosing the correct charts for the 8 deck table you play at is very important because each chart is a mathematical representation of the specific rules for each table.

Ask yourself these 2 questions before you choose your basic strategy chart:

1. Is this a S17 or H17 9 deck blackjack table?

  • S17 = Dealer stands on any 17
  • H17 = Dealer stands on 17 and counts Ace as ‘1’

2. Can I double after split

  • Yes = DAS
  • No = NDAS

By answering these 2 questions, you are ready to choose the correct basic strategy charts and start playing your 8 deck blackjack strategy.

Below are the 4 blackjack basic strategy charts for any blackjack table that has 4 decks to 8 decks. The reason for this is because the mathematical probability between 4 and 8 decks is so small and similar you can use the same charts.

Play 8 Deck Blackjack at mBit Casino

As 8 deck blackjack games are not very common online, you will find most of the virtual casino blackjack tables and live dealer tables use 6 decks in the shoe. However, at mBit Casino we can suggest some very fun 8 deck tables that come with a twist to the rules.

Power Blackjack: This is a fun 8 deck live dealer blackjack table with 8 decks yet there is a twist to this table game. Evolution, the software provider, removed all the 9s and 10s from the decks giving you 64 cards less and a new way to play blackjack!

Double Exposure: Another 8 deck live dealer game but this is a virtual blackjack table that can play for free or using crypto. On this table you get to see both dealer cards as the dealer will deal all cards face up!

Blackjack White: You can play this Evolution 8 deck blackjack tables which is a S17 game with double downs on any total and you can double down after you split. This is one of the most liberal version of 8 deck blackjack you will find online.

At this time there are no virtual 8 deck games that play standard rules because most blackjack player prefer the 6 deck games. You can check out our 6 deck blackjack strategy guide.

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